Federal Legislation Introduced To Exclude Cannabis From The Controlled Substances Act

  • by Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director February 28, 2017

    take_actionRepresentatives Tom Garrett (R-VA) and Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) have introduced bipartisan legislation in Congress to exclude marijuana from the federal Controlled Substances Act, thus providing states with the exclusive authority to regulate the plant how best they see fit.

    The “Ending Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2017” removes the cannabis plant from the CSA so that it is no longer scheduled under federal law. This legislation gives states the power and flexibility to establish their own marijuana policies free from federal interference.

    Individual states are “more than capable” of deciding their own cannabis policies, Rep. Garrett explained in a prepared statement.

    According to polling data released last week by Quinnipiac University, 59 percent of Americans endorse legalizing the adult use of marijuana, and 71 percent of voters — including majorities of Democrats, Independents, and Republicans, believe that state governments, not the federal government, should be the ultimate arbiters of marijuana policy.

    With the recent confirmation of militant marijuana prohibitionist Jeff Sessions to the position of US Attorney General, and with comments from the Trump administration warning of a coming federal crackdown in adult use states, our best defense is a strong offense.

    Please take time today to contact your federal elected officials and urge them to act on passage of the “Ending Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2017.” You can do so by clicking here.

    Speaking earlier today before the National Association of Attorney Generals, Session’s doubled-down on his reefer rhetoricdenying scientific facts that legalizing cannabis access is associated with lower rates of opioid abuse (“Give me a break,” he responded) and urging state AGs, “[W]e don’t need to be legalizing marijuana.”

    If the Justice Department won’t listen to reason, then we must take this issue out of its hands. Act now to pass the “Ending Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2017” to ensure that medical marijuana patients and others are protected from undue federal interference.

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    1. Dick723 says:

      Prez Trump stated a few times during his campaign and after he was the prez elect. Medical MJ should be legal nation wide and rec mj should be up to the states. sessions better get in line or get gone

      • Mark Mitcham says:

        Sessions IS in line. Both Trump and Sessions are against drug legalization, including marijuana. Both have declared War on us.

        You’ve been Trump-fucked, my dear friend. Time to open your eyes. Trump is your enemy, not your friend. Trump is against marijuana legalization, despite his campaign lies.

        Do you still believe a word Trump says? Don’t be a fool.

        • MSimon says:

          Trump continues to support Medical. More than any other President has done.

          Ideal? No. But a start.

          • Fact-check says:

            President Obama forwarded the Cole memos to keep the DOJ off state legalization, without which we would not have state marijuana legalization.

            Trump nominated Sessions.

            Surely, you must realize youre not fooling anyone on this webpage?

    2. T S says:

      Please PASS THIS BILL!!!

    3. Matt says:

      Hi all…and NORML, thanks for posting my earlier link. I am still going to respond to this NORML post, but I just found something that has once again brought me fear…I don’t know if anyone else saw this, but there is also another article on Yahoo.com right now….this is most disturbing….


      We MUST be vigilant…..very scary

    4. Matt says:

      Glad we have their support! I hope the DEFY Sessions and Trump and any crackdown! I hope they REFUSE to help Sessions. I know they cannot stop the DEA, but it will frustrate Sessions resource capabilities if they do! Sessions should know he is going to look like an IDIOT if he cracksdown, why would he want to, it is only going to HURT the image not only of the DOJ but of Trump as well! That is a FACT.


      I hope the governors at least manage to delay a crackdown and stand in defiance of Sessions and his total stupidity. This time a more positive article.

      • Matt says:

        oh crap….maybe I should have read the NORML post first, lol, it clearly states at the end my earlier article post about Session’s comments. My apologies, but I still hope my article on it is helpful, lol. Oops. That statement though, about we dont’t need to legalize, is quite frankly, the most dire. It may mean his mind is made up about a crackdown. This is bad, but we can resist. The sad thing though is how much damage he could do to what would be a thriving market, and already is. It’s just sad….however, know this. He will never completely defeat us or the cause of legalization. Everytime they crackdown, we only grow STRONGER. To avoid going crazy on posting, I am now going to take this time to respond to this article….this Act is EXACTLY what we need, another powerful solution to this problem of stopping Federal interferance. The CSA is SO outdated, and the 1937 prohibition this year is 80 years old. It is time for change, hats off and thanks to Reps. Garrett and Gabbard, but we MUST remember, Sessions could move quickly because he knows about this…we need to get these acts passed FAST. We don’t have months to wait. Legislators need to move QUICKLY. Write your legsislators, call them, attend NORML chapters and town halls. We must move fast. The fact that Sessions is talking so much about marijuana legalization is very worrisome, he seems to be very focused on it, and this is not good.

