Coming Out Green Ad Campaign

  • by Allen St. Pierre, Former NORML Executive Director April 10, 2015

    A new and well done public service announcement in favor of ending cannabis prohibition was just released by Green Flower Media. Producers hope that this advertisement is the first in a series.

    Coming Out Green

    41 responses to “Coming Out Green Ad Campaign”

    1. Odhinn says:

      I was professionally assassinated on my job and passed over by more than one chronic alcoholic (one was so blitzed that I had to run the Dept while he was in rehab. When he returned they promoted him over me.

      It’s like Kindle readers. I have a friend who doesn’t like Kindle–he likes “the Old Fashioned books!” His reasons for not liking the Kindle–well….he’s never tried a single sentence in a Kindle…

      Show me someone who has truly smoked 1 oz of pot in his life that is against it.

    2. Ben says:


      its about damn time.

    3. Shay says:

      That is a breath of fresh air! Very well done. If we can move away from the “stoners” image and keep it professional like this ad we will have a chance.

    4. Fumario Ortega says:

      Wow! What a powerful statement to the world. I hope it runs continuously in the USA. People in every and all strata of society use weed, why don’t we start a conversation about how it can help us in our everyday lives and relationships. “If you think a glass of wine at the end of the day is pleasant, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet” could be the slogan. Those that turn up their nose, are missing a whole new world.

    5. cannafriend says:

      I have wanted to come out green for some time now. I have not had the balls. I am open with anyone who asks. My mother has known for sometime, I have smoked while she was at my place. I just tell anyone who questions me to look at what I do and have done in my life. Work is an issue tho. Something about zero tolerance for the safest plant on the planet. I applaud anyone who can come out publicly and face The Man.

    6. erin says:

      I’m betting that none of these people live in Idaho!

    7. Don M says:

      Most people I know also know I enjoy using cannabis. In some cases it is not a good thing because of their ignorance about it and their unwillingness to learn more; preferring to continue to see the stereo-typical stoner in their minds eye.

      My brother, 2 years younger than me (I’m 60), sees me as a stoner loser. It really bothers me considering that: I’m still in excellent physical condition, I served in the USMC and got an honorable discharge, I graduated from Electronics training with mostly A’s, worked for many years as an electronics tech and eventually got into computer programming. I am also married and have a great relationship with my wife. I have never spent a day in jail for anything because I am not a criminal; beyond breaking the stupidist laws in human history!

      It is incredibly frustrating. I’ve come to realize that some people, even those that are seemingly very intelligent, will just never get it. It is ironic that those people who don’t get it believe that they are superior.

      Since I live in Virginia, there is no way I’d come out of the proverbial closet here since I’d probably find myself the target of law enforcement. I pray this changes soon!

    8. Observer says:

      This is sad as we still in the 21st century are still working toward acceptance of responsible people who instead of drinking damaging alcohol are being demonized for using a substance that is natural and helps people in more ways than this excellent video illustrates. Entrenched and cemented are those who are still unevolved in their old 20th century attitudes and mindsets. As an individual I will not let the fading group consensus of “bad” Cannabis keep me from knowing the direct truth of the many benefits of cannabis. We have to continue evolving and growing and discovering what new benefits this amazing plant has to offer civilization .

    9. Voice of the Resistance says:

      Where there’s dope, there’s hope; shine on and smile Pocatello Idaho, you rock.