Marijuana is NORML: 45% of Americans Have Tried Cannabis

  • by NORML July 21, 2017

    According to recently released polling data from Gallup, nearly half of all Americans have tried marijuana at one point in their lives, an all time high since they began asking the question in 1969 when only 4% of Americans admitted to having tried the substance.


    Additionally, 12% of survey respondents said they currently consume marijuana.


    Gallup concludes:

    “With 29 U.S. states allowing medical marijuana use, and eight allowing recreational use, legal cannabis is taking hold in American society.

    There may be obstacles to marijuana becoming fully “accepted” in the United States. Attorney General Sessions appears to be cracking down on marijuana use, and driving under the influence of pot continues to be a concern for many.

    Despite legal hurdles, however, a record-high percentage of Americans say they have tried marijuana.
    Smoking pot is still not as prevalent as cigarette smoking in the U.S., at 17%, but current marijuana usage is about as high as it has been.

    If more states legalize the drug, regular usage — or at least experimenting with marijuana — could rise. Legality may confer a certain societal acceptance of the drug. Sessions’ hopes to prosecute state-level marijuana crimes may prove to be a hindrance, but it is unlikely this multibillion-dollar industry will be stopped anytime soon.”

    Read the full survey results here.

    27 responses to “Marijuana is NORML: 45% of Americans Have Tried Cannabis”

    1. dave says:

      The numbers should be more than those documented, because it doesn’t include my personal usage… which would push the charts up even higher, we need more studies.

    2. Mark Mitcham says:

      We are going to legalize it. And, we are going to do it without that ass-clown Trump. It’s time for America to go ahead and flush Trump and his turd-pile of an administration down the toilet.

    3. Matt says:

      How…..is he “cracking down?” Well let us hope he does not, and they are dam right ths industry is NOT going to be stopped. They could raid EVERY SHOP and we STILL will not be stopped. As I have said before and will say yet AGAIN, the black market would be HUGE. There would be protests. There will be speakeasy shops. There will be people OPENLY defying the law, probably RIGHT IN FRONT of the DEA agents, toking up. They will NEVER stop us. In the words of Churchill, we will NEVER surrender. Legalization cannot be stopped.

      I….oooooo….this one makes my blood boil because I have so much to say on this subject…..I am DEF. coming back to add to this, though I will not flood the board…BUT I see no major crackdown by Sessions. Gallup overdid it on this one, and it is irritating. Don’t give the old man any ideas!

      Sessions is DISTRACTED right now. Granted he has a report from the states DEADLINE I think THIS MONDAY or next week, if I remember correctly. He wants a report on marijuana from the legal states, something about safety procedures I think…plus his Cole review….forfiteure move…but, crackdown? Gallup, don’t scare us like that!

      Sessions is DISTRACTED right now, and we need to KEEP IT THAT WAY.

      CHECK OUT THIS BREAKING NEWS THAT JUST CAME IN TODAY!: Less than half and hour ago! Hahahaha…..what now, Mr. Sessions?

      It was on CNN and even Fox News just moments ago!

      No, Gallup. NO crackdown can stop us now. No crackdown can stop…..

      the FUTURE.

      Link on Sessions news alert:


      • Matt says:

        In a pending post I said this is Prohibition II. After reading todays The Hill report on the July 27 Sessions task force report forthcoming, I daresay Jeff Sessions is Harry Anslinger II.

        While only a recommendation, and while it remains to be seen how Congress will react, this is a disaster. I know we all knew it was coming, but next week is going to be a very, very tense time for all of us, for legalization.

        He has been quiet for all these months now, and I think I know his plan, seize assets rather than use agents to shut down shops, convince Congress to get tough on weed, attack users by urging or ordering prosecutors to impose tougher sentences including on medical users, and also re-establish sentences for users and eliminate decrim., and order governors to repeal the legalization laws, LePage and Baker, possibly Sandoval and Alaska’s gov. will quite possibly comply.

