Take Action on Marijuana Law Reform in 2015

  • by Erik Altieri, NORML Executive Director February 3, 2015

    As we get further into 2015, state legislatures are convening all around the country and the issue of marijuana law reform is a hot topic in many of them. From full legalization to decriminalization to medical use, marijuana is being debated in state houses across the nation. A key component of making these reform efforts successful is the mobilization of citizens like yourself. Only so much can be done by top down lobbying and lawmakers often base their votes off of the will of their constituents.

    To make this process as pain-free as possible, NORML has collected all of the currently pending legislation and provided tools for constituents to contact their elected officials in our Take Action Center. Bills currently pending in 2015 include:

    You can view the full list of pending legislation here. This list is continually updated as new measures are introduced so be sure to keep checking back to see what legislation will be debated in your state this year. Be sure you take a moment of your time to use these action alerts to quickly and easily contact lawmakers in support of pending legislation in your state and share them with your friends and family!

    Help us keep the GRASS in GRASSROOTS and together we will legalize marijuana nationwide.

    31 responses to “Take Action on Marijuana Law Reform in 2015”

    1. Matthew Fitch says:

      Get this going come on

    2. lockedoutofMYshed says:

      It seems that, altho their is “legalized” cannabis beginning in this country, their is a HUGE issue that needs addressed. What about employer testing? What the hell good does it do to be free to consume cannabis in a responsible manner when you can still be tested and fired for its use? Is legalization only for those who do not work for a living?
      I never here or read anything about the testing issue. Employers have every right to be sure that their employees are not high at work don’t they? And as far as I can tell, it sure as hell is not going away now! Insurance companies will not let that happen.
      I understood that their was some saliva testing that sounded promising but when it was deemed undependable, it seemed to drop from sight….What is up with testing folks? Where does it fit into legalization?

      [Editor’s note: Yours are important and long shared concerns at NORML too. Rather than drug testing (looking through biometrics to determine past use), NORML favors actual impairment testing (where failed tests could be followed up with drug testing, etc…). Currently, the legal precedents (and current statutory and regulatory laws ensconced in federal anti-drug laws) do not hold strong prospect for employees who use cannabis in off work hours, be it for therapeutic or recreational. The state supreme courts of WA, OR, CA, and MI have all ruled against state registered, card-carrying medical cannabis patients being exempted from drug testing rules in the workplaces that still choose to drug test.

      Much legally is dependent on a soon-to-be-issued supreme court ruling in CO regarding a paraplegic employee of the Dish Corporation who is a certified medical cannabis patient with an outstanding work record who was fired after self-evidently testing positive for using the medicine recommended by his physician and approved by the state’s medical cannabis agency.

      Looking forwardly, even past prohibition itself, cannabis consumers (and patients) will have to be ever vigilant against not being discriminated in the workplace just because they either choose to use or medicate with cannabis after work–that cannabis consumers be treated like alcohol consumers where ‘for cause’ standards are in effect. If the court rules in favor of Dish, even with a successful appeal to higher courts in the federal system after years of legal wrangling, this will not bode well for cannabis consumers and patients.

      Current legal and social trends are building momentum in troubling ways for drug testing against otherwise legal drugs like tobacco. Numerous companies and municipalities drug test for tobacco use with both pre-employment and random testing. If such trends continue, unchecked by consumers/patients (i.e., the victims of the workplace bigotry and their non governmental organization public advocates like NORML, ACLU, DPA, etc…), detection of cannabis via testing could still happen despite cannabis prohibition ending.

      This is exactly the type of post-prohibition public advocacy and legal challenges groups like NORML and it’s chapters–notably in CO, WA, OR and AK–are already having to confront, along with freeing cannabis prisoners, stopping overflights looking for ganja plants, reasonable taxes and regulation, ‘coffeeshops’ for adults to enjoy cannabis in, fixing travel and immigration problems associated with past cannabis offenses, professional licensing/security clearance, child custody, etc…]

    3. david levin says:

      pls legalize marijuana in texas ,thank you.
      I think alcohol should be against the law!!!!!

    4. Gene Ryman says:

      what about pa??

    5. Andrew Daniels says:

      I use it for medical purposes.
      Better than pharmacy.

    6. Toker Mctokington says:

      We need more employment reform in the legislative track!!!! Don’t let it be legal to fire pot smokers or plain out refuse to hire them for failing a drug test!

    7. markkkk says:

      im just hella sad to see nothing happening in cali =/

    8. debbie young says:

      I’m interested in helping to get the Marijuana legalized. Would you direct me to what I have to do.

      [Editor’s note: Get educated on cannabis, join/support a cannabis law reform group (NORML, ASA, MPP, DPA, VoteHemp, LEAP, etc…), participate in your local and state elections, lobby (which is often an act of educating your elected policy makers), write letters to the editor.guest columns, ask radio talk shows to cover the topic and encourage your friends/family/co-workers to join you in working for reforms.]

    9. Cody says:

      pa is going medical treatment . I wish they would just pass it all together so stupid