Poll: Majority Of Maryland Voters Support Regulating Marijuana Like Alcohol

  • by Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director January 21, 2016

    legalization_pollA majority of registered Maryland voters believe that cannabis use should be legally regulated in a manner similar to alcohol, according to statewide polling data provided by Gonzalez Research & Marketing Strategies and commission by the Marijuana Policy Project.

    Fifty-three percent of respondents said that they favor a change in state law “to allow marijuana to be regulated and taxed similarly to alcohol, for legal use by adults 21 years of age and older.” Forty-three percent of those surveyed opposed legalization.

    Similar levels of support for regulating the adult use of cannabis have previously been reported in a number of other state and national surveys.

    In 2014, former Gov. Martin O’Malley signed legislation into law decriminalizing marijuana possession offenses involving ten grams or less. Earlier today, lawmakers overrode a 2015 veto to enact legislation decriminalizing the possession of marijuana-related paraphernalia.

    18 responses to “Poll: Majority Of Maryland Voters Support Regulating Marijuana Like Alcohol”

    1. Don M says:

      “Forty-three percent of those surveyed opposed legalization”

      Hmmm… Isn’t that the same as saying “Forty-three percent of those surveyed are idiots that like to have Big Brother watching over them and telling them what they can and can’t do”?

    2. gweedo says:

      I have a certain affinity for MD, it being my home state and all, and I am utterly shocked that the legislature was able to get their act together long enough to override the obstinately partisan governor’s veto in favor of what the people actually want. Good news!

    3. Ben says:

      I have yet to hear of any logical,
      reasonable argument to continue prohibition-
      that isn’t fully addressed by
      regulating and maintaining its accessibility
      just as we do wine.

      With the history and persistent flooding of
      supporting evidence that that cannabis is
      less harmful to user/society than alcohol,
      while it is proven to be exceptionally beneficial,
      (is there anything else that has any many benefits???),
      the posed arguments as ‘justification’ for maintaining prohibition
      are vacuous at best,and callous, perhaps evil, at worst.

      I posit that while, in general,
      the proponents for prohibition
      are behaving unethically,
      there is probably several
      that are acting directly criminal.

      What are the odds that
      with the all testing done previously-
      (and it DEFINITELY WAS-
      the US government didn’t successfully patent it for medicinal use
      without some regimen of due diligence)-
      that big pharma is aware of,
      at least some of,
      these mega touted advantages:
      -studies showing it FIGHTS cancer cell development
      along with the myriad of others…

      I am thinking it is time to hold our politicians accountable-

      The prohibition of cannabis is absolute madness.

    4. Julian says:

      Polls matter.

      The Maryland Democratic legislature just overrode Republican Governor Larry Hogan’s veto to decriminalize paraphernalia;


      Effective in 30 days, the measure makes smoking marijuana in public in the state of Maryland a civil offense, punishable by a fine of up to $500, no jail time, no criminal record.

      Meanwhile, investors are going crazy buying up more than a thousand licences preparing for Medical Marijuana in the state of Maryland.

      I personally know some close friends of the family that are grappling with diabetes, having to retire to El Salvador next year because the ineffective and costly medical expenses in the US are making their life unmanageable. Marijuana helps create homeostasis and manages metabolism for diabetics, also dilating blood vessels in the eye where pressure becomes so painful doctors have to puncture the retina with a long needle. Between this good news in Maryland for marijuana policy and Bernie Sanders talking about a one-payer system, there is finally hope we can all be proud of.

    5. Mark I. says:

      I remember Kansas’ liquor by the drink laws. We will have private clubs serving cannabis consumers one bud at a time? So long as it is safe, legal and profitable. You couldn’t advertise, but you were guaranteed a 30% profit. I just want it used for phytoremediation around our feedyards so we can have our recreational lakes back.

      • mexweed says:

        One bud at a time? A bud could contain a gram (40 single vapetokes) or more, enough for 20 days if you are a PRU Psycheresponsive User.

        Assuming by Phytoremediation, Mark means prolific vegetation that can eat up all that manure which has been leaching into water?
        Good deal! A technical device that would be handy is a less-than-4-feet-wide pulverizer that can be delivered to remote locations by a cart or lifttruck over scraplumber-paved roadbeds and used to grind down hand-harvested hempstalks for composting use.

        We need 5,000,000 Syrian refugees to help do serious drywood harvesting in fire-threatened Sierras, and those who do a good job can stay on to harvest hempstalks every summer thereafter.

    6. Galileo Galilei says:

      I’m in Maryland and had fired off the usual email to my representatives via NORML’s Internet interface. It’s really cool to see something like this override happen. It’s one more sign that the tide has turned in our favor, oh fellow longsuffering, herbally inclined NORML enthusiasts.

    7. grandma3d says:

      I am a Maryland resident of Anne Arundel County. Our county executive Steve Schuh was trying to ban dispensaries in our county. However, the Attorney General and even some of his republican allies are not happy. As well as Democrat Bobby Zirkin of Reisterstown, who in a letter to The Capital slammed Schuh’s proposal, calling it “both disappointing and baffling.” Zirkin also said “State law trumps county law,” Thank you Mr. Zirkin

    8. grandma3d says:

      Today I attended the first Cannabis Health Summit I learned so much. It also got me fired up to be a more diligent political activist for NORML, LEAP, ACLU and several others I work for. The summit is free so if anyone wants to join the summit tomorrow Jan 24 starting a 9 am you can register by clicking on link below.

    9. grandma3d says:

      Sorry I forgot to post the link I need to get off this computer I have been on here since this morning. Here is link to the first Cannabis Health Summit of 2016