BREAKING: Anti-Marijuana Zealot Tapped for Attorney General

  • by Erik Altieri, NORML Executive Director November 18, 2016

    We have some dire news to share. This morning, President-Elect Trump announced his pick for Attorney General and it couldn’t be much worse for the marijuana law reform movement and our recent legalization victories.

    Trump’s pick, Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions, is a militant prohibitionist. We could go into great detail how Senator Sessions has been an outspoken opponent against reform, but in this case his rhetoric is so off the wall…we’ll let his past statements speak for themselves:

    “You have to have leadership from Washington. You can’t have the President of the United States of America talking about marijuana … you are sending a message to young people that there is no danger in this process. It is false that marijuana use doesn’t lead people to more drug use. It is already causing a disturbance in the states that have made it legal.”

    “It was the prevention movement that really was so positive, and it led to this decline. The creating of knowledge that this drug is dangerous, it cannot be played with, it is not funny, it’s not something to laugh about, and trying to send that message with clarity, that good people don’t smoke marijuana.”

    “Lady Gaga says she’s addicted to [marijuana] and it is not harmless.”

    His former colleagues testified Sessions used the n-word and joked about the Ku Klux Klan, saying he thought they were “okay, until he learned that they smoked marijuana.”


    Senator Sessions is clearly out in the deep end when it comes to issues of marijuana policy and he stands diametrically opposed to the majority of Americans who favor the legalization and regulation of marijuana. This could foreshadow some very bad things for the eight states that have legalized marijuana for adult use and in the 29 states with with medical marijuana programs. With the authority the position of Attorney General provides, Sessions could immediately get to work attempting to block the implementation of the recent ballot initiatives, dismantling a legal industry in Washington, Colorado, Oregon, and Alaska, and begin conducting massive raids on existing medical and recreational retail stores.

    We must be ready to fight back. We must be ready to mobilize in defense of all of our hard fought victories. We already have our opponents calling for a recount in Maine and prohibitionists in Massachusetts working to gut core provisions like home cultivation from their state’s initiative. With an assist from a newly minted prohibitionist Attorney General, things might get worse before they get better.

    Help us send a message to President-Elect Trump and his Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions that the American people won’t stand for intervention into state marijuana programs and we want to move towards descheduling at the federal level and legalization in all 50 states.


    197 responses to “BREAKING: Anti-Marijuana Zealot Tapped for Attorney General”

    1. Anonymous says:

      Well i just hope he actually cares about people’s health and well being as the nation’s attorney general. Many people use this plant as a very helpful medicine. I sure would watch that man’s private interactions though. Someone should keep an eye on this guy!!!

      • Rocky says:

        What exactly is a “good person”?

        • Julian says:

          A good person is someone who supports facts, truth and science to reach the conclusion that what may not be perceived as good for oneself is in fact good for another human being, and through diligent research and recognition we can achieve laws and regulations for the common good of us all.
          For reference, a bad person is one who uses the law and power of law enforcement to effectively take from others for one’s own personal gain, regardless of facts or science.

        • Lefty Strange says:

          If legalized “across the board”, Sessions would be astounded by the number and quality of the “moral” and otherwise”law-abiding citizens” that surround him. He shouldn’t be so damn obtuse. People like him I believe to have low IQ, no reasoning skills. Also, Big Alcohol and Big Pharm have endless resources. We as people must shut them down. My solution: brew your own, grow your own, and be careful of what your doc is so enthusiastic about prescribing. Some “legal” meds can easily destroy one’s family and life. This is the bed that we sleep in. Not right.

        • HWarrior says:

          Well Hitler had a standard, the Spanish Inquisitioners had a standard, The Klu Klux Klan has a standard, I am sure you can think of some more. Those are some of histories more famous “Good People” google each to see how they devolved and what exactly their respective standards were.

      • Anonymous says:

        A good person is somebody who puts the needs of others before the needs of themselves. This guy is clearly a racist, and doesn’t have the American people’s best interests in mind. Cannabis is medicine and our government knows this but our government is oppressive. MLK Jr. said it is our duty to disobey any unjust laws so continue to protest peacefully my brothers and sisters.

    2. Anonymous says:

      whos paying who

    3. Ben says:

      Trey Gowdy for AG!

      • EveryHerbBearingSeed says:

        Trey Gowdy voted against all bills allowing medical use in the State of South Carolina.

    4. Regina Walker says:

      I don’t use pot now I did for years it relaxed me so I could sleep it calmed my nerves anexity depression stopped pain longer and better then a pain pill I didn’t have the sight effects that pills caused it didn’t hurt my liver please of it browed naturally without any harmful chemicals or additives and under a controlled agency legalize it this could really help a lot of ppl with arthritis fibromyalgia cancer seizures glaucoma

      • quietsch says:

        Regina, I of course have no clue how your command of English was before you ever used pot, but judging from grammar, spelling, sentence structure and punctuation … it made you a jumbled mess. Sorry to say.

