White House Press Secretary Hints Federal Marijuana Crackdown May Be Forthcoming

  • by Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director February 23, 2017

    CongressWhite House Press Secretary Sean Spicer today said that the Trump administration may engage in “greater” efforts to enforce federal anti-marijuana laws in jurisdictions that have legalized and regulated its adult use.

    In response to a question regarding how the administration intends to address statewide marijuana legalization laws, Spicer indicated that the administration views the regulation of marijuana for medical purposes as distinct from laws governing its adult use.

    He said: “I’ve said before that the President understands the pain and suffering that many people go through who are facing, especially, terminal diseases and the comfort that some of these drugs, including medical marijuana, can bring to them.” He then added, But “there’s a big difference between that and recreational marijuana. I think that when you see something like the opioid addiction crisis blossoming in so many states around this country, the last thing we should be doing is encouraging people.”

    On the latter topic, he concluded, “I do believe you will see greater enforcement” of anti-marijuana laws from the Department of Justice.

    While campaigning, President Trump voiced support for the authority of individual states to impose regulatory policies specific to the use and dispensing of medical cannabis, but was somewhat less clear with regard to whether he believed that state lawmakers ought to be able to regulate the adult use of cannabis absent federal interference. For instance, he stated that changes in the law in Colorado — one of eight states to legalize the adult use of marijuana — had led to “some big problems.”

    Senator Jeff Sessions, now US Attorney General, has been historically critical of marijuana policy reforms, stating: “[M]arijuana is not the kind of thing that ought to be legalized. … [I]t’s in fact a very real danger.” He also opined, “Good people don’t smoke marijuana,” and previously endorsed legislation to execute marijuana traffickers.

    During his testimony before members of the Senate Judiciary Committee in January, Sessions indicated that as US Attorney General he may take a more aggressive approach than did the Obama administration with regard to states that have enacted recreational use laws.

    Commenting on Spicer’s comments, NORML Deputy Director Paul Armentano said: “The press secretary’s comments are hardly surprising and they are similar to comments made by the new US Attorney General Jeff Sessions during his vetting process when he made clear that any use of marijuana remains against federal law and that ‘it is not the Attorney General’s job to decide what laws to enforce.’

    “Ultimately, those who reside in jurisdictions that have legalized and regulated cannabis under state law will only truly be safe from the threat of federal prosecution when and if members of Congress elect to amend federal marijuana laws in a manner that comports with majority public opinion and the plant’s rapidly changing legal and cultural status. Certainly, Congressional passage of HR 975, ‘The Respect State Marijuana Laws Act,’ and/or re-authorization of the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer amendment would be steps in the right direction to protect patients and others in legal states from undue federal interference.

    “If federal politicians were truly listening to the will of the electorate, they would move forward to enact these federal changes, which are strongly in line with voters’ sentiments. According to national polling data released today, 71 percent of voters — including majorities of Democrats, Independents, and Republicans — say that they “oppose the government enforcing federal laws against marijuana in states that have already legalized medical or recreational marijuana.” In short, undermining voters’ wishes and state laws in this regard not only defies common sense, it is also bad politics — particularly for an administration that is defining itself as populist in nature.”

    Click here to email your member of Congress and urge them to support The Respect States’ Marijuana Laws Act.
    Click here to email your member of Congress to insist that they join the newly formed Cannabis Caucus.

    160 responses to “White House Press Secretary Hints Federal Marijuana Crackdown May Be Forthcoming”

    1. Martha Cook says:

      There are alot of seniors who use cannibus for pain, sleep, appatite, etc. They do not get medical marijuana cards so are considered recreational users. Doctors just don’t hand out cards to seniors with these problems because they are considered normal for seniors. Seniors also can’t afford the expense of the medical marijuana cards. They grow their own plants and don’t bother anyone.
      Please consider the people who need cannibus to get through the day without pain, sleep,mental and physical problems but don’t fit into the governments list of problems that qualify them for cards

      • Jeffersonian says:

        Last summer, the Justice Department announced it would stop contracting with the for-profit prison industry, whose facilities are more violent and less humane than government-run prisons. But Trump has spoken favorably of private prisons, and Sessions, who at the helm of the Justice Department would have the power to reverse its decision, has close ties to the industry and a history of supporting private prisons.

