Poll: Majority Of Voters Back Ohio Marijuana Initiative

  • by Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director October 15, 2015

    Fifty-six percent of registered Ohio voters say that they will vote ‘yes’ this November on Issue 3, the Marijuana Legalization Amendment, according to newly released WKYC/Kent State Polling data.

    Sixty-seven percent of registered Democrats and 50 percent of Independents told pollsters that they endorse the measure. Sixty-five percent of Republicans oppose it.

    Only ten percent of voters remain undecided on the issue. The WKYC/Kent State poll possesses a +/- 4 percent margin of error.

    The measure would initially establish 10 state-licensed commercial growing sites and commercially produced cannabis would be sold at over 1,000 proposed retail dispensaries. The measure also permits adults to cultivate personal use quantities of cannabis (up to four plants yielding no more than 8 ounces of usable product at any one time) at home.

    State lawmakers opposed to the plan have placed a competing measure, Issue 2, on the November 3 ballot that seeks to prohibit state regulators from permitting the limited production of “any Schedule I controlled substance.” If voters approved both measures, Issue 2 states that the “entire proposed constitutional [marijuana] amendment shall not take effect.” According to the WKYC/Kent State poll, 54 percent of registered voters — including 57 percent of those who say that they also support Issue 3 — say that they intend to vote in favor of Issue 2.

    Twenty-six percent of Ohio voters are undecided on the measure.

    If both competing measure are passed by voters, it will likely be up to the courts to decide which initiative takes precedence.

    32 responses to “Poll: Majority Of Voters Back Ohio Marijuana Initiative”

    1. Kudos to NORML for reporting positively on Ohio’s legalization amendment.

    2. Matt says:

      I call bullshit. Where is the proof? I know a large number of marijuana advocates who are voting no and the average numbers approving recreational are only 51-53%

      [Editor’s note: You know what is bullshit? Pretending that your circle of friends is a valid demographic representing the entire state of OH. The citation for the data is found here.]

    3. John Thomas says:

      That’s a good list of the great things Issue 3 will accomplish. – So why does this article not have one word of praise or endorsement for this ringing freedom in Ohio? And why isn’t more in-depth attention being paid to it?

      It’s CLEAR this effort in Ohio is THE marijuana reform battle of 2015.

      Isn’t promoting this kind of freedom NORML’s job?

    4. Dan Fissel says:

      Why do people keep saying it will leave it up to the courts to decide. We actually have law about competing constitutional amendments. Article 2 section 1b. The one with the more affirmative votes is the new amendment. The one with the least yes votes is just wasted money

    5. Ohio I Am says:

      I’m all in on Yes on 3 and No on 2
      Hope all the sayers don’t just say but get out to vote on it.
      Getting 3 passed would be a great way to head into 2016 with all the props being talked about
      , this would then be a tsunami for legality.
      So proud to be able to vote on this
      Way To Go OHIO.

    6. TheOracle says:

      54% of Ohio voters support Issue 3 to legalize cannabis, and 57% of the 54% for Issue 3 will also vote for Issue 2, which will keep cannabis prohibition? It sounds like the prohibitionists are trying to confuse and confound the pro-legalization voters.

      Meanwhile, Pennsylvania is still dicking around with its proposed medical marijuana legislation. House Speaker Reed is all for legalizing and taxing online gaming/betting, you know fantasy football and all that, since the market already exists. Heard him say it on PCN not too long ago. Well, the cannabis market is an established market, too. If Ohio goes adult legal, it’s all the sooner Pennsylvania will, in order to keep the $ in the state. New Jersey will legalize online gambling, got the 3rd Court to pave the way to let them do it.

      The cannabis community needs a big win east of the Mississippi, legalization in a geographically large state.

    7. Brandon says:

      Issue 2 would derail any future efforts of legalizing marijuana in Ohio.

      What slithery snakes these Ohio lawmakers are.

    8. Bigjoshman says:

      Yes on 3! And no on 2 especially no on 2 because it can fail future citizens ballot initiatives give it a long hard read

    9. Joseph Weldinger says:

      “If conflicting proposed laws or conflicting proposed amendments to the constitution shall be approved at the same election by a majority of the total number of votes cast for and against the same, the one receiving the highest number of affirmative votes shall be the law, or in the case of amendments to the constitution shall be the amendment to the constitution.” -Ohio Constitution, Article II, Section 1b

    10. John C Uncapher says:

      The government in the state of Ohio has proven time and time again over the past 37 years since our currently outdated decriminalization law took effect here in Ohio, that they are not willing to change, they are not willing to listen to what we have to say about legalizing medical cannabis, and they certainly are not going to stand by and let the voters make a decision on legalizing cannabis

      Issue 2 is a perfect example of the dishonest tactics that the Ohio government is willing to try just to put a stop to the legalization of cannabis in the state of Ohio, issue 2 is not about stopping a so-called monopoly from becoming a part of the Ohio economy, it is actually designed to take away our right as voters to decide what we want to change and in this state

      Let’s set aside the thought of the poorly written ResponsibleOhio amendment known as issue 3 for just a moment, let’s all try to focus entirely on just the past record and the blatantly clear stance of the elected officials that we trusted to do as we have asked them to do for us in the past… looking at the past record over the last 18 years it is clear to see that the Ohio Government has obviously failed to do as we have asked them to do many times over the last few decades… we have clearly asked them for medical marijuana legalization and they have clearly ignored our requests and pleads for compassion on this subject… with this in mind is it really such a stretch of the imagination to actually believe that they would ever stand by silently while we attempt to legalize cannabis in this state especially when they have been so opposed to allowing cannabis to even be used as a legal alternative medicine over the use of prescription drugs?

      I have heard individuals say, “issue 2 won’t affect future cannabis legalization efforts if it passes”… seriously, numerous groups oppose issue 2 because they understand that it has absolutely nothing to do with stopping a monopoly… The Ohio Green Party initially backed issue 2, but recently announced that they are no longer supporting issue 2… so aren’t you just a little curious to know exactly why? Find out by reading the following quote.

      “The Ohio Green Party, upon closer analysis, has withdrawn our support of Issue 2, the Ohio Initiated Monopolies Amendment. We have received input from various attorneys who have read the text of the proposal from a legal standpoint. It is now our opinion the ambiguous wording of the actual proposal raises too many potential problems.

      Issue 2 does much more than simply preventing monopolies from being written into the Ohio Constitution, it actually includes the possibility of 3 appointed officials having the capability to nullify a significant part of our Constitution.”

      OTEP has openly admitted that if issue 2 passes this year, they will need to rewrite their amendment prior to beginning any 2016 legalization efforts… so just why would they need to rewrite their already approved proposed amendment if issue 2 is truly only about stopping a monopoly?

      Maybe it’s because they know full well that their amendment will be disqualified by the passing of issue 2 even if they can manage to gather enough required signatures to actually get their amendment on the ballot!!!

      It’s time to wake up Ohio, our voice has be silenced for far too long… do not give away our only remaining power to change the things we want by allowing issue 2 to actually pass this coming November, stand up for your right to vote and say NO to issue 2… send a clear message to the government of the state of Ohio by saying NO to their efforts to control the citizens of this state!!!