        • Matt says:

          so you say pot is bad and should be made illegal again?

        • Mark Mitcham says:

          Oh Shit! Even the “grammar police” have reefer madness!

        • redgma says:

          Probably the effects of all those ‘legal’ remedies!

        • PennaDutchman says:

          Oh please! Look past the spelling mistakes, and grammar. Most can do this. Those who cannot, only make fools of themselves.

        • Marc Lerner says:

          The grammar teacher has spoken.. keep on the subject smart one.

        • Debra says:

          Would you walk up to some stranger and correct them. It takes a pretty arrogant person to point out someone else’s shortcomings . This goes back to your don’t know her life and apparently you need to work on your own. No need to be cruel.

        • Galileo Galilei says:

          Reads like somebody doing one of those stream-of-conciousness raps to me.

        • B0B says:

          So you troll the internet for being so intent on grammar, but you don’t have the forethought to recognize a new bilingual having trouble with the structure. Maybe they’re learning to speak a new language, or, perhaps taking consideration for those here in a English rich environment and using (Google) translation software?

          Nope, you assume that the individual is incapable of making proper use of the English grammar, and what’s more, you base that assumption around your preconceived notions feed to you that this drug makes people dumb and incapable. English – of one of the harder languages to understand, grammatical speaking, for people outside of the U.S.

          Ignorance is not your friend.

      • BC Shelby says:

        ..someone here who not only suffers from debilitating arthritis but also nauseating side effects from diabetes and cholesterol meds the latter which can sometimes be so bad it make me just want to stay in bed. For now I live in one of those states that has legalised cannabis for both medical and recreational use. I certainly don’t need nor want another pharma product for my arthritis to make me feel even sicker with its side effects, or rot my digestive system and liver out with OTC NSAIDS.

        The biggest threat from cannabis is not to society, but to the profits of the pharma and alcohol industries. Already, usage of opiates and have declined in states with legal medical cannabis. Likewise for alcohol consumption in states with legal recreational use. These are multi billion dollar interests that will do whatever it takes, as well as pay whatever it costs to protect their markets and profit margins through smear campaigns, PACs, and sanctioned bribery (lobbying) of our government officials.

        Meanwhile cannabis in it’s various forms has been documented to reverse various conditions including some which are considered incurable such as crohn’s disease and certain forms of cancer. When a medication that may cost only a few hundred dollars is able offer more and lasting positive results than something which can run into the tens if not hundreds of thousands, you would think it was a good thing. Not so for the pharma companies that have a vested interest in not making you well, or at least not as quickly, so they can milk as much as possible out of you.

    5. Raymond says:

      The people have spoken. You work for the people. Do not implement your agenda against The American People’s will. Ethical and Moral character have nothing to do with cannabis usage, however given your past comments on The KKK alone, I’d imagine your morals and character have already been compromised. Do your job, fight actual crime and earn that elitist paycheck you work oh so hard for. People who think differently than you are not the enemy. Be responsible and not drunk on power. Keep Cannabis Legal

      • Anonymous says:

        Then the people should have thought about that before they voted for a guy that staffed his campaign with people that are staunch anti-cannabis prohibitionists.

      • Anonymous says:

        these people only care about their own agenda

    6. Matthew Smith says:

      How dare you intimate that marijuana users are bad people? By what measure do you come to this outrageous and asinine assumption? Look at the statistics, look at the facts. In states where marijuana has been legalized, violent crime has dropped significantly. Medically, it is incredibly beneficial, has NONE of the side effects of legal pharmaceuticals, and does not drain the finances of the seriously ill. My wife is a cancer patient, she is dying. None of the pharmaceutical treatments have given her any relief from her pain and suffering, on the contrary, they have only served to increase her pain and her symptoms, and greatly reduced her quality of life. Marijuana and its derivatives have given her relief from her suffering, increased her appetite, and increased her quality of life. I would expect no different attitude from you though, as you are a craven, bigoted pathetic old bastard unfit to hold office in this great nation of ours. You and your cronies in the KKK make me sick.

    7. we need this in Illinois. our state is in shambles n i believe legalizing marijuana is a good thing for Illinois. use the tax dollars this will generate into getting our state back inline. ppl are ashamed to say they live here. says:

      Not sure

      • Blake says:

        ^^^we need this in Illinois. our state is in shambles n i believe legalizing marijuana is a good thing for Illinois. use the tax dollars this will generate into getting our state back inline. ppl are ashamed to say they live here. says:^^That is one hell of a username!