        The war intensifies next week. I hope the folks here at NORML can update us activist as soon as possible starting next week as to July 27 and what looks like the start of his crackdown. I had a feeling August was zero month for us…

        If there was EVER a time to prepare to stand and defend legalization, to fight, now is it. Jeff Beaureguard Sessions is about to attack.

        Hold fast, everyone, we must stand together and resist, we know we have already one. Now, we need to go not only on the offensive, but defend the states who have legalized, the patients who need this medicine so desperately as well. Jeff Sessions is Harry Anslinger reencarn….just with a smiling and a devious messages of the same lies perhaps as those in 1937. Next week, the real war begins. Stand together, stand for the enlightened future we have worked so hard to build. Please update us next week, NORML. Thank you.

    4. Matt says:

      MSNBC video link. It is STILL on CNN, FOX, and MSNBC right now, and I tried to download the CNN video but this laptop is old (my grandfather’s, lol, working on a new one for myself). But there will no doubt be more and more news stories on this one in the comiing hours. I will leave it here for now, as I do not want to flood the board, bad habit of mine lately, but I will reply if I get any replies on here 🙂 Again, this is just ONE link. This could be BIG news about Jeff Sessions.

      Maybe I did NOT speak too soon after all. Maybe….he WILL resign or be removed. Apparently this is huge news.

      Trump administration……man…just TOTAL chaos…and the sad thing is, we the American People, capital “P,” and the international community, esp. those most in need, are the ones who are suffering.

      But blessed be legalization. This country needs to chill out so badly, legalization could bring so many benefits and relief amongst this chaos it is not even funny. I don’t know if Sessions is going to resign or not after this new blow, but we must keep moving forward. Have a safe weekend, everyone. Stand up. Don’t be afraid. The future is OURS to make.

      MSNBC link on new Sessions news. More likely to follow over the weekend.


    5. saferinneworleans says:

      This is good news. As availability increases the percentages will rise but many of those new users will be stepping off harder, more dangerous drugs: particularly alcohol and opiates. We will see societal benefits as a result. I nominate Willie Nelson to go and accept the official government apology for a long and terrible war.

      • Matt says:


        This is indeed a war……the agents from the past are back….just without the pinstripe suits and William Parcher hats (A Beautiful Mind, watched last night and playing the car chase music now).

        This is Prohibtion II, everyone. The seizing of assests has yet to begin, but watchout for those two seedy agents in suits and hats, the shadowy figures showing up at your storefront door. It’s the 20’s and 30’s all over again.

        This is Prohibition II. We have a lead on them this time however. And we must stand up to them, because this fight is really just beginning.

        • Matt says:

          Another lonely Saturday sitting alone at the alcohol bar, a lively place in my hometown here in Toledo. You know….when a woman approaches you and strikes up a conversation, only to say, as some of her final words….I don’t think you will be seeing me ever again, but nice talking to you.

          Playing the music again….A Beautiful Mind….I might be the most serious person at these Ohio bars, people constantly coming up to me when I am clearly sitting by myself….thinking about legalization even then, and the future. One thing to remember with our cause is endurance. We must endure the pain and the setbacks. See you all on Monday. Almost 4 A.M. now. But legalization is in my heart 24/7. The only thing that helps kill the pain that so many have been through.

          Hope I see her again someday.

          See you all Monday in the comments.


      • Mark Mitcham says:

        With full respect for Willie Nelson, the person accepting the apology should be black. Let Ice Cube do it.

        • saferinneworleans says:

          Interesting point, Matt. However it will be harder for the Man to apologize to Ice Cube since he is so controversial, having scored the greatest hit against bad policing, probably ever. Cops love Willie. I am trying to be diplomatic in my nomination. Anyway the nominees for accepting the official apology for the drug war are:

          Ice Cube
          Willie Nelson

          Anyone else? What about Keith Stroup?