        Maybe that’s the conservative version of socialism. Lock everyone up, tell everyone how to eat, work, and live, because the pursuit of happiness and providing general welfare is a whole lot different when you’re in a prison cell for growing a weed.

      • Mark Mitcham says:

        Cannabis has been well established as a medicine. This is science, not politics; the pharmaceutical properties of cannabis are a matter of fact.

        That makes all cannabis use medical use. Upon ingestion, the cannabis is going to promote good health via its interaction with the user’s endo-cannabinoid system, regardless of whether they used it to treat chronic pain, or to get high, or to aid digestion, or to get back at their parents.

        It’s all medical.

      • Chuck says:


        I understand clearly what you are saying. How ever the amount one pays for recreational cannabis is far more costly and you would save more getting the medical card.

        I point this out because one I am a senior, two I have a medical card.

        I was buying recreational cannabis. With all the recreation restrictions I went to medical. I’m on limited income. Social Security.

        So why wouldn’t one want just a medical card. If your disabled on medicare then you pay a very reduced price. Twenty to the state and the rest is for your Dr. visit to get the card. That you have to shop around for because the price varies.

        I can buy any amount, strength as often as I want and there is no tax.

        Why would one want to purchase recreation especially on a fixed income?

        Don’t have a medical record? No problem there are Doctors that will see you to get you established.

        Don’t meet the state requirements to get a card? Then sadly you do not qualify to use cannabis.

        I have purchased both ways. Plus I smoked legally for years. As I still would if it were illegal. However I meet the medical requirements.

        Best Wishes

    2. Cat Cassie says:

      Well there you have it trumpetts! Happy?

      • Skankherder says:

        My thoughts exactly. At least he hasn’t built any gas chambers yet. Always next week……..Hopefully someone will push a bil to de classify this. These redneck people all talk like there are no official studies done on the effects of this plant and there are plenty…just not from the American government. Pitiful.

      • csaaphill says:

        hey dumb ass just because some voted for Trump doesn’t mean we support this crap.
        he had also said at one time he’d respect states rights so this is truly a turn coat thing he’s done.

        • Cat Cassie says:

          I’m sorry, I don’t mean to rub anybody’s nose in it but I’m so frustrated with everything going on in our country and now this! We’ve come such a long way to just see it end like this. It would be a travesty.

          • Evening Bud says:

            No Cassie, you have nothing to be sorry about. They deserve to have their noses rubbed in it.

            I posted a tart reply to Mr. C.S.A. AP Hill above, but apparently the editors deemed it best not to post it. After reading the article above, I am in no conciliatory mood, am not ready to forget and forgive people for their stupidity.

            Hey Trumpetistas, you like strong men? They make you feel safe? Welcome to the real world.

            • csaaphill says:

              Hey yeah as someone said before ever think Trump might just reschedule cannabis? If he does then you owe me an apology.
              I seen a vide the other night that might just be the truth over all this, and I surely hope so. But 60% or more support legalization and 48% of his voter base does so he’d be dumb to let sessions come in as Spicer said.
              He’s so far been a states rights President at least from what we’ve seen so maybe.

            • Evening Bud says:

              @ csaaphill,

              And if trump or his surrogates drop the hammer on Recreational, you owe me an apology.

          • Tagamet says:

            I think EVERYONE should take a deep breath and relax. Trump has been in there for a little over a month. It took Obama 8 years to run up all the damage he did. It is equally plausable that appointing Sessions, given his obvious bent, may well be his way of getting congress to get off their butts and legalize cannabis or at least reschedule it. Maybe it’s an effort to get the public to actually voice their desires to their reps….
            Basically, lets see how things play out before we panic (too late for some).
            Be well,

            • Mark Mitcham says:

              You are a poster-child for the maxim from the film American Beauty: “Never underestimate the power of denial.”

