Poll: Nearly 60 Percent Of New Jersey Adults Favor Legalizing Marijuana

  • by Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director June 18, 2015

    Nearly six out of ten New Jersey adults favor legalizing the use and sale of marijuana, according to the results of a Rutgers-Eagleton poll released today.

    Fifty-eight percent of respondents said that they support “legalizing, taxing, and regulating marijuana for adults 21 and over.” Thirty-nine percent of respondents oppose legalizing cannabis.

    Support for legalization was highest among those age 18 to 34 (67 percent), Democrats (64 percent), and Independents (61 percent). Support was lowest among Republicans (41 percent) and those over the age of 65 (47 percent).

    When respondents were asked if they supported regulating marijuana in the same manner as alcohol, support rose to sixty percent.

    In a recent appearance on CBS’s program Face the Nation, New Jersey Republican Gov. Chris Christie announced that, if elected President, he would use the power of the federal government to prosecute marijuana-related activities in states that have legalized the plant.

    26 responses to “Poll: Nearly 60 Percent Of New Jersey Adults Favor Legalizing Marijuana”

    1. Miles says:

      I hope New Jersyans are smart enough to get rid of the porker known as Chris Christie the first chance they get… He obviously does not represent them or the majority of the people in America! That bully is just an out of touch corporate clown.

    2. Cat Cassie says:

      Christie doesn’t really want to be president does he?

    3. Fireweed says:

      Makes you wonder what Christie has been smoking to say something stupid like that

    4. Gene says:

      Sad to say but the NJ gov does not seem to believe in the wil of the people. He has no clue he was elected to represent the people, he just wants to rule the people this man should not be in any office.

    5. Evening Bud says:

      Legalization in Jersey? Over Chris Christie’s bloated body.

    6. TheOracle says:

      Delaware has decriminalized less than an ounce.

      “House Bill 39 reduces penalties for the possession of up to one ounce of marijuana to a civil violation punishable by a $100 fine only — no arrest, and no criminal record.”



      Christie has absolutely got to fade away out of the political scene, and definitely not become president. NJ needs a Democratic governor and majority in the legislative bodies for this to become reality. If Christie goes down like the Hindenburg and takes a lot of votes for Republicans with him, the stench could last for enough elections to turn voters off of voting for NJ Republicans.

    7. Just An Observer says:

      So what’s the plan to convert those numbers into actual law?

    8. Doctor Demento says:

      New Jersey gave the world an awesome little stoner rock band called Monster Magnet.


      That has to count for something, right?

      I never even heard of this Christie fellow til recently.

      I knew of the band since the 90’s.


      Emphasis mine.

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    10. Evening Bud says:

      @ Doctor Demento,

      Back in about ’64 or thereabouts, the Mothers of Invention (Frank Zappa’s band) had a song on their Freak Out! album called “Return of the son of monster magnet.” I never realized monster magnet was also a wham-o toy. How about that.