President-Elect Trump: Will You Support State Marijuana Laws?

  • by Justin Strekal, NORML Political Director December 9, 2016

    take_actionOver the last several weeks, we have received dozens of calls from journalists with the same question: “What does NORML think that President-Elect Trump and his Attorney General nominee Jefferson Sessions will do in regards to marijuana once in office?”

    However, the best public indicators we have to go on give mixed messages. Additionally, in nearly all of the articles that NORML has been quoted in about Trump and Sessions, not one indicates that the writer had even attempted to contact the presidential transition team or Sen. Sessions.

    So we’ve released our own request for clarification and we need you to join us in demanding answers as to how the federal government is going to respect the will of the voters in states that have ended prohibition.

    Add your voice to the thousands calling on Trump to provide cannabis clarity TODAY.

    On the campaign trail, Trump promised to take a federalist approach to marijuana stating:

    “In terms of marijuana and legalization, I think that should be a state issue, state-by-state… Marijuana is such a big thing. I think medical should happen — right? Don’t we agree? I think so. And then I really believe we should leave it up to the states.”

    Yet his nomination of Sen. Sessions sends a very different signal. Just this past April, he stated that  “Good people do not smoke marijuana” in the questioning of current Attorney General Loretta Lynch. His legislative track record and public comments show no intentions of ending marijuana prohibition or respecting the millions of responsible cannabis consumers throughout the country. If Senator Sessions’ personal beliefs were allowed to dictate the policies of the Justice Department, we could be in for a rough four years.

    With 8 states now having legalized the adult use of marijuana and over half the country having medical marijuana programs, the American people deserve to know what President-Elect Trump’s policy towards these states will be.

    Join thousands of others in signing the petition to ask President-Elect Donald Trump to answer this question and clarify his position on respecting state marijuana laws.

    Going forward we must be vigilant to protect the progress we have made, keep fighting to protect the rights of responsible adults, and end finally end the prohibition of marijuana nationwide.

    55 responses to “President-Elect Trump: Will You Support State Marijuana Laws?”

    1. Anonymous says:

      We’re in for a rough four years.
      Marijuana or Republicans,, make a choice,, you can’t have both.

    2. Mark Mitcham says:

      It’s worth a shot! I signed it. Gotta make it clear to Trump that this is gonna be a problem if he makes it a problem.

    3. "El Stevo Loco" says:

      It may be considered that this is as much as any other thing is a matter of “States Rights” mostly by ballot initiative and thus an expression of popular will–the Federal Gov’t will be at direct odds with Calif. and it popular laws. This could and should be an impetus towards a California secession movement; that should be considered.

    4. Joe Nickelsack says:

      If President Trump really wants to bring this country together,he should respect the will of the voters and let the states decide.Also he should recind Reagan’s drug free workplace act and replace it with a new executive order that treats impairment the same as alcohol impairment in the workplace.If Jeff Sessions tries to trump state laws with a federal overide, all hell is going to break loose!

    5. MSimon says:

      Peter Thiel, a close Trump advisor is investing in the Marley brand.


    6. Jeedi says:

      I am more than happy to add my voice. It just bewilders me how someone like Sessions can say that “good people do not smoke marijuana” in the year 2016.

      Marijuana is used by everyday Americans, by responsible adults who hold down jobs, raise families. The most creative marijuana user out there is making your popular music, inspiring your favorite films or creating your favorite art.

      The marijuana plant is not just medicine it is an industrial commodity. Trump would have to be the biggest business fool in history to try and continue to bury marijuana. If Trump is pro business he will not only leave the emerging legal industry alone, he will do the Federal things to get the industry moving.

      If Trump shuts down the legal cannabis industry, which is all USA made, he will be handing the business back to cartels most likely from Mexico. This is an old argument that we all know.

      But the more I see Trump on stage, he seems to be fired up and almost yelling “stop all the drugs.” And when you put all this Reagan rhetoric along with picks like Sessions, Price, and now Kelly, it looks like they are planning for all out war! And if Trump is still okay with legal marijuana for the states, then he, HIMSELF, is going to have a hard time fighting off these drug war barons he is assembling!

      Right before Reagan we had the seventies. The Carter years almost legalized weed, great music, groovy times. Then out of nowhere this Reagan guy turns the country back on some Nixon crazy drug war because Nancy was afraid for the children. And what better way to build an economy, for a mad man, than to build up the prison industrial system. He got part of his economy on the back of marijuana and marijuana users/patients. This was the 1980s and we all got a big wake up call that elections matter and things can change here for the worse when you think you have it made. Just like it has happened numerous times in the past.

    7. Tom Barrett says:

      I believe it should be made legal like alcohol. Also would have to be 21 to buy. Sure don’t cause no trouble like alcohol. Tom

      • Steve says:

        I’ve seen the trouble marijuana cause. You people are afraid to FCE life without being high. You compare this to alcohol which LSO should ba banned. Tobacco is also a commodity and look at the good good it has done for this country. Sarcasm since your minds are mostly gone and you probably cannot recognize it. Democrats seem to want to keep people high and under their mind control. And no I amnot a Republican I am a free thinker who wants to remain free.

    8. Mark Mitcham says:

      Quote: “Answer the question and clarify his postion.”

      Yeah, I signed it. But not to get Trump to answer the question. He’s a bullshitter, and he’s already bullshitted us in response to that question many times, publicly. I signed it to try to force his hand — to “clarify his position” in such a way that he can’t back away from it.

      But there’s the catch: even if he responds, there’s a very real likelihood that he will continue to do exactly as he’s been doing, which is to bullshit us, and then do whatever he wants. He could answer the question by saying “I fully support marijuana legalization and states rights,” and then send in the National Guard to shut down all legal marijuana operations nationwide.

      If you said, “But that would make him a liar,” I would say, “No, he’s been a liar for a long time now.”

      If you said, “There’s too much money involved in legal marijuana now. It would fuck up the economy.” Then, I would say, “So what? It’s not Trump’s money! He’s not there to govern, he’s there to make a buck! He’s much more likely to be personally vested in the War on Drugs.”

      Just as AG Ashcroft promised to ramp up the War on Drugs after he was appointed, Sessions will likely do the same thing, and Trump is likely to downplay it, to pretend to have no idea what’s really going on. (Until after the fact… then he’ll say, “That’s what you deserve, you filthy drug addicts. Die or rot in prison, I don’t care which.” Then, we may get a real good look at his inner Nazi! Of course, by then, it will be too late to stop him.)

      That’s not a prophesy. I don’t claim those powers! But I think it is an extremely likely scenario, because I can’t see Trump giving up the War on Drugs, yet I can’t see him being honest about it either. So if he responds, and responds nicely, let’s not get played for suckers. Let’s still continue to watch carefully, to see what he is actually doing.

    9. TERRI DAVIS says:


    10. jim keeven says:

      Enforce medical exploration.