              Shhhhhh…. go back to sleep…. they’ll wake you up when it’s time for prison….

            • MSimon says:

              Mark Mitcham,

              Tagamet has a point. We now have a Cannabis Caucus in Congress. Led by a Republican who was at one time in the running to be Trump’s Secretary of State.

              I would not be so sure you understand how Trump plays the game. It is obvious from his statements in the 90s that Trump understands how Prohibition works.

              Here is something I wrote for a well trafficked right wing site. You will note that it got published.


              If only anti-Prohibitionists commented more at Breitbart. On most threads I’m the only one. To change minds you have to be respectful. So if you can’t make your arguments in a respectful way – don’t bother.

            • Mark Mitcham says:

              @ MSimon,

              You again? Okay.

              You are the willful ignorant. Nevertheless, I am going to explain it to you against your will.

              You are not in a position to be making demands of us on the left. You seem to think you’re negotiating from a position of strength, but you’re not. The jig is up on Trump and his legions of ass-wipes. He’s not fooling anyone anymore, and neither are you. People don’t give a fuck what you “deplorables” think. We’re done listening to your bullshit, and are not going to waste precious time trying to reason with you. We will spend that time working to defeat you.

              People are onto the Republican traitors.

              People understand that Trump is a fraud and a con-artist. And people understand that every single goddamn Republican that wipes Trump’s ass for him is a traitor as well, for collaborating with enemies both foreign and domestic.

              We know about the Russian meddling, we know about Trump’s involvement, we know about the cover-up. Trump is a thug, and he’s running a shakedown of America, but America is onto him.

              That’s why I wouldn’t waste a single second pandering to you and your kind. You don’t have anything we want or need, including integrity.

              You think the goal is to get Trump to change? Wrong! We don’t want Trump to change, we want him GONE!!

              We will not stop until that happens. Listen carefully: we aren’t going to negotiate with you fascists — we are going to defeat you.

            • Julian says:

              Why don’t you go to jail for possession, raise a child with epilepsy in a Republican state with the kind of bull$#!+ the Trump administration is pulling and then ask yourself to take a “deep breath and relax”?

              Post or publish on a domestic terror site like Britebart? Here’s an idea; why don’t you have your family terrorized by a hate crime fueled by Britebart propaganda then turn around and legitimize their crimes by publishing an article on their website? You’re such a douche.

          • Evening Bud says:


            I actually understand what you’re trying to say about playing nice. It’s better to have a unified front and all that.

            I ask where you were 5 or 6 years ago, when there were feeding frenzies by libertarians and GOPers on this very website attacking Obama and other Dems. I still recall vividly some of them MOCKING Nancy Pelosi after she came out in SUPPORT of LEGALIZATION. They called her a bitch, a hypocrite, opportunist, you name it.

            And many of those posters were the very same people who resisted recreational legalization in California in 2010. I know because I argued with them many times about that subject. They didn’t like they taxes, didn’t like the regulations, didn’t like that you could only grow 7 plants, etc etc etc. It was all bullshit. (And I still suspect several at least were black market growers.)

            My point is that through all their negativity, all their bitching about Obama and his jack-booted thugs and such, I never wavered in my support of legalization. Whether or not they played nice with Dems or Obama, I knew how I felt on the subject of legalization.

            So if you or other Liberts, Cons or whatever just can no longer support legalization because of others’ political views, well, maybe you really care about legalization far less than you do your own political agendas. I would love to hear your response.

        • Jeedi says:

          Now it is TIME TO TURN ON TRUMP if you were a supporter. Everyday go to the internet, post something to turn people away from this con man.

          • MSimon says:

            Turning on Trump is not going to influence his supporters.

            Turning on Sessions might work. I have done that.


            • Mark Mitcham says:

              @ MSimon,
              What do you mean, “turning on Trump is not going to influence his supporters?”

