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  • by Kevin Mahmalji, NORML Outreach Director June 28, 2016

    As predicted, 2016 is turning out to a historic year for the marijuana legalization movement. With three statewide initiatives already cleared for the November ballot (Florida, Nevada, Maine) and several other initiative campaigns awaiting certification, there has never been a greater need for grassroots marijuana activism. From gathering signatures and making volunteer recruitment calls, to data entry and talking face to face with voters, there is still plenty of work to be done. To get involved today, simply follow the three easy steps below!

    First, please consider becoming a member of our organization (NORML Membership). In addition to being a part of the nation’s longest serving marijuana law reform group and getting a great membership package, we have compiled an extensive collection of fact-based information that you can use to support your efforts as you engage lawmakers in your community. Regardless of the point you’re trying to make (recreational, medical, hemp, CBD, etc.) you’ll find recent studies, articles and other resources that will help reinforce your argument (NORML Library).


    Second, if there isn’t already a NORML affiliate in your community (Chapter Locator), I encourage you to begin the process of forming your own chapter. For more than 40 years, NORML affiliates and chapters have been leading reform conversations on the local and state level, and they continue to be the driving force behind policy decisions regarding marijuana. If this is something that you’d like to be a part of, please take a few minutes to review NORML’s new Chapter Starter Packet. It will serve as your number one resource as you get started. If you need help finding others to join you, I’m happy to help connect you with people in your area.

    Third, start contacting your local, state and federal representatives about pending marijuana-related legislation by using our online Action Alert Center. We’re constantly monitoring dozens of marijuana-related bills from around the country so we’re able to provide you with the most up-to-date legislative alerts and talking points. In addition to advocating for marijuana law reform using the legislative process, we also welcome the opportunity to work with your organization to draft a municipal ordinance, similar to the ones recently adopted by local governments in Ohio and Florida.

    I look forward to working with you to establish a new community of marijuana activists in your state! For more information about forming a NORML chapter or getting involved with marijuana law reform efforts, please email KevinM@NORML.org or visit NORML.org.

    8 responses to “Get Involved with NORML Today!”

    1. Julian says:

      Thank you Kevin; Now that the Democratic party is adding marijuana reform to their platform, I intend to become more active in conventions. But I do see the need for a local NORML chapter in my town. How do you suggest balancing partcipation in Democratic conventions and caucuses while establishing or leading a NORML chapter? (And raising a family… And 4th grade soccer… And a Mexican wife who is terrified of dealing with the subject of legalization… I’ll take your response in that order; GO! …just kidding 😉 )
      The leaders for reform in Texas, Jax Finkle, ex. Dir. Tx NORML and Heather Fazio, MPP and Texans for Responsible Marijuana Policy are both Libertarians but Heather recently delivered a fabulous speech, no microphone, in front of more than 500 people at the first Democratic Cannabis Convention in San Antonio. I draw inspiration, but caution as well. How can we remain bipartisan as reform leaders to keep citizen lobbies working across the aisles? (I mean besides the obvious, which is show people the NORML scorecard).

    2. Mark Innes says:

      Kansas had a speaker before the hearing, but local gospel singers on second floor made listening impossible !

    3. Norm Gould says:

      Does jamestown new york have a norml chapter set up? Or chautauqua county or western new york? If so I want in. If not I couldn’t start one now, laid up from 8th back surgery, but I could put word out aND see if a work oriented friend would help me do it. U know the “leg work” lol but not funny lmao. And FYI the good green girl has changed my back pain situation. I’m still on the pills and patch but the girl has made my life much better. Much more livable but cause I contimplated suicide before her. So I am all good now. I was even clever enough to take 2 of Dr Sanjay’s strains and mix them and made my own. As soon as I had colorado when this ssi comes. It will be on. Everyone says it is the fire. Loud the over 21 young guys call it. Lol. But the beauty and reason I chose the 2 girl strains I did was because it doesn’t make you cough. Even if your greedy on a bong rip. People with pain will love it just got to get there. Sorry for ranting. Please don’t publish this is just for u.

    4. Jan says:

      I would like to start a chapter in Cortland, NY could use some help.

    5. Elaine says:

      I’m in Kauai Hi. I have my card but no dispensery yet and no news on it yet. Since DEA passed the opioids law my Dr took my pain meds and said take suboxone or nothing! I’m looking for a new Dr that cares. Have degenerative bone disease and PTSD. I can use RS CBD oil 9 but can’t afford it. There is nothing going on here and it’s so frustrating. I’m so sick of this med it’s making me sick. I don’t know many people that smoke and don’t ask. I’m rarely able to leave my home and it’s depressing. I’m in pain and anxiety is thru the roof. I don’t know what to do or who to talk too. I’m just on the edge of giving up. I can’t live like this. Can you help me..aloha

    6. Tim Smith says:

      Even though Marijuana is Legal in Oregon, the State Legislature has given some Cities and Counties the opportunity to Ban Marijuana Commerce! There are 166 different Marijuana related issues on various ballots all across the state. This means No Dispensaries, No Growers (other than four plants for personal use), No Processors, and No Distribution within these cities and counties.

      That also means:
      NO JOBS in Oregon’s expanding Marijuana Industry &
      NO RIGHTS to Fair Trade and Commerce for Citizens of these cities and counties.

      Oregon is quickly becoming a patchwork of marijuana laws and regulations. It’s time to move from Marijuana Prohibition to Marijuana Commerce!

      On November 8th, in the City of Wilsonville and all across Oregon; Citizens will AGAIN VOTE on whether this PROHIBITION will continue or NOT!!!

      Please read your ballot carefully. In some cities & counties, ballot issues sometimes require a “Yes” vote while others need a “No” vote.

      Keep fighting the good fight, it’s worth our time!

      It must be 4:20 somewhere!

    7. freda says:

      Yrs make medical legel

    8. freda says:

      Make weed legal…..

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