A Congressional Cannabis Caucus Is Born

  • by Justin Strekal, NORML Political Director February 16, 2017

    US_capitolWith public support for reforming marijuana laws at an all time high, Reps. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR), Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA), Jared Polis (D-CO), and Don Young (R-AK) have formed the first-ever Congressional Cannabis Caucus to promote sensible cannabis policy reform and to ease the tension between federal and state cannabis laws.

    The official establishment of a Congressional Cannabis Caucus represents yet another step forward toward ultimately reforming cannabis policy at the federal level. The creation of this caucus is yet another manifestation that our political power is growing — even inside the beltway.

    Click here to email your Congressional Representative and urge them to join the Cannabis Caucus today.

    NORML has been in this fight for over 47 years, representing the position that responsible adults who choose to consume marijuana should not be be persecuted or stigmatized. Throughout the country, our chapters are organizing to advocate for state level reforms. NORML represents a growing community of individuals who are coming together and working toward the mutual goals of building a more just and verdant society.

    The end of marijuana prohibition will not come overnight. In fact, the forces of prohibition remain strong and the misinformation campaign that has spanned from Reefer Madness to D.A.R.E. is deeply entrenched in the psyches of lawmakers and voters alike. But just as we have for decades, we will not be deterred.

    In order for our state and federal laws to be more reflective of the cold truths of reality and science rather than hysteria and racism, we must continue to educate our legislators and neighbors alike. Having a coalition of lawmakers in Washington, DC who will go on the record in support of advocating for cannabis freedom is something we haven’t had before, but it is an event that is long overdue.

    So let’s keep building.

    Send a message to your member of Congress now and tell them to join the Cannabis Caucus and support sanity in marijuana policy.

    30 responses to “A Congressional Cannabis Caucus Is Born”

    1. abobinmn says:

      What will the DEA do if pot is federally legalized? The DEA spends a lot of time and resources chasing down pot people. If pot is legalized the DEA won’t have any “importers” to bust.

      • mexweed says:

        Well, you asked the aulghtimate question, eh? Boils down to what anyone thinks “drug enforcement” means. What drugs are they supposed or authorized to enforce? Nicotine combustion monoxide $igarettes?
        Meanwhile another 30,000 deaths each year from opiates, many of them prescribed by doctors who received beautiful wall calendars and desk ornaments from Big pHARMa companies? Start the DEA working on that?
        Oops don’t get me started on that other cacanomic melanoma, I mean metonymy (?)– “Criminal justice” as in prosecuting (what’s pro- about that) someone who possessed dried handfist budflower.

    2. Silverado says:

      Nobody from Washington state?? Patty Murray, Maria-What’s-Her-Name and even Dave Reichart are pathetic and are weak not only in the cannabis issues but being left wing DemocRATs (Reichart is a Republican though he’s an anti-Trumper too) that continue to drag their feet on everything they don’t happen to agree with. Patty and Maria are pathetic left wing Socialist political hacks that are the poster children for term limits, not only in this state but nationally too. Anyway, this is no surprise to those of us that support cannabis freedom unlike Patty Murray and Maria-What’s-Her-Name of Washington state.

      • Mark Mitcham says:

        Since you brought up Trump, I’d only like to add: fuck that numb-nut, racist piece of shit. That goes for his supporters, too.

    3. Synth8 says:

      Near-mid term good news.. in 4 years time, a collection of some of the nation’s most ardent prohibishionists will be flushed out of office like the giant bowl of diarrhea that they really are.

    4. Christian M. says:

      Just wanted to thank you NORML. Keep on fighting!

    5. Crista Meyer says:

      So I tried to share this on FB but seemed to lock up with a blank white page. Any idea why?

    6. Alan says:

      Having worked for Dana back when he first took office, I have great regard for his position, which is probably not popular with the Republican establishment. Still and always a maverick, other representatives should come to their senses on this issue.
      My only concern is how do test for driving under the influence, it’s not as easy as alcohol.

      Good luck,

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