              You dumbfuck, it is the Trump supporters we’re talking about when we say “turning on Trump.” Trump supporters who voted for Trump, realized they had been fucked, and as a result, TURNED ON TRUMP! Now they are no longer Trump supporters. That’s what “turning on Trump” means.

            • Evening Bud says:


              You wrote that turning on Trump will not influence his supporters. You’re exactly right about that (I know, because I know a couple of Trump supporters). He even boasted that he could kill someone on 5th Ave, and they’d still vote for him. So tell me again why we’re supposed to play nice with them.

          • csaaphill says:

            For now until he turns as people are worrying I won’t as of yet, but you can rest assured if he bring his fricking tanks and DEA ATF or FBI in these states to shut down the recreational trade I for one since I’ve been the one to be the most outspoken on this at least on the local level for twenty years or more he’s a one time President, but if he’s smart and declassifies it or reschedules it as I’ve seen he might then I’ll still support him for States rights and such is why I voted for him to begin with and to keep Hillary off our second amendment.

        • Anonymous says:

          You’ve been a conservative Republican all your life and you haven’t learned not to believe a thing they say yet…
          Trump once said he could shoot somebody in the street and he wouldn’t lose any votes…
          Same is true for weed..
          ” I could lock up every Republican pot head out there.. Seize their house.. take away their kids.. shoot their dog.. They’d still vote for me “

          • Anonymous says:

            I feel the need for a disclaimer of my above post,, that’s not an actual quote, sorry, It’s a parody of his shoot somebody quote, I do think it’s accurate though.
            The point I would try to make is, its not enough to vote for marijuana in your state and then also vote for the party opposed to it. It’s like having your foot on the gas and brakes at the same time. Marijuana is a cultural issue, and the Republicans are basically where the Democrats were 40 years ago on the issue, ( in terms of support among the base and numbers of elected official who support it. Again thank you Dana Rohrabacher ) but then again he’s a classic example.. Rep Rohrabacher is as far as I can tell, hands down, the most pro weed member of the house, probably the senate too.. better even than Bernie..( both support legal weed but Dana actually admits to being a fellow traveler) Yet he’s also, again, far and away one of Trumps biggest supporters..
            That’s why he considered for Secretary of State, and I guarantee you the only thing that cost him the job was his weed advocacy.
            He’s a 15 term congressman,, he’s a conservatives conservative.. He can call up the White House and stop by anytime he wants,, Trump owes him big time.. Yet he’s not able to influence Trumps stance on weed, not in the slightest, what makes you think your going to..

            • MSimon says:

              Hillary was for Schedule 2. Big whoop.

              IMO she is in the pocket of Big Pharma and was going to do all she could (while maintaining your support – as Obama did) to delay, delay, delay.

              It is obvious that delay is what they are all doing. Rs and Ds alike.

              We are going to have to get a national politician or two in the next election to put the fear of god into the rest. “Mark Cantor” – two words that make Republican pols fearful.

              2018 is fast approaching. Have we identified any targets yet?

            • Mark Mitcham says:

              @ MSimon,
              Your obsession with Hillary is becoming truly disgusting. She was Secretary of State in a previous administration. So, like wow, dude. Strange obsession you have. Are you a stalker, or something? Is is some kind of personal fixation? Keep any posters of her around the house?

        • Mark Mitcham says:

          That’s honest of you to admit Trump betrayed you after you voted for him. Can I take that to mean that you no longer support Trump?

        • Rc says:

          I agree I voted for trump as well but am 100% against the Feds and good ole boy sessions interfering with states rights. I support marijuana legalization across the board.

          • Mark Mitcham says:

            Same question to you: it’s honest of you to admit that Trump betrayed you after you voted for him, but do you now renounce him?

            Or, are you going to keep voting for “R’s” like a beaten dog, and just keep crawling back for more abuse?

            • Anonymous says:

              Enough of your recriminations already. I (and everybody else) realize that you are a true blue Democrat. I’m proud of you! Way to stick up for a political party that has abandoned you JUST LIKE the Republicans… Only they ‘claim’to be against big money on politics, all while accepting the same…

              I was a Democrat like you not so long ago. I dropped out of said party in July as the extent to which Clinton had the DNC in her back pocket started to become clear.

