This 4/20, Demand To End Prohibition, Again.

  • by Justin Strekal, NORML Political Director April 17, 2017

    image420actionIt’s that time of the year again. Long recognized as the national marijuana holiday, April 20th presents us with an opportunity to make our voices heard: 

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    When Jeff Sessions was nominated Attorney General, NORML worked with all of you to send out a “Thunderclap,” a powerful social media tool that enabled us to reach more than 2 million people with our #JustSayNoToSessions campaign. While we were unable to stop Sessions from being confirmed, he did hear the message loud and clear. Just last week, he said:

    “When they nominated me for Attorney General, you would have thought the biggest issue in America was when I said, ‘I don’t think America’s going to be a better place if they sell marijuana at every corner grocery store, (People) didn’t like that; I’m surprised they didn’t like that.

    Now, with the establishment of the Cannabis Caucus and the introduction of the Ending Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2017, we must make every member of Congress feel the same pressure.

    NORML has been in this fight for over 47 years because we believe that responsible adults who choose to consume marijuana should not be be persecuted or stigmatized. Despite our recent victories, the forces of the prohibition-industrial complex remain strong and the government’s marijuana misinformation campaign that has spanned from Reefer Madness to D.A.R.E. is still deeply entrenched. However, just as we have for decades, we will fight on and not be deterred.

    We must continue to educate our legislators and neighbors alike. That is why on this 4/20 we are calling upon Americans to contact their members of Congress and say “Enough is Enough” to marijuana prohibition. 

    30 responses to “This 4/20, Demand To End Prohibition, Again.”

    1. Freedom&Liberty says:

      We must come together. To end marijuana prohibition. Throw out your nonsense hate and nation dividing. So what we have a president name Trump get over it. We have to come together or continue with your hate and nation dividing …Get off your hate of Trump and Trump supporters. This isn’t about that it’s about coming together and ending marijuana prohibition.

    2. Freedom&Liberty says:

      End marijuana prohibition. Unite the nation. End your hate and nation dividing. End marijuana prohibition.

      • Mark Mitcham says:

        @ Freedomandliberty,
        Never,ever,ever accept Trump as anything but the scumbag he truly is.

      • Julian says:

        Put yer Big Boy pants on READ, moron! Trump appointed Jeff Sessions to DOJ, Tom Marino to Drug Czar and Chris Christi to a “special Presidential Commission on opiates” …Three of the most high profile prohibitionist “dividers” in the known universe. You aint foolin nobody here. You just read out as reaaaaally uneducated by average competant standards.

    3. Jimmy Two Shoes says:

      4:20 and no events in Nashville, TN? What is happening towards the movement? Duck and cover? Firing one up for you Sessions.

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