Governor Christie Blocks New Jersey’s Bridge to Legalization

  • by Justin Strekal, NORML Political Director November 23, 2016

    11188089675_194d0213aaGovernor Chris Christie is the first and last to admit that there is only one more roadblock preventing the legalization of marijuana in the state of New Jersey – himself.

    Speaking on New Jersey 101.5’s “Ask the Governor,” Christie took a call from one of his constituents on efforts by the legislature to move reform forward in the Garden State. The caller brought up prospect of using the projected tax revenue to either replace the regressive gas tax or simply have the additional revenue supplement the state’s budget, to which the Governor replied “…“There is nothing we spend in government that is important enough to allow me to willfully poison our children for that money. That’s blood money.”

    Well Governor, 60% of the voters in the United States do not agree with you – and neither does your state legislature. Support among elected officials in New Jersey is rising faster than ever. Fresh off of a trip to Colorado to see first hand how the state that pioneered legalization handles their regulations, NJ Senate President Stephen Sweeney said “I was on board before we went, but I am absolutely sold that this industry can be regulated. It’s safe, it’s well managed. Colorado has done an amazing job.”

    It doesn’t hurt that according to a recent report by New Jersey Policy Perspective and NJ United for Marijuana Reform projects that the public coffers would add an estimated $300 million dollars a year in tax revenue.

    However, nothing can move until there is a change in leadership in the Governor’s office. In recent his interview, Christie went one step further, exclaiming that “You’re damn right I’m the only impediment [blocking reform]. And I am going to remain the only impediment until January of 2018.”

    So there you have it – the Governor proudly proclaimed that the only thing preventing the end of marijuana prohibition in NJ is Christie himself. Conveniently for the residents of New Jersey, the Governor is term-limited out and the next election is November 7th, 2017.

    60 responses to “Governor Christie Blocks New Jersey’s Bridge to Legalization”

    1. Deek says:

      Christie is tied, in both large and sketchy ways, to privatized prisons. Of course he’ll fight tooth and nail for his own financial interests.

    2. DRD says:

      This too shall pass……look beyond his final months

    3. huggy says:

      I’m ashamed to tell people that I’m from the garden state just because ignorant people like Cristin. But let’s not forget about florio. He was worse

      • Chaz says:

        Christie needs to be removed from office for a number of well-publicized reasons. With a little luck the New Jersey State Legislature will impeach the guy.

        As a proud NJ resident, I’m pleased to see that most of the misguided folks that voted Christie into office have finally gotten the picture, as he now has a mere 21% approval rating. Not only is he an obvious liar concerning Bridgegate, among other things, he has hardly been in the state the last few years as he has either been campaigning for President of hanging out at Trump Tower hoping for a position (or maybe a pardon if necessary).

        A big hat tip should go out to NJ Senate President Stephen Sweeney and the other NJ legislators for getting on board for legal cannabis. Sweeney should run for Governor!


    4. Daniel says:

      Hemp could save thousands of trees for our paper needs. I’d rather see a teenager smoke pot than drink alcohol.

      • G says:

        I wish he would just eat himself to death. I thought Trump would have taken him off our plate but even he doesn’t want this guy.

      • mexweed says:

        Thanks for that reminder. Hemp is also the best precursor crop for tree planting– leaves all that stalk residue (“litter”) to fertilize the ground. As “exitway drug” for puffsuckers quitting nicotine $igarettes it will allow billions of acres to be returned to forest that are now wasted growing tobacco.

        Articles have appeared recently on the role of trees in improving the quality of life in cities– even or especially certain notorious ones in New Germany– oops sorry Jersey.

      • Geoff says:

        I agree 200%!!

    5. Butler says:

      Who made him God???? Can’t he see who it’s already helped, how about all the children with seizures? This is MEDICINE and his ignorance is preventing his constituents from being able to get it legally, everyone talks about tax revenue, but what about his veterans with PTSD? Come on Christie, get your head outta your ass, for the people!!!

    6. Soon the garden state will be singing SWEENEY FOR GOVERNOR & it will truly be the garden state!!!

    7. Glenn says:

      You fat fucking loser pig. What a losers

    8. Crystal Bjostad says:

      You won’t allow a natural herbal to heal our children because it’s blood money??? What do you call the poison that chemo and narcotics are doing to our children. And let’s talk about the blood money that’s accepted from pharmaceutical companies

      • Shari Sewell says:

        Right on! They are the epitome of hypocracy, kissing big pharma’s ass. They could care less, as long as they are taking in the dough.

    9. phrtao says:

      I like the fact that you can click on the picture of Christie in this article to get an enlarged version. NORML really does provide a good service 😎

    10. Don Stevens says:

      #CamelToeChristie obviously fears legal cannabis will result in him committing suicide by Twinkies.