Oregon: Retail Marijuana Sales To Begin

  • by Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director September 30, 2015

    Oregon: Retail Marijuana Sales To BeginRegulations permitting state-licensed medical cannabis dispensaries to also engage in retail sales to those ages 21 or older take effect on Thursday, October 1. An estimated 200 facilities are anticipated to begin providing cannabis to adults.

    Customers will be permitted to purchase up to a quarter ounce of herbal cannabis daily, as well as up to four non-flowering plants, but they will not be allowed to obtain cannabis-infused products until early next year.

    Legislation approved by voters in November and enacted on July 1 allows those over the age of 21 to legally possess up to one ounce of cannabis and/or to engage in the non-commercial cultivation of up to four marijuana plants (yielding up to eight ounces of marijuana). Separate provisions in the law license, regulate, and tax retail sales of cannabis beginning next year. However, separate legislation (Senate Bill 460) signed into law in August permits licensed medical dispensaries the option to engage in provisional, tax-free retail sales of cannabis until January 4, 2016.

    Colorado and Washington presently permit retail sales of cannabis, while similar regulations are forthcoming in Alaska. (A voter-initiated law in the District of Columbia permits adults to possess and grow marijuana legally, but does not provide for a regulated commercial cannabis market.)

    Tax revenue derived from retail cannabis sales in Washington have total $90 million in the first 15 months, while taxes derived from sales in Colorado have totaled $70 million in the past year.

    23 responses to “Oregon: Retail Marijuana Sales To Begin”

    1. Just An Observer says:

      Weed for sale is just one part of the deal. A buyer can also pick up four clones and there is no limit on seeds.

    2. Evening Bud says:

      I envy the good people of Oregon, as I do those of the three other legalized states. Perhaps one day . . .

    3. Bob Constantine says:

      Only thru the magic of government can something they would have jailed you for last year now be okay as long as you give them money.

      Government morality = oxymoron

    4. TheOracle says:

      This is great! I’m wondering how Oregonians will feel about having to shoulder the increase once the taxes go in effect.

      MPP is soliciting for donations, donations in general.

      I would prefer to donate, knowing the money is targeting Ohio’s legalization initiative this November. I think it’s extremely important to have a geographically large state (not a district like DC) east of the Mississippi legalize adult recreational.

    5. Raven says:

      Love it for Oregon. However, getting just a decrim bill through my state is like pullin theeth from a angry rino. Too mant state legislatures (where no ballot initiative exists) listen to prohibitionist law men and CCA instead of looking at valid poll numbers.

    6. Raven says:

      Sorry for the typos. My keys are sticky; LOL.

    7. Its good news to grow marijuana legally for its medical purpose, Marijuana plant contains useful chemicals which is used for treatments.

    8. Rod is on the Gas says:

      Oregon disappoints me deeply. 25% tax when the time is correct. There’s no sales-tax in OR. So my question becomes………What shall we call the tax on retail pot sales?

      Seriously, what is the tax for? Is this the product of legalization? The bribe that must be submitted so that we can sin in peace? Probably the best I come up with is it’s a tax on evil, ala Pope Francis.

      Evil tax in Oregon, a state proud of it’s long history of disallowing excess taxation.

    9. Just simply 1 word…..AMAZING !

      Win/win for all parties.

    10. Julian says:

      @Rod is on the gas,
      I was especially surprised by the pope’s derrogatory stance on marijuana legalization, what with visiting a US prison in Phili full of nonviolent people with small possessions, visiting the mentally ill in Washington, (Besides Congress, I mean breaking bread with homeless people), and with all the good examples of legal legislation like Colorado and now Oregon. I thought such an intelligent, progressive pope that stared into the face of climate change, embraced science and the poor would have developed a better understanding of what legalizing cannabis means for socioeconomic income equality, disproportionate incarceration and renewable ethanol fuels. HELLO? POPE FRANCIS? CAN YOU READ THE HEADLINES? Jeez… somebody send him a link to the NORML website…

      Clearly, I missed the condemning coverage several years ago; http://www.newsweek.com/pope-francis-says-he-opposes-marijuana-legalization-255708

      So this guy lives right across the bay from Uruguay, the first country to legalize marijuana, it doesn’t cause violence or blow up, but then… Hey actually that might be the problem… Legal marijuana or not Uruguay’s socioeconomic inequality is so badly disproportionate that even Syrian refugees are like “Let me out! We can’t find work,” just a year later.
      Ok, so bad example.
      But look at Oregon! Even Colorado has some things they could learn from such a fair and effective policy. The pope has some real explaining to do, and by that I mean to the general public who suffers under a black market for marijuana, not the mafiosos infiltrating the Vatican. Hasn’t he read Mathew 27:17? Doesn’t he know what was in the incense our ancestors have been burning? Doesn’t he know what Jesus was consuming during his time with the Scythians? How do you think he “cured” epilepsy? With frankinsense and myrrh? Gimme a break, Francis. May God give you the strength to forgive and correct yourself. And soon, because children are dying!

      Disapointed? Sure. And I’m going to have a good discussion with my local priests about it and bring it up at the next men’s axe retreat. If legalization begins from state to state than so will it be from church to church. The pope’s stance on marijuana legalization is a blatant hipocrisy for someone who uses our living planet as a teaching tool for the Holy Spirit. Someone has a “perhaps I’ve been misled about marijuana” speech coming on, and I’m not just talking about Hillary Clinton. Hey, it worked for Dr. Sanjay Gupta! 🙂