Wisconsin: GOP Lawmakers Consider Support for Marijuana Law Reform Legislation

  • by Kevin Mahmalji, NORML Outreach Director January 8, 2017

    Marijuana medicineGOP lawmakers in Wisconsin have a track record of opposing efforts to reform marijuana laws in the Badger State, but a recent comment from Assembly Speaker Robin Vos has some marijuana advocates hopeful for progress during the 2017 legislative session.

    “If you get a prescription to use an opiate or you get a prescription to use marijuana, to me I think that’s the same thing,” Vos said, a surprising position after years of GOP opposition to legalizing any form of marijuana. “I would be open to that.”

    Of course this came as a surprise to many, especially after Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald and Governor Scott Walker have both repeatedly stated that they will continue to oppose any effort to advance the issue in the state of Wisconsin. Regardless of the lack of support from GOP leadership, Sen. Van Wanggaard is expected to sponsor legislation that would make it legal to possess cannibidiol (CBD) – the marijuana extract known for treating seizures associated with epilepsy – during the upcoming legislative session.

    Read more here: http://m.startribune.com/in-wisconsin-signs-of-gop-softening-on-medical-marijuana/410016665/

    19 responses to “Wisconsin: GOP Lawmakers Consider Support for Marijuana Law Reform Legislation”

    1. Brenton says:

      Here is the thing about Wisconsin. They make more money off of prisons than they probably would from legalization. A state with the size economy of one like Wisconsin’s stands to bring in about 20 or 30 million dollars in revenue maximum on marijuana, while they already exceed that in fines, court costs, pay-to-stay jail fees, etc. related to marijuana prohibition.

      Also the elephant in the room: the alcohol industry. In a state where there are hundreds of breweries, where bars seemingly outnumber people and do outnumber churches, where drunk driving is only a ticketable offense, even the politicians are drunk to ptohibit the private use and possession of a safe therapeutic plant. Lots of bible thumpers here, yet no acknowledgement that G-d made marijuana and saw that it was good.

      Until the financial incentive is a reality, or until the electorate votes in a way that clearly gives politicians an ultimatum to either get with the program, or get left in the stone-age, Wisconsin will remain a regressive, alcohol-guzzling, drunk-driving-is-only-a-ticket wasteland.

      • Mark Mitcham says:

        Thanks for pointing that out. I think much of what you say about Wisconsin applies to the rest of USA as well… we live in an alcoholic society! When Mason Tvert of MPP ran the SAFER campaign in Colorado, it was about making the point that marijuana is safer than alcohol. Well, no duh! It’s a simple fact. Except, it’s a fact that’s still too controversial for many Americans, and most politicians, to acknowledge!

        Thankfully, the general public is finally starting to catch on.

    2. Maria says:

      Hello, in your country the subject of marijuana is on the way, in mine in Spain, they do not even talk about it, they open cannabis associations and then close them to the months, leading to the ruin of many people. Hopefully someday, all this will change. Greetings, and good fumes

    3. A rheumatoid arthritis sufferer says:

      More money, more jobs, less opiod deaths, less hassle trying to not only manage my disease but also ease the pain. Some of you people have no idea how horrible and painful it is to have an autoimmune disorder. The treatments are expensive and sometimes worse than the disease. We have to literally beg for pain meds because of the people who abuse and overdose. I’ve never heard of anyone overdosing on marijuana. Sure, you’ll find those that do stupid things and then they die but, that’s with any substance. There are strains of marijuana specifically grown for people like me. High cbd, low thc. The sad thing is some people won’t do the research before they type or open their mouths. I feel sorry for them for being so willfully ignorant.

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