              The fact that she had the audacity to run a campaign for the presidency of the united States in such as a dishonest fashion was the final straw for me, and led me to openly campaign and advocate for the unelectable green party candidates Jill Stein in western Pennsylvania.

              I don’t feel bad about it in the slightest, as, remember, if there’s one thing your boozer in chief HAD NOT ‘evolved’on it was marijuana prohibition.

            • MSimon says:

              Renounce him? That will not get him to change. What is needed is calibrated pressure.

              Something like – “I support you but your current policy on cannabis is not what I voted for. I voted for your ‘leave it to the States’ position.

            • Mark Mitcham says:

              @ Anonymous and MSimon,
              We on the polital left don’t need you deplorables, we’re not going to negotiate with Trump and his gang of asswipes, we’re going to defeat them. Because it’s not just the left now that opposes Trump, it’s every good citizen who loves America.

              Then you Trump supporters can all go crawl back into the sewers, or under the rocks, or wherever you came from.

        • Anonymous says:

          Yea no all you who chose poorly by voting for the Clown deserve any and all scorn for what you fools have cast upon us.

          • Anonymous says:

            Oh go get bent,
            The alternative would have had us living in mosques following shariah.
            We as a group need to provide the motivation for the elected representatives to do what we ask as a group.

            • Mark Mitcham says:

              You’re gonna like it in prison, all kinds of different races for you to interact with!

            • Evening Bud says:

              Yeah, you’re right. I understand that, even as we speak, there are Muslim armies in Canada and Mexico already poised for invasion of our glorious homeland.

              And the religious infiltration has already begun. Even now, churches all over America are subtly inuring their flocks to Muslim propaganda! Oh the humanity!! Please, Donald, save us!

    3. Donna says:

      The way I look at this now NORML is the ball is in your court. So many marches have taken place since this administration took office; when are those at NORML going to mobilize its supporter (off the couch)? My hope is that you do it well and soon now that you have the majority of the populous on your side or leaning towards it.
      It is one thing to vent your frustration on a blog but the sheer visualization of a fraction of those participants turns into a thousand man/woman march on Washington which inturn sends an entirely different message. Plus it disrupts their travel patterns which really pisses them off.

      Move it or loose it NORML. This is a much different animal you are dealing with now – much.

      • Julian says:

        While you, Donna, fail to evolve and remain the same tired, subdued creature working to distract the obvious goal of this website, which is not primarily to march so much as CONTACT OUR STATE AND LOCAL LEGISLATORS!!!

        “Get off the couch?” For fuck’s sake, WHO do you think you’re talking to on this blog? WHO do you believe you are helping with those tired stereotypes? Either click on the Act! Tab or get off this website you wicked old troll.

        The ball is in OUR court.

        • Julian says:

          Let me be clear; as someone who has participated in several marches to “free the weed for those in need,” there exists a time and place, in cooperation with law enforcement, and citizen lobbying, to march and protest. During the last few years with the hands off approach to legalization from the Obama administration’s Cole memos citizen lobbying was full priority. But with the rising police state under Drumphurer and no concessions-Sessions, protesting is under attack in the same language of J Edgar Hoover:

          So we are back to the need to protest, it seems, but it must be encouraged in conjunction with citizen lobbying for specific bills such asHR975… or naming specific laws we must prevent, such as these Communist state laws cited in the link above.
          Whatever we do, lets not assume any of us in the marijuana legalization movement are just sitting on “the couch.” Lets just take leadership, do our research, citizen lobby and direct our people to the front of the bus, not under it.

    4. Anonymous says:

      Four more years,, Four more years, we only have to hold out,,,, Four more years.
      This might be a good opportunity to go for a Federal medical law though..
      By 4/20/20 we could see Recreational in all blue states,, medical in all 50.. and even some level decrim in even the reddest states..
      Meanwhile prepare for DEA raids similar to the recent immigration crackdown in the Recreational states.. But this too shall pass,, Four more years….

