Wisconsin: GOP Lawmakers Consider Support for Marijuana Law Reform Legislation

  • by Kevin Mahmalji, NORML Outreach Director January 8, 2017

    Marijuana medicineGOP lawmakers in Wisconsin have a track record of opposing efforts to reform marijuana laws in the Badger State, but a recent comment from Assembly Speaker Robin Vos has some marijuana advocates hopeful for progress during the 2017 legislative session.

    “If you get a prescription to use an opiate or you get a prescription to use marijuana, to me I think that’s the same thing,” Vos said, a surprising position after years of GOP opposition to legalizing any form of marijuana. “I would be open to that.”

    Of course this came as a surprise to many, especially after Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald and Governor Scott Walker have both repeatedly stated that they will continue to oppose any effort to advance the issue in the state of Wisconsin. Regardless of the lack of support from GOP leadership, Sen. Van Wanggaard is expected to sponsor legislation that would make it legal to possess cannibidiol (CBD) – the marijuana extract known for treating seizures associated with epilepsy – during the upcoming legislative session.

    Read more here: http://m.startribune.com/in-wisconsin-signs-of-gop-softening-on-medical-marijuana/410016665/

    19 responses to “Wisconsin: GOP Lawmakers Consider Support for Marijuana Law Reform Legislation”

    1. Beer says:

      So lame. People should realize in Republican states they are so strict that if, and that is a big if, you can get medical marijuana. The doctors are not going to give it to you. They’ll instead set you on a pill that’s got nothing in it like an aspirin than to what they consider contribute to you getting high which is illegal under prescription law at least in my state.
      Where I live if they believe you use it to get high it goes to criminal investigation.
      Every prescription goes before a drug board.
      Republicans are pricks.
      During the recent election race in Kansas one guy running using commercials openly was supporting drug testing for getting elected. He said the woman his opponent was against drug testing and here these people will elect someone like that even though it’s a fourth amendment violation issue of the constitution.
      You’re dealing with authoritarians.
      This is funny “Just Say No To Jeff Sessions”

      • MSimon says:

        North Dakota, Arkansas, and Montana say you are not entirely correct.

        Making legalization a one party issue slows progress.

        • josh bollom says:

          Thats right . legalization of cannabis cannot be a red vs blue issue . poles show the people want cannabis prohibition to go away . The anti cannabis laws are far more destructive to the people of every state and the officials no matter what party the adhere to need to understand they are not representing a party but the people who elected them . I voted red this past election but I demand mu red representatives need to stop acting like slave masters when it comes to cannabis laws and need to fight for the people who elected them . We want this legislation to pass even if the dems brought it to the floor . We are not one side vs the other in fact dems and republicans need to figure out how to work together and AB482 2017 could be a great opportunity for both sides to practice working together instead of this gridlock that has become the norm over the past 8 years. We didnt elect these politicians to fight against one another . We elected them to get things done or our state and that means working with each other no matter how much the party leaders do not like it !

    2. Beer says:

      I have really enjoyed your web site and enjoy everyone’s comments, it open and friendly. Thank You.
      I think the problem in my opinion with marijuana legalization is its enemies. The power high powers have. Electronic hallucination while watching TV or listening to the radio, similar subliminal messaging which is legal today in commercial advertisement. I often refer to it as Electronic Sorcery. A special electronic magic that possibly can defeat anybody.
      Marijuana never bothered me so much like I’m hearing people are freaking out using it. I started like most during the baby boom at about age 14 and my brother who had me use it right away turned the music loud and low to try and freak me out.
      I stopping smoking about 20-21 because it became depressing and I haven’t had the pleasure in using in 33 years, but it smells great like a Christmas tree burning, and if used right is a pleasing relaxation to nothing competing to it in the world. Abusers will always blame the substance and not themselves that have moral issues in their life and the substance has nothing to do with it like an alcoholic committing suicide. It’s a lack of a founded good moral conscience is why I am vegan.
      Love, right, good. or people lose track of right and wrong and can’t tell when they’re lying because they begin to believe their own lies.
      Best wishes.


    3. Venus Algus says:

      I don`t know if marijuana is used as treating seizures associated with epilepsy than it is good but without prescription sale of marijuana in open market should be ban

      • Ben says:

        I don’t understand…

        There is no logical argument why adults, off-the clock, in their own basement, should not be able possess and consume cannabis.

    4. Mark Mitcham says:

      Oooohhh… I do so hate to stoop to petty vindictiveness; however, speaking as a working man, it would make my day if Wisconsin politicians and citizens could find it in their hearts to “stick it to” that smug bastard Governor Scott Walker.

      And, of course, Free The Weed! That’s a given.

    5. JAY says:

      Walker’s foolish, the tax from cannabis would help with Wis economy but he’s owned by the Koch Bros.

    6. TheOracle says:

      Wisconsin’s GOP sharks smell money, and they’re going to go the way Pennsylvania did and go for the money grab. Unfortunately, that means the GOP will sell out the cannabis community there to BIG WEED. They won’t be able to grow their own, I’ll bet. Too bad, patients! And, you’ll get charged exorbitant fees just to get in the door at conferences for implementing the law, and then they’ll probably drag out opening the actual brick-and-mortar stores as long as they can.

      Sell-outs: https://www.mpp.org/event/pennsylvania-canna-business-seminar-harrisburg/

    7. TheOracle says:

      Things are moving along toward legalization in Guam (U.S. territory) and in Japan, another place where the U.S. forced cannabis prohibition on the country.


      “The Woman in Green”(1945 Sherlock Holmes movie)mentions Cannabis Japonica.


      I sure hope Justin Trudeau does NOT cave to the U.S. prohibitionists Trump is stocking his key positions with. I hope Trump himself does NOT cave to the prohibitionists he is installing in key cabinet and appointee positions.


    8. Truth says:

      Same sh!t new day. I lived in Wisconsin for most of my life. lol drink drink drinkkkkk most Wisconsinites don’t realize alcohol is the ultimate drug of sin. Oh well.

      Just come over to where I live now 😀 St Paul MN the best damn city in the world!

      oh and the pigs in Wisconsin are on the slow side, its incredibly easy to fool them.

    9. JAY says:

      After the fourth DUI , it becomes a felony. Worst laws in the country.The power that booze has in Wis. Just having pot on you is a felony.

    10. Clayton says:

      If your goin to keep cannabis illegal. Then so should alcohol, caffine, automobiles, planes, boats, breathing outdoor unfiltered air. See my point. Land of the free my ass. Land of the dictator government. We left Europe to get away from this and we fall right back into it. You wanna fix this country quit telling us what to do and spend the tax money to fix actual problems.