Oregon: Midnight Tonight — Law Takes Effect Permitting Adults To Consume Cannabis

  • by Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director June 30, 2015

    Oregon: Law Takes Effect Permitting Adults To Consume CannabisLegislation takes effect at midnight tonight permitting adults to possess and cultivate marijuana for personal use.

    Fifty-six percent of state voters approved Measure 91 in November, which allows those over the age of 21 to legally possess up to one ounce of cannabis and/or to engage in the non-commercial cultivation of up to four marijuana plants (yielding up to eight ounces of marijuana). The law also permits adults to possess up to a pound of cannabis-infused edibles, 72 ounces of cannabis-infused liquids, and/or one ounce of marijuana concentrates.

    Separate regulations allowing for the licensed production and retail sale of cannabis have yet to be finalized by lawmakers. Legislation is under consideration to permit adults to temporarily purchase cannabis from state-licensed medical dispensaries as soon as the fall.

    State-licensed retailers are not anticipated to be operational until mid-to-late 2016.

    (In the interim, Portland NORML and others are engaging in seed giveaways tonight and tomorrow.)

    Oregon is the fourth state – joining Alaska, Colorado, and Washington – to permit adults to legally possess limited quantities of marijuana for their own personal use. The District of Columbia also allows adults to possess and grow marijuana legally.

    21 responses to “Oregon: Midnight Tonight — Law Takes Effect Permitting Adults To Consume Cannabis”

    1. mexweed says:

      A thought for those who reside in Oregon or other state where growing is permitted– go on line an check out websites which offer advice on growing, and spend some intense hours studying– then any time in conversation someone discusses their interest in getting started, sapeak up and refer them to the advice you found to be most helpful/clarifying.

      An ounce (28.35 grams) of cannabis after sifting and removal of seeds (flowerPot) and stems (teaPot) should be enough for at least 900 single tokes in a flexdrawtube one-hitter. Now go to that free wiki article on How to Make Pipes from Everyday Objects and study how to start up a handwork industry and create Jobs in Oregon or wherever.

      PS if you run out of Pot surely you can find The Original, i.e. some Oregano, isn’t that the state herb of Oregon?

    2. Galileo Galilei says:

      Holy Smoke!

      Is there still time to make it there for this blessed event?

    3. Julian says:

      Congratulations Oregon! Show America what freedom really is!

    4. Gene says:

      This is a step in the right direction, and we should all take our hats off to the Norml and all the hard working people making these great steps foreword. But keep on mind in all the states that took this great step foreword your life can still be turned upside down if you fail a drug test because I believe you could still lose your job. Also keep in mind if Chris Christie gets in office I think he will crush all these great steps foreword. This man in my opinion does not believe in WE THE PEOPLE.

    5. Randy says:

      Way to go lawmakers your stats is on its way to be more self sufficient

    6. Is freedom and progress and Individual liberty cherished more on the west side of the Mississippi. Their dominos are falling. Who will step forward and become the first state East of the big river to stand up against big Pharma, the AMA, and the prison Industry?

    7. Judy says:

      @Gene – I think that Chris Christie believes in eating – a lot!

      Him and Jeb Bush are both bullies that would greatly enjoy locking even more cannabis users up for their safe choice of medicine or recreation. Trump is no better but I think he has such little chance of winning that we don’t have to worry about him.

    8. Bob Constantine says:

      I’m sure with all of this “crime” no longer crime the Police force will be reduced proportionately?

    9. Jennifer says:


    10. Dave Evans says:

      Bob, the police will be more effective at fighting crime when they no longer have to pay attention to marijuana users. There is no connection between making marijuana legal and firing Police Officers. You’re being an idiot telling the police to continue to fighting against Legal Marijuana by scaring them for no reason. Thanks for nothing.