Poll: 55 Percent of Likely California Voters Say Marijuana Should Be Legal

  • by Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director March 26, 2015

    Fifty-five percent of likely California voters believe that “the use of marijuana should be legal,” according to the results of a statewide PPIC poll released yesterday.

    The percentage in favor of legalization is the highest level of support ever recorded in the statewide poll.

    African Americans (69 percent), Whites (64 percent), Democrats (63 percent), and Independents (57 percent) were most likely to express support for legalizing the plant’s use while Republicans (44 percent), Latinos (42 percent), and Asians (39 percent) were most likely to oppose the policy change.

    Among those respondents who acknowledges having tried cannabis, 74 percent supported legalization. Among respondents who had never tried cannabis, 63 percent favored keeping it illegal.

    The poll possesses a margin of error of +/- 4.7 percent.

    California is one of several states in 2016 where the issue of regulating marijuana is expected to be decided by ballot measure. The issue is also anticipated to be before voters next November in Arizona, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, and Nevada.

    In 2010, California voters rejected a ballot initiative that sought to permit the personal cultivation and commercial sale of cannabis by a vote of 46.5 percent to 53.5 percent.

    22 responses to “Poll: 55 Percent of Likely California Voters Say Marijuana Should Be Legal”

    1. Jack says:

      If all of these states legalize in 2016 then Marijuana will be legal in 1/5 states.

    2. Galileo Galilei says:

      Ya know, I’m starting to see a definite trend in all these poll results!

    3. Gary says:

      At the core of our Federalist System is the notion that Federal Powers are enumerated and limited, and that States have those unlisted powers. That way States can be Laboratories of Democracy. The Feds are the “Gatekeepers”, deciding if and when States can pursue their law. Where in the Constitution did the Feds get the power of Gatekeeper?

    4. Bob Constantine says:

      The whole thing is proceeding backwards, as if rights once stolen then given back as a revokable privilege solves the original problem of prohibition.

      People should regulate government, not government regulating people. That was the cause of the problem in the first place.

      If you truly own your own body, as an individual, paying a tax for government permission to do so is a little much on the Stockholm syndrome thing.

      Freedom doesn’t and will never come from the same people that will shoot your dog. Peace.

    5. Don M says:

      In other news: DEA agents had ‘sex parties’ with prostitutes hired by drug cartels…

      Can you believe this crap??? These are the same people that would have someone smoking a joint locked in a cage; sometimes for many years!

      I know I am not alone in thinking that our laws regarding drugs needs to change and that it is time to do away with the DEA. That corrupt organization has done incredible harm to this country using billions of tax payer dollars.

    6. Gweedo says:

      I feel like California had their chance in 2012 and they blew it, so now CA should be our lowest priority. There are so many other states with great legalization measures on the table. Let’s focus on those since CA could very well decide to vote against yet another legalization attempt.

      [Editor’s note: If California were not already the epicenter of America’s cannabis industry, the largest consumer base for cannabis products and a nation-state unto itself, it would not be on the top of reformer’s target list again in 2016.

      However, unlike in 2010, California legalization will not be the only game in town with MA, ME, AZ and NV voters having legalization ballot measures; possibly joined by OH and MI.]

    7. TheOracle says:

      I don’t suppose anything is moving along in the California state legislature. They know it’s coming. Are you telling me that California hasn’t put anything on paper to regulate it like Colorado where the cannabis cash train is $kachinging along nicely? $orry Mexico. Republicans, either finish your border security in order to assure that freakin’ ca$h $tay$ in the U.S. (legally). They had better not be waiting until the voters pass the initiative into law. That just prolongs the misery if they get to stretch things out like that.

    8. Julian says:

      If they don’t work hard
      For a medical card
      Cali might think that they’re free

      But a dirty piss test
      And unjust arrest
      Is a place called misery

      Until we realize
      We should legalize
      Its still called prohibition

      So catcha bus or a boat
      N Get out and vote
      Cuz until then we aint done

    9. Fed-up says:

      I think the strategy the last time in 2010, was to lull them into complacency.”We don’t need legalization,that will interfere with the medical laws that will allow 99 plant per person” bullshit. And then after the mission was completed– and prop 19 was defeated.Record amount of raids happened across the state…as if it was an ‘open invitation’ to take advantage of.

      The only good thing of importance during that election, was, the nomination of Kamela Harris- California Attorney General, over LA Prosecutor Steve Cooley, who was well known, for prosecuting and convicting medical marijuana patients.

    10. Eric K. Johnson says:

      …the Stockholm syndrome thing. – Bob Constantine

      Our Country is experiencing the phenomenon called “Stockholm Syndrome”.

      We are captives of a system that threatens us with prison abuse for just about any thing they increasingly claim is “illegal”.

      We must choose to “willingly” obey our Ruling Class Masters out of fear or feel their wrath.

      Sit, stay, kneel!…bend over and spread ’em?

      Isn’t that called terrorism?

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