Historic Senate Bill Seeks to Revamp Medical Marijuana

  • by NORML March 10, 2015

    At a press conference this afternoon, Senators Cory Booker (D-NJ), Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY), and Rand Paul (R-KY) announced plans to introduce a measure, The Compassionate Access, Research Expansion, and Respect States (CARERS) Act, in the US Senate to strengthen statewide medical marijuana protections and impose various changes to federal law.

    Passage of the measure permits qualified patients, doctors, and businesses to engage in state-sanctioned behavior involving the production, sale, or use of medical cannabis without fear of federal prosecution. The proposal reschedules marijuana at the federal level and removes the compound cannabidiol (CBD) from the Controlled Substances Act. Additional provisions would allow opportunities for financial institutions to legally provide services to medical marijuana businesses, permit VA doctors to authorize medical cannabis, and would remove existing federal barriers to clinical trial research.

    “It is emblematic of how far the movement to reform our country’s failed marijuana policies has come when a Republican presidential hopeful partners with two high profile Democrats to undo the damage done by the war on cannabis consumers,” stated NORML Communications Director Erik Altieri, “We’d encourage all members of Congress to rally behind this effort to end the federal prohibition on medical marijuana, something that over 80% of the country supports. Ultimately, marijuana needs to be descheduled out of the Controlled Substances Act entirely, but this bill provides an excellent start to that broader discussion.”


    51 responses to “Historic Senate Bill Seeks to Revamp Medical Marijuana”

    1. bob says:

      all three of these true servants of the people
      have , in their short times of service , proven to be voices of reason especially when the right & left are just runnin further left & right, Mr. Paul has some good ideas on personal taxes as well ……jus sayin you kno

    2. PotinSC says:

      This will be interesting to watch. Will South Carolina Senators Lindsay Graham and Tim Scott support the will of the people.

    3. Bob Constantine says:

      The state of New Hampshire alleges it uses the Federal controlled drug Schedule, because they’ve been arresting, prosecuting and jailing people for years AND they forgot to form and publish the New Hampshire controlled drug schedule like their own law says they were supposed to. OOOOPS. Bad, State of New Hampshire, very bad!

      Of course the whole schedule scheme is silly and slavish. Free people don’t need others to tell them what they can ingest or not. Free people use their own discretion concerning their own bodies.

    4. tom bennett says:

      Good job…

    5. Don Gero says:

      Yes Common Sense State must follow. Federal Law rules.

    6. Me says:

      About time! Let’s hope it doesn’t die before getting anywhere.

    7. AA says:

      Legalize medical marijuana? Are you kidding me!? Haven’t any of you people read all the research that concludes that if you smoke cannabis, you will go insane and there is no cure for it? This is ridiculous! We should make it more illegal! My Tabacco and alcohol are the only things that are keeping me safe and alive! And on a different note, FUCK YOU IGNORANT RACIST REPUBLICANS! Seriously, this is way overdue.. We better start callin all these incompetent law makers and DEMAND that they support this legislation (in case u didn’t get my sarcasm)

    8. Gweedo says:

      With a clever acronym like CARERS and powerful words like “compassionate” and “respect states” in its name, this bill cannot fail.

    9. And now says:

      I applaud the effort, but the real question is whether this bill has any chance of even getting a committee hearing. Past bills have gone nowhere.

    10. Rene lynch says:

      please support this bill.