    8. Jake says:

      This is horrible, im already in a state that will probably never legalize anyway, but this news makes it all that much worse. In your process to fight back, do some fighting in kentucky, kentucky is one of the biggest producers of cannabis in the nation, and its still 100 percent illegal. I would love to see it actually become legal here.

      • drew says:

        To the writer in Kentucky, Arkansas can get it medicinally legal, I’m sure with enough hard work, Kentucky can too. Gotta start with signatures to get it on the ballot

    9. I told you so says:

      I told you guys in advance and you did very little to stand behind the Democrats.

      • Burro Bombting says:

        What difference does it make. Democrats are just as bad. Obama had 8 years to legalize and he blew it

        • Julian says:

          Congress has to deschedule marijuana. Read my latest post and contact your Senator. To avoid the Federal courts from ending state legalization, President Obama tactfully and graciously sent memos to the DOJ to stay out of the way of state legalization while not using an executive order that would have surely been sent to court by a Republican Congress just like they did to his executive orders on immigration.
          You have been bamboozled by a pathological liar. Please contribute to NORML, subscribe to a real investigative news source such as The Guardian, The Washington Post or the New York Times. Do not get your facts from sensationalist entertainment propaganda like Facebook. If you insist on getting your news from YouTube, subscribe to independent news sources like The Young Turks. Or just take 10 minutes out of your day to research the sources cited in the publications you read. Fake news is going to get worse with Bannon in charge of the White House and it’s going to be up to us to seek the truth.

        • Anonymous says:

          No Obama was the most pro weed President yet. Admitted to smoking it when he was in High School, refused to give the standard ” worst mistake of my life only did it once” phony rap.
          Gave the green light to state efforts, ” you pass it on your own,, I won’t undo it ”
          And do you see Obama getting something like legalizing marijuana past the last three
          REPUBLICAN legislatures,,,, cause I don’t
          You can say Hillary was a Terrible not candidate,,, she was
          You can say Trump gave you a hard on ,,, I’m sure.
          You can say that on Wall Street,, Foreign interventions, selling out to China, there’s hardly a perceptible difference between Dems and Reps… You’d be right.
          But on marijuana,,, no, even Hillary would have had the high ground, Take Jeff Sessions,,,,,, Please

      • James says:

        Hey, “I told you so” – I’m with you. I knew Trump was lying like a rug because he is a liar. Kept shaking my head and knocking on the next door for my local candidate. She won with 58%. Small potatoes.

        I didn’t do a survey, but it seemed the legalization community just took the candidate at their word. Hillary is no saint, but she doesn’t lie and her friends in the back like the madman.

        People who have done illegal things with other people have some experience in judging character. I’m really not sure why they wouldn’t do that. Too much Liberation influence I think.

        When you know someone acts like a gangster or a cop, why are you surprised when they turnout to be a gangster or a cop?

        • Anonymous says:

          that comment made absolutely no sense. Hillary lied to congress in front of the world. She doesn’t stab her friends in the back, word on the street says she poisons them, has them run off the road into bridges or has them shot point blank in the street. The rest of your statement was too incomprehensible to comment on. That being said, norml in my opinion is a bunch of law school drop outs that sit on computers in their parent’s basement, asking for donations, smoking bongs. That being said……..FREE THE WEED!!!

          • Julian says:

            If you truly wish to “free the weed” please learn to read before you write, and cite before you fight. For example, when I just googled “What Attorney General would Hillary Clinton have picked” the first link on the list was “The Angry Patriot.” After reading that pile of regurgitated vomit of baseless accusations without citation or evidence, I began to understand what could create the vacuum of obnoxious self-contradiction your comment embodies. But just so you know how to finish and cite a comment, here’s a link to what someone who understands basic civics, or the definition of a blind trust, or… how to read… would have picked for her AG nomination:


            It’s REAL easy; You see when you make a comment, you find a reputable publication that sponsors real investigative journalism, such as Politico, The Washington Post, The New York Times, or in your case, you could start with reading this blog Erik Altieri wrote beFORE you post anything embarrassing. (Context… it helps…), Then you highlight the link by right clicking on the web address. A screen should pop up that says “copy.” Click on the copy button. Now when you write your comment, before making a complete jack-@$$-imbecile of yourself, you can right click under your comment and “paste” your well researched peer–reviewed study, or reputable article from a professional journalist and vualah! You’re one step closer to not being considered a douchebag.

            Marijuana can only help you if you choose to seek the truth. It’s like I’ve been saying; You can lead the fool to the Herb of Wisdom but you can’t fix Stupid.

        • Troutberg says:

          Hillary doesn’t lie? When will you all learn. Very disappointing.

    10. Anonymous says:

      It’s mourning in America. Sessions will make Reagan’s War on Drugs look like Woodstock.