    6. Julian says:

      Most cannabis plants in America are cultivated and consumed by Americans. And yet despite every effort to destroy feral hemp, ditchweed and wild cannabis, river valleys from Kansas to Missouri and Kentucky still have wild weed growing tall.
      After decades of the DEA’s Marijuana Eradication Program, 80 years of prohibition and lucrative lumber patents like those owned by the Koch brothers under Georgia-Pacific that would lose value under a flourishing domestic hemp industry, feral hemp still grows across America, remnants of the Hemp for Victory campaign to grow hemp across America to make rope for the navy and tents for the army during WWII. According to Votehemp, 31 states have legalized hemp. Fifteen states had hemp pilot programs or research in 2016: Colorado, Hawaii, Kentucky, Indiana, Maine, Minnesota, Nebraska, Nevada, New York, North Dakota, Oregon, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia and West Virginia.

      Despite every effort by our government to destroy our heritage through special interest of competing synthetics, lumber from pine trees to petrochemicals wild American hemp has survived prohibition. In the words of Dr. Michael Pollan, “Cannabis used our brains and feet to reproduce itself.” Then when powerful interests tried to eradicate it feral hemp took root hidden in the creekbeds and riverbanks across America. Now its back to produce carbon-trapping construction materials, medicine, sustainable renewable fuels… and possibly save the planet from ourselves to save itself.

    7. Julian says:

      Texans take action:


      We need to put pressure on our reps during this special session to pass Rep. Lucio’s HB85, (virtually the same mmj bill as HB2107).
      Texas failed to pass a budget for our state medical programs, and Governor Abbott has this priority for the special session. Medical marijuana when well regulated will save the state millions in expenses and bring millions more in revenue. If thats not relevant or “germain” to a medical spending bill, Governor Abbott, than nothing is.

    8. phrtao says:

      Jeff sessions has more to worry about than marijuana smokers at the moment. What a lying crook he has turned out to be but we all knew he was anyway. It now seems he lied to get his current job – so his chances of keeping it look very slim. Trump also has more on his mind at the moment so it is a good time for new legalisation to quietly get established in places like California and Nevada. The government is extremely unlikely to even mention the subject so people can make up their own minds on the benefits or dangers of cannabis.

    9. Matt says:

      Like I said in previous posts which have yet to be posted….Sessions is distracted right now, and I see no major crackdown so Gallup might have overshot it on that point. I do however worry that Sessions may try a new approach such as seizing assests or dragging the states into court, since he knows DEA raids, while still possible, would take a very, very long time to shut all shops down, which would only increase the black market.

      I had two posts yesterday on this but they have not yet posted, including a video link. You are right, phrtao, it is very good that he is distracted right now, we need to keep it that way. Remember, DEA raids are not the only weapon he can use to try and shut legalization down. He also wants a report from the states on marijuana I believe on Monday or next week some time. That is not a good sign at all, and his Deputy AG largely escaped the Trump rebukes. However, I am becoming skeptical of a crackdown. We need more shops. We need more states. There will be protests, court cases, governor’s ignoring Sessions, people literally smoking up right in front of riot police and DEA agents in defiance, etc.

      All that aside, which may never happen because of no crackdown, I am confident we cannot be stopped at this point. Nevada starting sales really helps out. Now…..we need California. 1000K more shops all over the state, and any Federal crackdown is FINISHED. Enjoyed another wonderful episode of Bong Apetit today. I can’t wait for my own state of MI to join the future. Trying to find a good venue to collect some signatures, I recently received my first collection sheet from the wonderful folks at MI NORML. 45%? Number is probably even higher. All the same, it shows this country is waking up. We can’t let them stop us. This is a beautiful and intelligent future, waiting to be had.

    10. Sean says:

      If you voted for Trump, you are co-responsible for Sessions renewed war on drugs. Let’s see you Trumpeteers defend Sessions, tell me how he is being maligned by the “fake news” media as you call it. Blood is on your hands.