Study: Oral Cannabis Extracts Associated With Seizure Control In Children With Treatment-Resistant Epilepsy

  • by Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director April 21, 2015

    The administration of oral cannabis extracts is associated with the mitigation of seizures in adolescents with epilepsy, according to clinical data published this month in the journal Epilepsy & Behavior.

    Researchers from the Colorado Children’s Hospital in Denver performed a retrospective chart review of 75 children provided cannabis extracts. Authors reported that 57 percent of subjects showed some level of improvement in seizure control while 33 percent reported a greater than 50 percent reduction in seizure frequency.

    Researchers also reported “improved behavior/alertness” in one-third of subjects and improved motor skills in ten percent of treated patients. Adverse events were reported in 44 percent of subjects, 13 percent of which reported increased seizure activity. Overall, however, authors concluded that the extracts were “well tolerated by children.”

    Separate clinical trial results publicized last week at the 67th Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Neurology reported that the administration of a proprietary form of CBD (cannabidiol) extracts decreased seizure frequency by 54 percent over a 12-week period in children with treatment-resistant epilepsy.

    Survey data compiled by Stanford University in 2013 reported that the administration of cannabidiol-enriched cannabis decreased seizures in 16 of 19 patients with pediatric epilepsy.

    Last February, the Epilepsy Foundation of America enacted a resolution in support of the “rights of patients and families living with seizures and epilepsy to access physician directed care, including medical marijuana.”

    An abstract of the study, “Parental reporting of response to oral cannabis extracts for treatment of refractory epilepsy,” appears online here.

    15 responses to “Study: Oral Cannabis Extracts Associated With Seizure Control In Children With Treatment-Resistant Epilepsy”

    1. bobwv says:

      But we ask our over lords What about the children and they still say Let them die.

    2. Julian says:

      I was just laughing about the DEA sex scandal with an electrician when the conversation developed that his beautiful little granddaughter has epilepsy. I told him my nephew has it too. He told me how he has struggled, how he found a wholistic medicine “therapist” who told him about “CBD? Is that right?”
      It dawned on me how many of us still live so far behind the cannabis education curve if they don’t get their news from NORML. Too many of us live in fear of arrest or having our families separated and struggle with illness and incarceration and keep getting fed propaganda by syndicated news with prohibitionist underwriters.
      I told him to take a trip to Colorado. Visit the University of Colorado, and at Boulder, talk to specialists, and get the appropriate strain. A little thc isn’t going to get your baby high if there is enough anti-psychoactive CBD, but pure CBD oil legally available from Whole Foods might not be the answer either.
      The wonderful thing about cannabis is how more than 40 different cannabinoids that work synergistically to treat illness. That doesn’t bode well with pharmaceutical companies that want to patent 1 molecule at a time for profit.
      Obama said recently, ” but for those of you thinking that marijuana is going to be panacea, realize there is a commercial industry that is going to exploit that.”
      Nice try, Mr. President, but you forgot that one of the side effects from cannabis, a plant from which we cannot overdose, does NOT include death. So what do we have to lose? Or are you worried about what campaign contributions Hillary is about to lose?

      Here we go again;
      Causes of Death annually in the U.S. according to the CDC:

      Tobacco: 450,000+
      Prescription medication: 120,000 and rising
      Alcohol: 110,000
      Marijuana: (drumroll) 0 …

      …as in ZERO deaths in all recorded human history. Even that guy who allegedly ate a marijuana cookie in Colorado and jumped to his death, (no mention of whatever ELSE he was on)…

      (From the Book of Mathew):
      “Lord, when did we come to thee and see you sick or in prison and feed you or give you clothes?”
      And the Lord said,
      “Even that which you did for the least of these, my brethren, you did it for me.”

    3. YearofAction says:

      NEW RULE: It is cannabis, cannabis extracts, and cannabis parts until you smoke it. Then it becomes marijuana, which is still not worthy of Schedule 1 status. This year is a good time to call for this revision to the current federal definition of “marihuana” which eliminates its contempt for our Constitution:

      The term “marijuana” means all parts of the smoke produced by the combustion of the plant Cannabis sativa L.

    4. mexweed says:

      What we need is more Contempt for Combustion (heat shock, monoxide and 4221 other malosynergistic toxins)! Tabloid media are/is taking advantage of cannabis controversy to “stock” cannabis-related stories with pictures of Joints (free advertising for wRAPped half-gram-and-bigger Hot Burning Overdose Monoxide format), attracts kids who finding out how much more expensive riefer is and the penalties and so forth, don’t think trying a “regular” $igarette would be that different… ZAP! hooked for life! Young man gets job at $20k a year, spends $4000 a year on pack-a-day habit = 20% nicotine $lavery! Surgeon General 2014 estimate: $289-Bil./yr. US economic cost of “$moking-related illness”.

      Part of my brain daydreamed a cartoon of Keith on a double toke with Marc Emery, sharing twin flexdrawtubes of a 25-mg single toke utensil. Keith, at left, stares urgently at viewer (center those eyes intensely) and Emery, at right, holds cheapo Chinese lighter with tip of 1/2-inch-high flame one (1) inch below opening of tilted crater with 25 mg of sifted herb invisibly gettin’ toasted and disvaporated inside.

    5. mexweed says:

      Swck slow,
      don’t glow
      till after 19
      Seconds or so.

    6. Anne Green says:

      Free the Herb! Free the Green ! Free the Weed!

    7. Anne Green says:

      “Free Green For All; One Marijuana Nation!!!”

    8. Mark I. says:

      If study is not funded by NIDA, it has no credibility? Personal research teaches most of us cause we don’t trust govt programming.

    9. Voice of the Resistance says:

      Last week Idaho’s governor Butch Otter vetoed a bill which would have allowed seriously ill Idahoans to use low THC oils. Mr Otter has shown a lack of the kind of progressive leadership that Idaho needs. In his statement Mr Otter quotes recommendations from the state police, and Department of health, and welfare. This underscores a one-sided, dismissive attitude toward Idaho’s marijuana community. I support marijuana legalization in Idaho.