        • Matt says:

          Click that link and act now. Because they could roll out the proverbial tanks any day, tommorow, this week, or any hour. We must act fast and we must push back. We might take some damage along the way, but we can keep legalization alive including at least some retail (I was doing some thinking earlier today…realized that in three states that have legalized, Nevada, Mass, and Maine….yep, Republican governors. Not good). This is the time to prepare for WAR. Because I, in deep pain, in tears, in desperation, very much think it is coming. But stand strong, brothers and sisters, stay vigilant, every single day now we need to be watching. Because it could start on any day now. Any hour. Thank you, and let us stand together. I will be back on later to respond and also to check any new news and updates.

          • Anonymous says:

            Proverbial tanks,, I see an M1 Abrams coming through the wall.. Hell of a photo op..

          • MSimon says:

            The Republican Governors in legal States plan to oppose Sessions.

            Republicans are no longer monolithic on the issue.

            We should endeavor to attract more of them. I’m doing my part. I write for them.


            • Negative Nancy says:

              It seems you are persuading neither Republicans nor Democrats to your cause.

              You seem to be a Trump social-media operative who thinks progressives are going to start sucking up to Trump, simply because YOU say he supports legalized marijuana — which, of course, is a lie.

              But progressives are not going to do that, if for no other reason than Trump (and you) have no credibility whatsoever among the political left, and so there’s simply no reason to waste time attempting to cut a deal that would be meaningless from the start.

              We owe them nothing, and that’s exactly what they will get from us by way of concession.

              The Trump supporters voluntarily yield nothing, ever, to anyone or anything. Given the opportunity for political dialogue and exchange, they are completely intransigent, and fully deceptive; thus it’s pointless to “play nice” with them. Ever.

              What a lost cause you represent.

              How sad.

    5. Matt says:

      One last post for now, folks. Just read in a Monday article when Sessions was talking about violence…he apparently said the J.Dept would try and adopt “responsible” policies when ENFORCING anti-marijuana laws. Does this mean it is official, he WILL crackdown?

      • Mark Mitcham says:

        Sessions could go the administrative route, firing off warning letters to initiate the crackdown, but DEA raids are surely going to be unannounced, if they happen. Personally, I’m expecting simultaneous DEA raids in all legal states. But I sincerely hope I’m mistaken, and I hope that WE THE PEOPLE will be able to prevent this from happening via political action.

        Click on the green “ACT” Tab, Good People!

        • Matt says:

          Thank you, Mark. I have wondered if Sessions would START administrately (sp.) benignly…with letters. Here is the thing: the governors and their state officials will REFUSE to comply.

          Now comes the HORROR……….Sessions sends in the DEA troops.

          There is NOTHING we can do against the DEA. Though many soldiers may, quite possibly, be assualted by pissed-off store owners, some of whom, make their liveliehood doing this. Many former felons will be arrested…..

          Here is what will happen once retail is GONE.

          All of US stoners will go underground and continue to sell weed and continue to enjoy it.

          Here is our nemesis…..NOW….Jeff Sessions will ORDER the governor “repeal that law and change it back, I don’t care if you want to fine marijuana users, but get this DANGEROUS drug off our streets.” It will be just like it was BEFORE 2012, but this time, the cops will have ALOT more stoners, and and underground culture, to deal with. Thank you again, Mark. This forum may serve as a place even when we disagree, but there is no need to attack others, everyone. Everyone has a voice. Let’s keep it peaceful. PLEASE. Thank you. M

          • Matt says:

            lol, hey Mark, when I said “disagree” I meant others, NOT you. I appreciate your support. Let’s make weed legalization happen, TOGETHER. So a woman can enjoy….at an art show, museum, by the pool, even in school. Activist rally, whatever. Every day I wake up it is interrupted with PAIN the moment I think about Jeff Sessions and the coming attacks, the rape and the abuse. Thank you, NORML. M

          • MSimon says:

            Sessions can not make States enforce Federal law.

            It is how Alcohol Prohibition ended. States stopped making alcohol illegal.

            A good article on the subject:


    6. John says:

      This is the most logical bill I’ve seen by far. States’
      Rights with no controlled substance issues. Spread the word. This is the one to get behind!

      • Mark Mitcham says:

        @ John,
        Right! And please don’t forget to click on the green “act” tab, send an email to your representatives, or they’ll never hear you!

    7. Ruben Jesus Hernandez says:

      CBD and THC are Neuroprotective Antioxidants

      The world is overwhelmed by neurotoxins like fluoride, alcohol, mercury and aluminium in vaccines and aspartame.

      People need the neuroprotective cannabinoids of cannabis now more than ever !

