2015 Pew Poll: “Support for Legalization Is Rapidly Outpacing Opposition”

  • by Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director April 14, 2015

    Fifty-three percent of Americans say that the “use of marijuana should be legal,” according to nationwide survey data published today by the Pew Research Center.

    “Support for marijuana legalization is rapidly outpacing opposition,” pollsters opined, acknowledging that Americans’ support for legalizing marijuana has risen some 10 percentage points over the past five years. Forty-four percent of respondents oppose legalization in the 2015 poll and three percent are undecided.

    The poll is the latest in a series of national surveys showing majority support for legalizing and regulating marijuana.

    Millennials (68 percent) are most likely to support legalization while most of those age 70 or older do not (29 percent). Most Republicans (39 percent) and Hispanics (40 percent) also remain opposed to legalizing marijuana.

    Nearly two-thirds of respondents (62 percent) oppose the use of marijuana in public. By contrast, most respondents (57 percent) said that they would not be bothered if a “business selling marijuana” opened in their neighborhood.

    40 responses to “2015 Pew Poll: “Support for Legalization Is Rapidly Outpacing Opposition””

    1. bobwv says:

      Darn right, We want more money more medicare more pot stores. Oops This ain’t the seniors blog. Never mind.

    2. Nathan says:

      Will the presidential candidates and congress take notice to this?

    3. Donna Patty says:

      It needs to be legalized.

    4. mexweed says:

      “[62 percent] oppose the use of marijuana in public.”

      What they oppose is most likely that $IDE $TREAM $MOKE blowing off a H-ot B-urning O-verdose M-onoxide JOINT! It’s been known for decades that $ide$tream contains five times as much monoxide as Main$tream (the part inhaled privately by user only, directly through the $ig or other device). That breathing majority out there is ignorantly blaming the cannabis (which they know the smell of) for the dopy depressive feeling caused by the monoxide (and 4221 other comBustion toxins) that are being served up with it.

      A Vaporizer delivers NO $MOKE, a One-Hitter sheds NO $IDE$TREAM!

      Eliminating the comBustionary Joint, Blunt, $pliff etc.– every “$moker” $witches to Vapor and/or $ingle Toke– will eliminate this legalistic lahlah about “public use” and one more set of problems and/or quarrels till now blamed on cannabis will vanish into tobaccohistory. (Let’s get busy making, demonstrating, selling, donating the utensils.)

    5. Evening Bud says:

      These are amazing times in which we live! I recall talking to fellow babyboomers about legalization years ago, and they were actually against it! I’ve noticed their resistance is crumbling lately. I’ll take it.

    6. TheOracle says:

      And despite such poll numbers for legalization, Barry is in Jamaica giving wishy-washy answers that marijuana can’t be legalized nationally or internationally because it poses the question about legalization of other illegal drugs. Apples and oranges, NORML and MPP are NOT advocating for any drugs other than cannabis. This is a typical prohibitionist stalling tactic of lumping cannabis in with hard drugs/other drugs. Barry mentioned in his answer that there were two states that have legalized: Colorado and Washington state. Somebody needs to bring Barry up to speed because Oregon and Alaska and Washington, DC are also on board with recreational legalization, and that made everything President Obama said after that sound disingenuous.

      Here’s the link on CannabisCulture


    7. Julian says:

      Yeah, Obama’s regurgitated propaganda in Jamaica was another contradiction of prohibition… Especially considering he had just visited the house of Bob Marley, calling himself “a long time fan.” Guess Obama never had a 3’oclock Road Block when he was puffin to Rebel Music…
      “Aaaaaaaaaaaa… Rebel Muuuusic..”

      But no worries, I believe Democrats have been using a deliberate “stall tactic ” strategy in favor of timely legalization efforts with the least amount of backlash from Congress. Obama doesn’t want to threaten the Carers Act by passing executive action on marijuana scheduling ahead of Congress’ decision.

      But an even greater stall tactic is happening with the nomination of Loretta Lynch for Attorney General. Congress has STILL not allowed her replacement of Eric Holder while Judge Mueller’s Judicial Review and decision over the Constitutionality of the scheduling of marijuana is scheduled for tomorrow, April 15th. Part of the reason this is good for legalization is because this provides Holder the opportunity to make one last executive order before leaving office, in response to Mueller’s Judicial Review, allowing Lynch to start off her job without getting prosecuted during confirmation for descheduling, or worse yet, failing to deschedule all together (but that’s not likely with Obama’s greater agenda to reduce disproportionate incarceration of minorities which will encompass the entire C.S.Act, not just descheduling).

