Now Is The Time To Support Marijuana Law Reform In Your State

  • by Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director March 19, 2015

    Take Action for Marijuana Law ReformMarijuana law reform legislation is presently pending in over 30 states. Is your state one of them? Visit NORML’s online ‘Take Action Center’ here to find out.

    By clicking this link, you will have access to up-to-date bill status information. You can also quickly contact your elected officials and urge their support for these reforms with just one click.

    Right now, nearly 20 states — including Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, and Vermont — are debating measures to legalize the adult use and sale of the plant.

    Some dozen states — including Delaware, New Hampshire, New Mexico, South Carolina, and Tennessee — are debating decriminalizing marijuana possession offenses.

    Medical marijuana legislation is also pending in 17 states, including Missouri, New Jersey, North Carolina, Texas, and West Virginia.

    Click HERE to view NORML’s full list of pending state and federal legislation.

    Get active; get NORML.

    65 responses to “Now Is The Time To Support Marijuana Law Reform In Your State”

    1. Rodney Pike says:

      It’s past time to do something

    2. Galileo Galilei says:

      Thanks for the alert. I followed the link to email my representatives in Maryland. This is an easy stab at the black heart of prohibition, folks. If you see a link that covers you and yours: Seize the moment. Do it, man. Just do it.

    3. Miles says:

      I continue to hate living in Virginia… It’s just so hard to afford to move; we can’t sell our place for what we owe on it. The Republicans who are in the majority here prefer to maintain the lockem’ up and steal their stuff policies while they smoke cigarettes, cigars, and get drunk. Seriously, I have to wonder how many of them have accepted bribes and/or cheated on their wives since they are obviously lacking any moral integrity.

    4. tommy Faulkner says:

      I think its time for NORML to aggressive on changing medical marijuana laws in Virginia. I have severe PTSD and explosive mood disorder and I would rather get from a store so I can’t get into trouble. I am almost positive if you start an aggressive campaign here you be able to change the law. Hope to hear back

    5. Mark I. says:

      Support for cannabis? When we tried to do it in Kansas, we were greeted by highway patrolmen and threatened with jail. Prohibitionists have leo in their pockets and demand tribute for doing their jobs.

    6. TheOracle says:

      Pennsylvania Senator Ryan Aument has already sent me a letter stating that he opposes ANY kind of marijuana legalization, be it for medical or recreational purposes. There is a Lancaster chapter of NORML where his district is. He is a clear-cut case of someone who already has his mind made up, and is too damn lazy to listen to Dr. Gupta and look at the scientific and medical evidence. He has a university degree so one would think that even though he isn’t a doctor he could understand the main points of how marijuana is beneficial medically and is less harmful than alcohol when used recreationally. He certainly is young enough to have grown up around marijuana as marijuana has been ubiquitous since the late 1960s anywhere in Pennsylvania, even the most rural areas.

      Aument, Cutler, Pitts, Hickernell, Denlinger, just about any politician who claims to represent the people in this area are just a bunch of prohibitionist hacks, bunch of dicks with ears that are deaf and eyes that do not see the obvious. The local Lancaster newspaper has editorialized that they should change their minds at least about medical marijuana and should legalize medical marijuana so who the hell knows WTF is wrong with these people!

    7. bobwv says:

      Do it, man. Just do it. Everyday.

    8. John Kratzer says:

      Come on New York State….let’s get with the program!!!

    9. Lewi says:

      Sadly the governor of Texas pretty much just came out and said legalizing Marijuana in Texas will not happen while he is in office… but don’t worry it will be just fine to walk around with a gun on your hip for everyone to see.

    10. Mary Simpson says:

      Being a free person I chose to treat my health issues with Canabis .
      I also prefer the recreational use of Canabis to that of Booze .
      I’ve been smoking since the age of 12 this is not a boost . As a child with ADD I was put on Ritalin . An hated it a very smart women suggested to my mom who was open to anything , that I try this eating a brownie with THC in it .
      I never took to drug Ritalin again . I am now 49 years young !!
      An suffer no side effect s from this choice . Legalize Pleae the benifits are untapped . An some still unknown ??