      People must be free to grow cannabis with no restrictions or license like any other plant.

      It’s time for people to stop being afraid of plants.

      De-Schedule cannabis immediately!

      Cannabis and Neurogenesis

    8. John Masterson says:

      hey smoke on this:

      recreation is therapeutic!


      • Mark Mitcham says:

        Good one.

        I think part of the problem is the way we think about medical issues as a society — as a question of disease or not, and if so, which ones.

        But the truth is, health is really about Wellness, not sickness. Wellness is the preferred option, as opposed to simply dealing with critical illness after it happens. I suppose I’m talking about Prevention, and this includes Prevention; but it’s even broader than that: Wellness.

        Even now, intelligent people of good faith are skeptical of the “medical use” of cannabis — “You just want to get high,” they will say. Or, “I don’t think you’re really sick.”

        But they are missing the fact that Wellness is the best choice. Not being critically ill is wonderful, no argument there; but that is not a reasonable threshold for cannabis use, which promotes Wellness.

    9. FreedomAndLiberty says:

      To Norml
      It’s to take serious action to run off the childish trolls or even agency trolls. It’s time Alphas take over and move serious legislation to end prohibition on marijuana especially medical marijuana. Please take the time to filter the trolls from comments. We don’t need to slander our government. We don’t need to slander the DOJ. We have no business slandering Jeff Sessions. We need people to grow up. Take charge. Not fuss whine and moan. We need to bring real concerns to the President, real concerns and agendas to our politicians. No one will listen nor take action with a bunch of bitchy childish behaviors. Please Norml. I’m tired of the fake meds with all their dangerous side effects. If we allow Federal marijuana laws to continue no one will have anything close to help them deal with illnesses. If DOJ has its way the only thing you will have left is booze to numb the mind, turn towards violent mood swings…and early deaths. But we must not slander our government we must find solutions and push our politicians to remove this matter from the DOJ’s hands. We must act like Alphas and bring real common sense back. If we allow the directions the DOJ wants to take we will become a lost hopeless prideless nation. Everyone needs to get on board and contact your politicians daily. Behave speak clearly with common sense. Bring real solutions.

      • Four More Years says:

        So if I read you correctly we should stop fighting back and go back to begging…

      • Julian says:

        Ok Freedom&Liberty, we can all agree on contacting our legislators daily to legalize and deschedule marijuana, (and replacing the prescription meds with marijuana might not be a bad idea either)… but there’s this pesky little thing called the First Amendment that allows us to post different opinions on this webpage and maybe… just perhaps… educate a troll with better questions than the supressive fear of “slandering” a government that lies to us and supresses our votes with Crosscheck programs, false threats, misinformation and rhetoric riddles of ignorance.
        Its ok for us to accept when we are wrong. And when we are President or USAG? Accepting and understanding the facts of science BEFORE saying “maybe science will prove me wrong” is prerequisite to a functional Democratic Republic, or those things we value and call “freedom and liberty” will cease to exist.
        And if the USAG or the President attack and muzzle truth and science? Then its ok to say they are the organized crime that menaces our society. Accepting anything less from our elected leaders, especially Congress, than making laws that reflect our best known peer-reviewed science is not “slander” much less being “Alpha,” buddy; failing to call out their lies is called being the Omega bitc# in a cabinet full of treasonous gangsters. So cite your studies when you write your Congressman. Or next thing you know you’ll be fetching Trump’s shine box like @$$-ki$$ing Chri$-Chri$tie. (Now THAT was slander, for good reference. 😉 )

      • Anonymous says:

        Mr. President,, Is that you… this isn’t twitter..
        By the way,, the Arkansas Bill to Ban smoking of Medical Marijuana at any location in the state and also bans edibles just cleared committee and now goes for a full vote in the Legislature.. Where the Republicans hold a 75% majority. Wadda ya think a that,,
        Tell the First Lady I said hello next time you run into her at a public appearance,, or even if you see her before then…

      • Negative Nancy says:

        You certainly bark orders a lot for someone with a name like “FreedomAndLiberty.” But I don’t recognize your authority to tell me what to do.

        Jeff Sessions is a delusional bigot, and is apparently incapable of learning new information.

        Trump is a bigot, a sociopath, a sicko, a fraud, a con artist, and a sad, sad, pathetic loser. The Republicans who protect these criminals are traitors.

        We already have the solution. It’s not complicated, it’s simply “Legalize it.” That has always been the solution. But it is entirely the Republicans who are standing in the way now.

        So keep your lectures to yourself. If you must lecture somebody, lecture the Republicans.

    10. JoeForIt says:

      Congress will PASS the END of Marijuana prohibition !!! FACT

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