      • csaaphill says:

        Fuck you really think that’s going to happen Come on don’t be Naïve organize and stop Sessions at the Border stand with business already going when they get a cease and desist letter From Sessions.
        Don’t be naïve and sit back on this meet it head on.

      • MSimon says:

        I for one was totally impressed by what Obama did for the movement. /sarc

        I expected Hillary to continue in that vein. /not sarc

        • Negative Nancy says:

          If it’s not too personal a question, is your obsession with Hillary sexual in nature?

        • Anonymous says:

          Obama, curtailed asset forfeiture/
          Trump, encourages asset forfeiture/
          Obama, Let state experiment with legalization/
          Trump, you’ll see greater enforcement/
          Obama, discourage private prisons/
          Trump, encourage private prisons/
          Obama, no more militarized police/
          Trump, more militarized police/
          Obama, no more dangerous than alcohol/
          Trump, compares marijuana to opiods/
          If your not impressed, you are on the other side.

    5. Allison says:

      I haven’t heard one single concrete opinion of marijuana from any White House cabinet member. I want to know exactly what they think about it. If someone is opposing marijuana, I want to know they’re reasoning behind their opinion and if they’ve had the proper education. But, at the same time, a decision like legalizing marijuana on the federal level is not up to one single person. I believe that if our voices are loud enough, the White House and each state are thoroughly educated, there should be no problem with marijuana being completely legal in the future. Many governors and senators that have previously opposed marijuana legalization, received the proper education, and changed Thier minds. I have a lot of hope for marijuana in the future.

      • Anonymous says:

        Are you deaf,, what do they have to do.. kick in your door in the middle of the night and shoot your dog..
        Sessions ” good people don’t smoke marijuana”
        “Marijuana is not the kind of thing that ought to be legalized. … It’s in fact a very real danger.”
        Trump (to sheriffs re asset forfeiture) ” your encouraged,, want me to destroy a senator ”
        Spicer “I do believe you will see greater enforcement” of anti-marijuana laws from the Department of Justice.”
        Get the picture

    6. Jeedi says:

      Putin would be proud! A crackdown on a business infrastructure seems ridiculous from a so-called business man, but then all you have to do is research Russia’s stance of marijuana legalization. Russia (killer Putin) is AGAINST legalization of “recreational drugs.” In fact, Putin wants to extend this view internationally in the face of countries legalizing marijuana. Look into it, and you begin to see the puzzle coming together. It seems odd that Trump is turning on legal marijuana, unless you consider Russia and all the weird ties to the administration.

      Personally, I think Russia is blackmailing, Trump and some of his people, with very compromising stuff to get their way on things.

    7. Mike says:

      Should Sessions step up to the plate and outlaw alcohol and nicotine as they kill many more folks per year and is devastating to our health system, I have not seen any studies on deaths attributed to cannabis use but can only imagine that it is negligible.
      I don’t think he has the balls to do something that groud breaking and all of the folks that are in the alcohol and tobacco industry are friends with all of these politicians

    8. Craig M says:

      Can’t the marijuana lobbyists just constantly tell Trump how wonderful and amazing he is to keep him happy and feed his ego. It seems the only way to get this guy on your side is to tell him he’s the greatest, every chance you get.

      (I do not support or like Trump in any way whatsoever,I just think the best route is to use his insanity to our favor)

    9. Anonymous says:

      The Justice Department will once again use private prisons to house federal inmates, reversing an Obama-era directive to stop using the facilities.

      In a one-paragraph memo, Attorney General Jeff Sessions rescinded the previous directive to the Bureau of Prisons.

      “The memorandum changed long-standing policy and practice, and impaired the Bureau’s ability to meet the future needs of the federal correctional system,” Sessions wrote. “Therefore, I direct the Bureau to return to its previous approach.”
      David C. Fathi, director of the American Civil Liberties Union’s National Prison Project, said “the United States may be headed for a new federal prison boom.” If Sessions believes the Bureau of Prisons could not meet its needs without using for-profit facilities, he said, “you’ve got to wonder what they’ve got up their sleeve.”

