A Personal Message from NORML’s Founder

  • by Keith Stroup, NORML Legal Counsel October 18, 2016

    I’m writing to make sure you saw the post from our Deputy Director Paul Armentano last week. With just a few short weeks to go before the big marijuana legalization votes on Election Day, I first wanted to thank all of you who have already donated. Without support from people like you, NORML wouldn’t have been able to continue our fight for nationwide marijuana legalization for over four decades.

    November 8th will be one of the most important days for us as a movement and that’s why I wanted to take a minute to send you a personal message asking you to stand with NORML during these crucial weeks leading up to the big votes:


    A personal message from NORML founder Keith Stroup

    In order to ensure big wins on Election Day and take our fight to city councils, state legislatures, and Congress in 2017 and beyond, we need to know you are with us.

    Please consider donating $25, $50, $100, or whatever you can afford today.

    Together, we WILL legalize marijuana across this great country.

    Donate to NORML

    URGENT: Marijuana Legalization Needs Your Help!
    by Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director
    October 14, 2016

    In just a few weeks, voters in nine states will go to the polls to vote on crucial marijuana policy reforms at a time when national polling shows that the public’s support for legalization has never been greater. I’m pleased to say that NORML is playing a key role in moving public sentiment toward marijuana sanity.

    From day one, NORML’s chief mission has been to move public and political opinion sufficiently so that the responsible use of cannabis by adults is no longer criminalized and stigmatized. We do so by presenting credible, evidence-based information about marijuana and marijuana policy reform to the general public, the mainstream media, pundits, and policymakers. And nobody does it better than we do.

    NORML remains the most well-known and most trusted source of cannabis-centric information in the United States. Nearly 30 percent of the entire American public is familiar with NORML and its mission, according to a 2016 YouGov poll, and the overwhelming majority of those who identify as marijuana consumers say that they possess a favorable impression of our organization.

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    13 responses to “A Personal Message from NORML’s Founder”

    1. Mark Mitcham says:

      Okay, I’ve chipped in.
      Let’s rock!

    2. Bob says:

      After your articles promoting corrupt, psychotic, war-mongering Hitlery Clinton, I will not be donating any money to NORML, out of fear that it will get into her greedy hands. I plan to donate to politicians who support marijuana legalization and the second amendment, but oppose forced vaccinations and especially oppose WWIII.
      As for the Presidential election, it’s Trump2016 and peace with Russia, or Hitlery Clinton and nuclear holocaust.

    3. Rod is on the gas says:

      I’ve never stopped supporting and helping NORML, I’ve been here since the founding.
      The declaration of Hillary over Donald caused me to take a giant step backwards. I’ll wait til the votes are tallied before I consider the relevancy of your opinions.

    4. Leah says:

      I too am disgusted by the election and what is at hand but there is no way i will vote for trump,,, he will stick us in a nuclear war. I dont like Hillary i believe she is a liar and should have had consequences,,,

      BUT this web page is about NORML I very much support it
      i have supported it financially and will continue to try to teach others about it
      ^Think about it

    5. Gene says:

      Does anyone know if Norml sells the donor list? the last time I donated to something I’m still getting call from every Tom Dick and Harry asking for money

      [Paul Armentano responds: NORML values the privacy of our supporters. We do not sell or even share our list with others.]

    6. Julian says:

      Of all the sick reasons to donate to stop legalization in Arizona, from Insys selling fentanyl and synthetic cannabinoids to Sheldon Adelson laundering money in his casinos, what a sad surprise that Trump supporting racist Republicans are donating the most of all;


      $1 million? Whats in those tires? Heroin? The owner of Discount Tire will not be getting my money as I take it to the Mexican tire shop closer to my house. Immigrant advocates were already in a boycott after “vote Sherriff Arapaio” posters were placed in Discount Tire windows. With the notoriously racist Sherriff under investigation and about to be found in contempt of court (not only by voters) and the whole revelation of Trump’s continual blame of Mexicans on drug war violence caused by US drug prohibition policies the image of that old Discount Tire commercial is conjured up showing that old lady throw a tire through their window.
      STILL support Trump?
      We need better relations with Mexico to meet manufacturing demands for our consumer economy and end the drug war and Trump still wants to warm up to Russia? What a douche.
      This vote is finally revealing the last bastion of evil prohibitionists for who they really are; lying, money laundering racist whining little LOSERS.

    7. Julian says:


      Racism is economic, Trump chumps. Stop blaming Mexicans for violence created by profiting off of failed US drug policies and stop excusing predatory behavior. Those same private prisons targeting immigrants or Sherriffs Associations targeting minorities for asset forfeitures could essily turn on white Trump voters like Insys wants to sell us lethal synthetics. In order for a racist bully to profit he has to first convince the poor white majority they will benefit from the racist propaganda. Its the same racist rhetoric coming from Trump that came from Harry Anslinger that got us into this mess we call marijuana prohibition in the first place. Its time to make Congress repair the damage with fairly taxed regulation with revenue for education.
      Take your phones with you to the voting booth, put them on silent and research every name on marijuana policy using the Congressional scorecard and local NORML voter guides. Or just google the candidates name with “marijuana” and see what we dig up. Lets take our time and do it right from the school board to Congress.
      “Open your eyes and look within,
      Are you satisfied with the life youre livin?”
      -Robert Nesta Marley

    8. Gene says:

      If I donate will norml sell the donor list? Last time I donated to something they sold the list and I’m still getting calls

      [Paul Armentano responds: NORML does not share our member list.]

    9. Julian says:

      Look at NORML Board of Directors member Rick Steves and longtime host of Rick Steves Europe stand up for marijuana legalization in Massachusettes;


      “Why go to legalization if decriminalization has already been active in Massachusettes since 2008?”

      “Because we can gain the tax revenue.” Opponents of prop 4 should accept that teen use is down in Colorado and Washington. Rick Steves says the police Chief in Washington was against legalization but now recently thanked him for saving costs by not arresting 8000 citizens each year and “thanks for the $121 million in the annual state budget for law enforcement.”
      After these elections are over can we finally crowdsource a Rick Steves American Legalization Tour? Pleeeeease?!!

    10. Julian says:

      By the way, DONE! I went on my usual rant and forgot to say I donated!