Ohio: Recent Polls Show Voters Split On Issue 3

  • by Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director October 26, 2015

    vote_keyboard Ohioans will decide next Tuesday on Issue 3, the Marijuana Legalization Amendment, and recent polls indicate that voters are evenly divided on the issue.

    Bowling Green State University polling data released late last week finds 44 percent of respondents supporting the measure and 43 percent opposing it. Thirteen percent of respondents are undecided.

    By contrast, the Bowling Green poll reports that 56 percent of respondents favor Issue 2, a counter-measure placed on the ballot by state lawmakers to prohibit state regulators from permitting the limited production of “any Schedule I controlled substance.”

    A separate poll, conducted by the University of Akron, also reports that voters are split on Issue 3, with 46 percent of respondents favoring the measure and 46 percent opposing it. The poll reports that voters are far more informed about Issue 3 than other ballot issues, including Issue 2, which voters back by a margin of 40 percent to 28 percent (with 32 percent undecided).

    The latest polling data differs from survey data released earlier this month by WKYC/Kent State Polling, which reported that 56 percent of voters backed Issue 3.

    If both competing measures (Issue 3 and Issue 2) are passed by voters, it will likely be up to the courts to decide which initiative takes precedence.

    63 responses to “Ohio: Recent Polls Show Voters Split On Issue 3”

    1. Carla Teegarden says:

      No matter where you stand on Issue 3, Issue 2 needs to be a no vote. It will kill ANY other initiative. We will not have legalization in Ohio if it passes.
      As for me, and 90% of those I encounter are for legalization. YES ON 3!!

    2. Jane Peters says:

      Which Issue does NORML endorse?

      [Editor’s note: NORML’s board of directors voted in early September to endorse #3/oppose #2 in Ohio.]

    3. Helge says:

      Let’s hope that issue 2 will not pass, because that might prevent any further legalization initiatives in Ohio until Cannabis is rescheduled, and it might also encorage our opponents to come up with similar initiatives in other statews that has not already legalied.
      This could possibly lead to a temporarily major setback for further Cannabis legalization.

    4. rick says:

      i did my voting today.please get out and vote for issue 3 arent you people tired of getting in trouble for pot even if you dont like issue 3 support it so the prohibitionists dont win if this fails we wont see it legalized in ohio for many years.at the least vote no on issue 2 im so tired of hearing the politicians and police say how terrible things will be if its legalized.for those worried about a monopoly grow your own.

    5. St. Nick n Dime says:

      You got to be an idiot, a backwoods home-schooled know-nothing loser to be opposed to keeping the world’s safest drug illegal. Those people probably never even tried it! The drug war is lost. We won it and will continue to do so until all our demands are met. Dead, your drug war’s dead! Fools! Your drug war’s dead. Useless, anti-pot votes of lies. Behold, Flower-power’s rise! As you can see by that voting against marijuana is a wasted vote that just further drags things out of getting God’s green herb to people’s lips. Thank you, thank you.

    6. mexweed says:

      If stalled by courtsnarl, maybe we should try petitioning the lawmakers to institute one vital program from it: the 4-plant 8-0z grow permit for $50, giving practicianers, nation and political candidates a program in progress to examine during the next year, and when/if it works well, further improvement increments would be readily approved.

      There is presently a surge of interest in urban gardening, both the (land) Plot (outside) and the (flower) Pot (indoors). For children learning direct hands-on truths about biodiversity through cause-effect relationships with young living plants helps pre-immunize them against pathologies like DCS Disgusting Combustion $moking (6,000,000 deaths a year when you can Vape instead), contradicting fears that raising cannabis (among other species) on family property would lead to any harmful “addiction” or “overdose” effect being cited against further barrier-reduction.

    7. Fireweed says:

      Of course it would be my state that wants to stay in the dark ages.

    8. I love this site I’ve been saying all this about marijuana for years. Thank you all so much for what you are doing, bringing the truth out there. Keep it up you have my support ?

    9. Gone2PotLESSness says:

      PLEASE don’t screw this up!!!
      [the eastern Midwest needs
      cannabis RE-legalization and a SAFER alternative
      to alcohol and prescription pain relievers /
      tranquilizers / psyche-meds / anticonvulsants…]

      Unfortunately, early voting ALREADY
      began during first week of October,
      PRIOR to more detailed stories and reports
      about the full nature of ISSUE #2’s
      future freedom-limiting “provisions” / clauses,

      [doesn’t JUST prevent “monopolies” / oligarchies,
      it ALSO forbids new / future legalization initiatives!].
      – –
      If you haven’t voted yet…

      NO on #2
      (Don’t let Ohio legislators monkey-wrench / kill the initiative process!)

      YES on #3
      (RE-Legalize it ALREADY!!! Why wait any longer!?!?!)

    10. nunya says:

      So I was reading over the initiative’s text and have a couple of questions.
      1. Issue 3 has a severability Claus, which states that if any part is not compliant with state law, that part is taken away and the rest stands. Since issue 2 is written to prevent “monopolies” from being put into the state constitution, wouldn’t it stand to reason that open license spots be added outside of the designated ten to accommodate issue 2?
      2. Will we be able to use the B-words (bowl and bong) inside stores that are selling them?