      Let’s see, Asset forfeiture, check.
      For Profit Prisons, check
      Re militarize Police, check
      Just come out and say it. “I do believe you will see greater enforcement” of anti-marijuana laws from the Department of Justice.
      “Good people don’t smoke marijuana,”

      Maybe it’s because I’m not high right now, but I think I see where the Administration is going with this…

      Oh yeah, and don’t forget,, Obama laughed at you..




      • Julian says:

        On point. Sessions and Trump
        are all about the for-profit prison ca$# and a$$et forfeiture$. It’s an oppressive force of evil. Racism is always about the acquisition of poor people’s property.
        Trump supporters allowed their egos to get inflated with baseless fear and predatory hatred. Now can they be grown men and women and accept that they were wrong?

    10. csaaphill says:

      He then added, But “there’s a big difference between that and recreational marijuana. I think that when you see something like the opioid addiction crisis blossoming in so many states around this country, the last thing we should be doing is encouraging people.”
      Fucking Liar!!!!! use of opioids have nothing to do with marijuana being legal or not fuck that.

      • Julian says:

        A profound lie indeed considering all the evidence that opioid addiction and related suicides are reducing in states that have legalized medical and recreational marijuana. Sessions, Trump and Spicer better have their scuba gear on because the bull$#!+ is DEEP.
        What the GOP is betting on is their propaganda machine will prevail in states like West Virginia where the opioid epidemic and lack of education is so bad people can’t see the weed from the pills or the whiskey… especially once behind bars and their votes are supressed.

        At least we are making progress with some state Republican law makers. Not everyone in the GOP has sold their soul; just most of them.

        When we think of how many US soldiers commit suicide per day from PTS and opiate addiction and these soulless, unAmerican predators like Trump, Sessions, McConnell, Grassley and Ryan want to make access to the safest treatment even more difficult? What is it going to take to wake Americans up and make Congress represent our interests in our national security which is not to fabricate a drug war but to legalize marijuana? NOW?!
        Democrats have an excellent opportunity here if they elect the right chair of the DNC on Saturday. Im not sure all the voter supression and gerrymandering in the world can save the GOP from this treason, but with the Crosscheck program expanding under Sessions, were pretty much a Despotic totalitarian-nationalist regime until the GOP Koch-cocks are flushed out of the Presidency, Federal courts and Congress.
        But people eating propaganda from cable “news” or Facebook instead of website libraries like this, the NYTimes or the Washington Post? Or just being lazy and not calling their state and federal Congressman or even voting? That’s the main reason we’re in this nightmare. Please, for the love of the right to persue liberty and happiness, click on the green Act tab, go visit our Congressman and MAKE them represent us!!

        • MSimon says:

          Voter suppression? You might want to look at the Detroit recount.

          AG Sessions said he will follow the law.

          Now about getting the Federal laws changed…..

          • Mark Mitcham says:

            Racist liar.

          • Julian says:

            Your willful ignorance is revealing your saprophytic agenda. You know that voter suppression through the Crosscheck program stole this election just like it did for Bush in 2000;


            Just like you’ve seen this link I’ve put up repeatedly from investigative journalist Greg Palast that provides direct evidence of Democratic voter suppression of anyone with last names like Johnson, Wong or Martinez who vote %90 Democratic. These are last names who %90 of the time don’t fall for the false equivalency that Clinton was somehow worse than the Drumphurer-von-douchebag and who would have kept Trump and Sessions out of office.

            Are you going to keep denying the truth? Or do I have to disinfect your bull$#!+ every time you post on this blog?

          • Anonymous says:

            And how does one get the Federal Laws changed, you can,, (A) vote for the party that supports your position, (B) vote for the party that DOES NOT support your position.

            Or you can work to change the minds of the party that does not support your position.
            Let’s see it took the Democrats, oh about 50 years,,, Republicans, well gives you something to look forward to. Lets party like it’s 2067.