31 States Are Considering Marijuana Law Reform, Is Yours One of Them?

  • by Erik Altieri, NORML Executive Director February 19, 2015

    At post time, there are 31 states that currently have pending marijuana law reform legislation. These measures deal with a wide array of topics including decriminalization, record expungement, medical access, and full legalization. 2015 is shaping up to be one of the most active legislative sessions on record for the marijuana legalization movement, but these bills won’t pass themselves. It is absolutely crucial that you, the stakeholders and voters, get engaged in the process and apply pressure to your state lawmakers to urge them to support these measures.

    Reaching out to your state officials is as simple as a few clicks of the mouse using NORML’s Take Action Center. Simply consult the landing page to see if your state has pending legislation, click on that legislation, enter your zip code, and a pre-written email will be sent on your behalf. Once you have taken this initial step, we strongly encourage you to follow up by contacting your lawmakers directly and speaking to them on the phone. If politicians don’t hear from their constituents on these pieces of legislation, they remain unlikely to support them when they are called for a vote. Click HERE to see the full list of pending legislation. Recent additions include:

    Don’t forget to check out the full listing here and check back frequently as new alerts are added and old ones are updated with the most recent information.

    Together, we can make the country a little more NORML. Together, we WILL legalize marijuana nationwide.

    61 responses to “31 States Are Considering Marijuana Law Reform, Is Yours One of Them?”

    1. Matthew McNew says:

      Texas is considering a cbd-only bill. I don’t think that is enough, but it would definitely be helpful.

    2. It should be legal in all states. Because if the Gov. could see. It would solve the big money problem that we have. We could pay off China.

    3. JAY says:

      Wake up Wisconsin, put down that brewski and vote green.

    4. sheila skipper says:

      I hope and pray Kentucky makes it legal. I suffer from chronic pain from nerve damage osteoporosis fibromyalgia four disks deteriorated. Neuropathy I really get relief from medical marijuana better than pain pills I tried it once I was was convinced it was just what I needed it really took my pain away. Please Kentucky consider those of suffering who can benefit from marijuana.

    5. Evening Bud says:

      I duly sent my state Reps emails, asking them to vote for legalization. A big thanks to NORML for making the process easier than it otherwise probably would’ve been.

      Hate to beat the proverbial dead horse here, but it appears that the Republicans may try to defeat this legalization attempt. We’ll see.

    6. Julian says:

      Check out http://www.TexasNorml.org
      You would be surprised how many bills are hitting the state legislature this year from hemp to medicinal to HR 507 to decriminalize the small possession of marijuana to a $100 fine, no jail time, which has already been introduced in the House and is in committee.
      Please take the time to link to “action” here at the top right of this webpage and politely write your State Senator to co-sponsor HR 507. It’s better than 700,000 Non violent Texans incarcerated per year!

    7. My Ohio says:

      Can’t believe Oohio is leading the pack
      could be legal in 9 months by ballot.
      Maybe the law makers in Columbus can get off their butts
      and pass a bill to beat the ballot

      BIG THANKS TO NORML for making of such interesting times.

    8. Julian says:

      Correction: co-sponsor a Senate version of HR 507. 😉

    9. Mark I says:

      Kansas has no compassion for its patients rights or their healthcare decisions. With a quarter of a million deaths nationally every year from petroleum based chemicals pushed by chemical companies calling themselves big pharma, when will americans wake up to the disrespect handed out by their controllers? They don’t care about your health, their only desire is to protect their profits.

    10. William Denison says:

      Iowa will be the last to do anything in the next years. If you are thinking ever about moving here or even passing thru DON”T DO IT!!
      If you get caught with just a gram of MMJ you will get a $1,000 fine and could do jail time. The GOP is running this state and ruining peoples lives.