      Either way, Mueller’s Decision in favor of the Defense should make the Carers Act much easier to pass, regardless of any executive order.

      Mentioning Schedule II being the status cocaine is in while marijuana is being discussed to join cocaine from Schedule 1, (the same category as heroin,) would have been a nice response to the President’s rather flippant comments about confusing the scheduling of other drugs in Jamaica.

      …”confuse the scheduling?” Right after leaving Marley’s HOUSE Obama? Really? You MUST be playing coy; you KNOW you just got high just from walking through Marley’s herb fields… (Probly snagged some on his jacket… And we don’t blame you if you did…)
      …But how much more confusing can our archaic scheduling system be when marijuana is on schedule 1, cocaine is schedule 2 and tobacco and alcohol aren’t even ON the scheduling system?!!! Because THAT?!! THAT is nothing short of GREATEST CONUNDRUM of all human civiliZAtion!. Historians for CENTURIES will be trying to unravel THAT racket… plus, how on God’s Green Earth did someone like Nixon’s drug Czar convince the nation to go tough on crime by allowing the Executive branch of our government write our drug policies? It’s a fine line between fear and stupidity… Our grandchildren will have to keep NORML chapters in legalized societies FOREVER just to PREVENT cannabis prohibition from EVER happening AGAIN.

      “Granpa? Were people back then really all that stupid?”

      “Oh yes son, Yes they were…”

    8. latchkeykid says:

      I think this poll is great. What I can’t figure out is about a week ago we heard that the NIDA revised some pages concerning findings of cannabis killing cancer tumors. Why isn’t this headline news all over the nation and world? And why is cannabis still schedule I after such an announcement? The people must take a stand and end this tragic and embarrassing episode of our history. President Obama, NIDA, DEA, FDA, America, give this plant back to the people where it belongs. Why is it ok for the FDA to grant permission for epidiolex to be tested and bring revenue to pharmaceutical companies but my 20 years of organic home growing isn’t worthy and I still have a chance of being arrested even with my medicinal card? I think home grows would help science, research and rec flourish as long as the plants pass state sanctioned laboritory testing for safety and that way we can get just as much medicine and research out there on top of that the norml grow person can make a living providing medicine/rec to those in need. We the people who know and love this miraculous plant must work diligently to stop the powers that be with BIG money from stealing all the economic benefits trough state and county legislation. This plant is a people plant. How is it possible that the FDA has granted permission and approved the use of parts of the plant for trial tests on subjects, and yet claim it’s not been approved for medicine? The continued lies have to reach and end and it must be now. People wake up and demand our government begin to undue the great injustices perpetuated on the lives of not only Americans but humans in countries across the globe. God speed on this most important issue.

    9. Dave Evans says:

      “What they oppose is most likely that $IDE $TREAM $MOKE blowing off a H-ot B-urning O-verdose M-onoxide JOINT! It’s been known for decades that $ide$tream contains five times as much monoxide as Main$tream (the part inhaled privately by user only, directly through the $ig or other device).”

      No, no, no, no! Mexweed, you gots to get back up to speed, man! The kids all smoke what are called blunts. Far worst than a joint, this things are made from tobacco leaf and tobacco paper! Every single time they smoke marijuana, they also smoke tobacco.

      It is beyond disgusting! I literally hate tobacco and the media has convinced all the kids the blunts are the correct way to smoke marijuana. Blunts smell like shit and the neighbors think they are complaining about the odor of marijuana, but it is really blunt stench.

      Tobacco is so damn dirty, you can’t even touch any plants after rolling a blunt or you may kill them with Tobacco Mosaic Virus. Seriously, you can roll a blunt and then kill your marijuana crop simply by touching the plants or being too close while smoking. Who knew the health risks extend to even your house plants?

      The most more we learn about tobacco, the more and more disgusting it seems.

    10. Wade Rawluk says:

      I hate bills that allow cannabis to only be vap-orized but not smoked. I want to legally SMOKE cannabis and its concentrates not just vaporize them Until we are able to leghally have cannabis and be able to choose the method of consumption, be it smoking, vaporization, edibles etc. we will not be free. Those who ban smoking the herb but only alloiw vaporizing or edibles unwittingly carry on a part of the drug war. Its time that those who would ban smoking but only allow vaporization get some blowback from those who wish to SMOKE cannabis. I must disagree witjh the implications of your argument mexweed.