Houston NORML Calls on Harris County Sheriff, District Attorney To Act On Illegal Body Cavity Search

  • by Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director August 12, 2015

    Houston NORMLRepresentatives from the Houston affiliate of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws will hold a joint press conference tomorrow calling for Harris County Sheriff Ron Hickman to immediately take administrative action against three sheriff’s deputies who forcibly conducted an illegal body cavity search on a 21-year-old woman in Houston. You can read more about the case, which has attracted national attention, here. Houston NORML will also call for Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson to investigate the allegation and file any necessary criminal charges against the deputies involved.

    Police conducted the search without a warrant or consent after claiming to have smelled marijuana. Two deputies forced the woman’s legs apart and conducted an intrusive manual cavity search in a public parking lot.

    “Atrocities like this should not be happening in our community,” says Jason Miller, executive director of Houston NORML. “This is a blatant violation of our Constitution. When law enforcement has its way, marijuana-smokers are afforded no Fourth Amendment rights whatsoever. They are discriminated against and violently abused over nothing more than mere suspicion of possessing a plant. It has to stop.”

    Tomorrow’s press conference will take place at the Harris County Criminal Justice Center located at 1201 Franklin St downtown on Thursday August 13, at 11am.

    You can read the full text of Houston NORML’s press release here.

    [UPDATE: Watch archived video from the press conference here.]

    27 responses to “Houston NORML Calls on Harris County Sheriff, District Attorney To Act On Illegal Body Cavity Search”

    1. sweet says:

      I think they should be fired, serve a prison sentence, and have to fill as a sex offender for rape. What happened to protect and serve?

    2. tim says:

      I agree with sweet! The so called “deputies” involved in this crime should be labeled as sex offenders. These morons need to experience what they put Miss Corley thru, “an illegal body cavity search”. They should not be allowed to be back on the streets. Do your thing Houston NORML!!!!

    3. Cat Cassie says:

      Oh my gosh!! I can’t believe this. What were they thinking? That poor woman she must feel so violated and by people that is supposed to protect her.

    4. Galileo Galilei says:

      This is a ludicrous response for weed. There can be no excuse for it whatsoever. Who ever these deputized ‘Barney Fifes’ were, I blame the politicians for perpetuating Drug War excesses like this just as much–even more.

    5. RUT says:

      Americans are stupid if they let police bully them and then keep praising them. Yes there are good police officers but the currant culture makes them shut up and not report their evil coworkers. Good cops who keep their mouths shut are the problem. How grateful we should be for these creeps we have produced as public servants. Corporate news thinks they are being a good community member by buying the bullshit stories police keep telling even when there is a video. A FREE SOCIETY WILL ONLY BE POLICED AS MUCH AS THEY WILL ALLOW. IF THE POLICE SET THE NARRATIVE YOU HAVE WHAT WE HAVE NOW. I think police are a poor choice to lecture grade school children about bullying! REMEMBER THEY TAKE CHILDREN FROM THEIR PARENTS BECAUSE THEY SMOKE POT!
      Take control of these police and aggressively arrest them for misuse of their power.

    6. Raven says:

      If this is top-down operating proceedure, then there is likely going to be a lot of, “If I go down I’m taking you with me” crap. This will be interesting to watch.

    7. Judy says:

      If the police did this to me, I’d seriously have to consider killing the sorry bastards!

      At a minimum, they should be fired, serve 10 years in prison, and be listed as sex offenders for the rest of their pathetic lives.

    8. Evening Bud says:

      @ RUT,

      My local news is as bad as big corporate news, though, it is of course merely an extension of corporate news.

      If they can’t show you a mug shot of a local criminal at least once or twice per program, they’ll find news stories about “crime” from some other part of the state or country. Murder, murder, murder is their favorite theme. Though they do love drugs busts too, bad parents with pot, etc etc.

      Stories about corrupt or murderous cops occasionally appear; however, with the reputation of Albuquerque’s police force of late, they almost have no choice. (Believe me, they’d much rather have a good juicy story about a teacher or school, though).

      Concerning our rights as citizens vis a vis cops, I’ve been told that I have the right to refuse searches and such other things. Of course, in the real world, you’re often risking having your face ground into the pavement by said “peace officer” if you don’t comply.

    9. Julian says:

      I wrote Jason Miller to commend him for his action for justice and extend my services to the cause, although I imagine he and Houston NORML are very busy today, this is what creating chapters is all about; being there for those who have had their 4th amendment rights or even their bodies violated without consent, warrants or due process.

      Attorney General Loretta Lynch should be involved in these investigations, as we have reached a level of disproportionate and discriminatory collusion with civil asset forfeitures that has corrupted law enforcement throughout state governments and even within the DOJ and Congress.

      Here is an example of why prohibition corrupts the priorities of law enforcement until they become the violent sexual predators they were sworn to protect the public from. We continue to spend more on a drug budget for drug enforcement and interdiction than treatment and education. These three officers not only violated Federal law, there is a recent Texas law that makes these body cavity (rape) searches illegal without a search warrant.

      These officers must be stripped of their badges and tried both civilly and Federally. The victim has enough evidence in the police report to sue the Harris County Sherriff’s department for fraud, negligence, sexual assault, violation of her 4th amendment rights and illegal cavity search without a warrant. Just wait for the DOJ investigation before filing your civil suit.

    10. TheOracle says:

      How humiliating! These cops definitely need to go! Total bullshit, they THOUGHT they smelled it. BAH BYE! You can’t be a cop anymore.