Take Action on Marijuana Law Reform in 2015

  • by Erik Altieri, NORML Executive Director February 3, 2015

    austinAs we get further into 2015, state legislatures are convening all around the country and the issue of marijuana law reform is a hot topic in many of them. From full legalization to decriminalization to medical use, marijuana is being debated in state houses across the nation. A key component of making these reform efforts successful is the mobilization of citizens like yourself. Only so much can be done by top down lobbying and lawmakers often base their votes off of the will of their constituents.

    To make this process as pain-free as possible, NORML has collected all of the currently pending legislation and provided tools for constituents to contact their elected officials in our Take Action Center. Bills currently pending in 2015 include:

    here. This list is continually updated as new measures are introduced so be sure to keep checking back to see what legislation will be debated in your state this year. Be sure you take a moment of your time to use these action alerts to quickly and easily contact lawmakers in support of pending legislation in your state and share them with your friends and family!

    Help us keep the GRASS in GRASSROOTS and together we will legalize marijuana nationwide.

    31 responses to “Take Action on Marijuana Law Reform in 2015”

    1. Lucan says:

      This is a great resource for all in favor of legalization.

    2. Julian says:

      Just wrote to my representatives and said,
      “Punishing marijuana consumers is not limited to the sick and the poor. Have you ever wondered what cancers you and your family could be preventing or the farm incentives you could be providing by decriminalizing cannabis? “

    3. Mark I says:

      Did action or inaction bring about the repeal of the 18th amendment? Our nation’s war on anything they dislike or understand has led us to a police state with violent prison guards and their punishments over educators and their enlightenments.

    4. Nancy Gallagher says:

      I’m going to be 62 this year and I live in North Carolina. I don’t have the luxury of waiting for it in NC so I am relocating this year to the west. I’m glad I have that option. I feel terrible for people like me who have chronic pain and take 14 pills a day when I know I could cut back a lot if I had pot. Good luck to all. Blueflu

    5. Dave Evans says:

      “If the court rules in favor of Dish, even with a successful appeal to higher courts in the federal system after years of legal wrangling, this will not bode well for cannabis consumers and patients.”

      Hence, why marijuana users, especially medical marijuana need to be added to the list of classes protected from discrimination under the Civil Rights Act. Marijuana users, just like black and gays, have been and still are targets for institutionalized targeting for harassment and all sorts Civil Rights Violations. Everyday our Rights to take part in society are illegally challenged by Crackers! We need legal protection from the endless harassment and abuse.

    6. PotinSC says:

      People against pot usually have an hidden agenda. Shelgame Adelson spent over 4 million dollars to help derail the Medical Marijuana vote in Florida. Why.. is it because his wife is involved in Drug Abuse treatment or so vacationers won’t go to Florida and instead visit his Las Vegas Sands Casino. Time will tell when Nevada goes for full Legalization. Will he spend millions to keep Pot illegal in Las Vegas. Best attach on people like this is to boycott his Casino’s.

    7. Cannabis use should be protected by our civil rights/liberties as a medicine it should be my right to choose to use cannabis instead of the pharmaceutical drug’s that are slowly killing me. As a grown up in America it should be my choice to use instead of alcohol, tobacco and whatever else I choose to use or not.
      As cannabis was in the pharmacopeia from 1857-1941 until it was forced out against the advice of the AMA; however greed, corruption and racism all played a vital role in the prohibition against cannabis and hemp as if it has been medicine since the beginning of time and the fact that hemp has been put if to the same box because it’s a sister plant as isn’t the hops used in making beer amerlcoholgainst need sister plant as well? By sister plant’s I mean they’re all from the same family of plant’s even though they’re not exactly the same plant’s, maybe I should have said that they’re step sisters?
      But aa whole neither cannabis or hemp should have been made illegal to begin with and just maybe so many lives wouldn’t have been ruined by the justice system and more saved by the many different ways these plants have helped humanity until 1937 and could help humanity again, as the prohibition propaganda surrounding cannabis is just that propaganda and needs to stop ASAP.

    8. Chris Crabtree says:

      lets get this s*** legalized and stop the nonsense people not knowing what marijuana really does. Alcohol kills more people every year than any other drug and it’s legal, prescription drugs are killing people left and right and you worried about cannabis come on. Legalize it already!

    9. PotinSC says:

      South Carolina House Bill H-4130. Which allows for Dispensaries and home growing has been Hi-Jacked by the Republicans. Now they are drafting a new Bill that Does Not allow for Home cultivation.

    10. Mad Max says:

      Connecticut has a pending bill, HB 6703, AN ACT CONCERNING REGULATION AND TAXATION OF THE PRODUCTION, SALE AND USE OF MARIJUANA. It has been sent to the Judicial Committee. Please add this to the list and encourage our reps to push it through for a vote!

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