New NORML Political Director

  • by Danielle Keane, NORML Associate June 3, 2015

    Danielle Keane, NORML Political DirectorWhen my answer to the questions, “So what do you want to do?” changed from “I don’t know” to “I want to advocate for marijuana law reform” I got surprised faces, sometimes gasps, many smiles and A LOT of what I like to call, hushed support. Hushed support is the kind of support where someone congratulates you and tells you how much they agree with you, but also lowers their voice in hopes that no one else was paying attention. As a born and raised Floridian, I understood the hesitancy to speak at a regular volume when talking about the need for cannabis law reform. What I didn’t understand, however, was how one could be content hiding how they really felt. How much support does ‘hushed support’ really offer? It was these reactions that solidified my desire to advocate for marijuana policy reform for a living.

    As NORML’s newly appointed Political Director I couldn’t be more excited to join a team of groundbreakers and thought leaders. I feel honored to continue the legacy NORML has in place and a necessity to serve it well. I am eager to have the chance to represent NORML in the political sphere and to provide an even louder voice to the tens of millions of cannabis consumers from around the country.

    While I have found a more permanent role in the marijuana policy debate, I challenge you to find yours. I challenge you to no longer offer ‘hushed support’ and instead proudly take action and responsibility to help reform the laws in your state. (If you aren’t sure what they look like, check it out here!)

    I’m excited to open this new door and advocate for something I truly believe in: legalizing the responsible use of cannabis by adults around the country. So I invite you to join me as I embark on this new journey with NORML and hopefully I can encourage you to help me along the way and bring a voice to your own communities.

    With enthusiasm and gratitude, I thank you for welcoming me into the NORML family.

    20 responses to “New NORML Political Director”

    1. Raven says:

      Welcome abord. As I live in Tennessee, I have seen the worst and most rediculous additudes toward policy reform. Even,evangelical types have expressed to me the notion that the Wor-O-Drugs needs a serious re-think.

      Who’d a thunk it that people in “Bible Belt” Tennessee would be in support of MJ reform?

      If NORML had away to give anonamous financial support to its efforts, then I would give what little I could.

    2. Miles says:

      Congratulations on your new station in life Danielle! I’m sure I speak for us all when we wish you well and are hopeful you will be very successful 🙂

    3. Bob Constantine says:

      A few questions for the new Political Director.

      How is it responsible to use marijuana by paying the state a fee to use it, when that same state apparatus has a history of forcefully taking money and using it to incarcerate people? Won’t the state continue to do that with the money they continue to extract from people when they grant “permission” to use Cannabis and some people have one gram too much or one plant too many?

      Why should the state be involved at all in what a person can or cannot ingest or grow?

      How is getting “permission” and paying for that same permission not like extortion?

    4. Galileo Galilei says:

      Congratulations, Danielle.

    5. Voice of the Resistance says:

      Congratulations Danielle, Idaho needs someone with a strong voice, someone who won’t back down to the republicans, thanks.

    6. Demonhype says:

      Some enlightenment on “hushed support” in this context: Shortly after my support for NORML and legalization was made visible at work, I was “randomly” selected for a drug test. Fortunately I am what Russ Belville calls a “non-profit lover of liberty”, but there is definitely a culture of persecution against our cause esp at work, and even non-users might stay quiet for fear of falling victim to a false positive (30% of positives) or just be cuz who likes being physically violated.

      Btw, there is an investigative study for someone to do: find out how random random drug testing really is. I have an idea that it’s legal cover for “with suspicion” where “suspicion” means “I want to for a bad or racist reason or just because I want to”.

    7. TheOracle says:


      The struggle continues here in Pennsylvania.

      A grandmother recently wrote an open letter to prohibitionist politician Matt Baker saying she would break the law to get her grandchild the marijuana medicine he needs. This jerk is single-handedly holding up what a majority of the state’s registered voters support.


      In a related story and online newspaper poll, some 82% of respondents stated that they, too, would break the law for medical marijuana. Rep. Matt Baker needs to move the legislation out of his committee. He’s clearly out of touch with the public, stuck in a time warp like so many of his Republican ilk.


    8. Anonymous says:

      Tear down the WALL!

    9. Ernie47 says:


    10. Mark I. says:

      Congrats Danielle, Kansas is looking forward to working with you for our reforms.