Happy Danksgiving from NORML!

  • by Erik Altieri, NORML Executive Director November 24, 2016

    turkey-jointAs we celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, NORML would like to acknowledge and give thanks to you, our faithful members and supporters. Without you, there is no us.

     As we reflect upon this unprecedented year, we have much to be thankful for:

    • – Lawmakers in 24 states approved more than 30 pieces of legislation specific to marijuana policy reform in 2016.
    • – We also made history at the ballot box on Election Day. Eight states voted in favor of statewide law changes to both medicinal and recreational use.

    These notable victories would not have been achieved without your courage, conviction, and support.

    Click here to continue the momentum and show your support for marijuana legalization this holiday season. 

    As we look toward an uncertain future, we know we must work to both sustain our existing gains and to assure future progress. With your continued support, we are confident that we can bring the era of marijuana prohibition to an end and usher in the new era of legalization. Together, we will be unstoppable. Together, we WILL legalize marijuana across this great country.

    From all of us at NORML to all of you, we hope you have a hempy and happy Thanksgiving.

    Erik Altieri
    NORML Executive Director

    19 responses to “Happy Danksgiving from NORML!”

    1. Phil E. Drifter says:

      Thank you, NORML, for fighting the good fight to save and protect this miraculous herb!


    2. Follower says:

      We need to encourage Canada and other countries to move ahead. This should put pressure on the US.

    3. Anonymous says:

      Please let us know how “together” we can get New York Senator Liz Krugers MRTA Senate Bill 1747 in front of Cuomo to sign into law. No more arresting people for non violent marijuana use, especially if they paid taxes on it.

    4. Mark Mitcham says:

      That’s an adorable turkey in the image… I’m feeling the love, and I’m totally prepared to “pardon” that bird!

      Well, except for maybe a tail-feather or two…

      That’s the kind of turkey that’s so special, you don’t smoke it all at once!

    5. Cat Cassie says:

      Thank you NORML! Same to you. We certainly have a lot to be thankful for this year. I just hope we will be as thankful this time next year.

    6. Julian says:

      As I smoke a bowl of some wonderful scooby-doo-trainwreck-whatever-the-Hell-came-out-of-Colorado-God-Bless-America…
      I am reminded that the strongest liberty marijuana provides us is the inspiration to provide the “give” in “Thanksgiving,” the “high” in “high school” and the “Justice” in the “Department of Justice.”
      Happy Thanskgiving America!?

    7. Matt says:

      Happy Thanksgiving and thanks to NORML, too. I certainly am so thankful for the great work of the states, activists, and so many others for all of the accomplishments of legalization thus far. I am glad to have heard and seen this article from NORML, I was hoping for a Thanksgiving (or Danksgiving, lol) article and am glad to see NORML has posted this 🙂 Indeed, our efforts toward securing progress MUST continue though, I really am just trying to be honest, the road ahead is very dark and troubling, but we must stay strong and continue to move forward the cause of legalization to every city and every state in our great country. The future is very troubling, even the near future, but we must stay strong and united and continue to stand firm, while continuing to build upon our progress. Let us hope for the best now as we pass Thanksgiving, and continue moving forward and expanding our progress thus far. (Love the bud and j turkey picture and construct, lol) Happy Thanksgiving, we certainly have so much to be thankful for! 😀

    8. Julian says:

      Here’s some food for thought as we digest our Thanksgiving feast, the nominations and a costic racist coup of fake news over our electoral college; we already know Sessions was deemed too racist to be a judge back in the 80’s. But can’t we use the great weapon of video at confirmation hearings so we can roll a tape every time Sessions lies to the Senate?

      I say Roll the Tapes at the confirmation hearing! When the world saw video of Trump telling Billy Bush, ” I don’t even ask [women], I just walk right up to them and grab then in the pu$$y,” Sessions was quoted as saying, “I dont think that is sexual assault. Thats a stretch.” Ok… I know what youre thinking but dont get ahead of me… Then I say let the Senate walk right up to Sessions and shove their hand up his @$$; ask him if he thinks thats a stretch?

      Sessions actually prosecuted black American citizens in Alabama for voting. If thats not enough to block a confirmation for US AG in the Senate, then everyone who votes for him is a threat to our national security and is complicit in High treason and should be expelled or impeached immediately.

      To be continued…

    9. Julian says:

      This hostile racist bribery and High Treason of our government is the kind of insane Puritan nonsense that had the white Pilgrims and settlers in Jamestown digging up their own family’s graves to eat the corpses because either they were too brain washed with fear and propaganda from their own white masters to stop attacking more powerful Indian neighbors or because, little known fact, the first white settlers were actually slaves following orders from early corporations called joint stock companies who forced settlers into racist killings if they had any hopes of enslaving anyone else who wasnt white. The reason the racist and relatively more expensive enslavement of Africans took off despite the rampant piracy was because malaria was killing off white people and Indians alike in the swamps while west Africans are more resistant to the mosquito-transmitting illness. John Smith discovered tobacco grew well in Virginia swamps but no one could harvest it because the white slaves were too busy digging up corpses and bleeding themselves to death because they thought that would stop the malaria …and they didnt bathe. (Its true; if European colonists/slaves ran out of beer they wouldnt even drink water. Its why the pilgrims stopped at Plymouth; they ran out of beer!)
      Hemp, on the other hand, could grow up hill as well, away from the malaria infestations, allowing Europeans to survive the summer.
      Malaria, hemp, Indian politics and lots of alcohol would have more impact on the concept of American slavery and Independence than any racist “Tea Party.” Y’know, where drunk white people dressed up as Indians in protest of taxes and threw a treasure of valuable tea into the ocean. Classic.
      So chew on that America while we load a bowl and celebrate the one plant that kept any of the poor, miseducated slaves that built our nation alive at all; cannabis sativa.
      Hope everyone had a good Turkey Day!

    10. Donna says:

      So surprised regarding NORML relative silence regarding Sessions possible appointment; as a matter of fact since the election outcome. Disturbing.

      • Mark Mitcham says:

        Here is a quick and easy link you can use to write your Senators, to urge them to oppose the Sessions nomination:


        • Fabes says:

          Sent emails to both Arkansas Senators Cotton and Boozmen. I doubt this will do much good as they both do not care what the majority of Arkansans want or care about if it doesn’t align with their own ideology.

          • Mark Mitcham says:

            I understand how maddening it can be when one’s “representative” responds to a constituent’s correspondence with a big “fuck you.” I went through the roof, the first time I got one of those replies.

            True, you might not change that one individual politician’s mind on the matter; but it’s still worthwhile sending the correspondence, because it puts them and their staff on notice that their constituents are not happy, and it documents that fact.

            Further, it makes it harder for them to publicly say, “My constituents are completely supportive of my position on this matter,” when their offices are being flooded with correspondences and phone calls in opposition to their position.

            Well done!