Jeff Sessions: We Will Do Our Best To Enforce The Laws As We’re Required To Do

  • by Justin Strekal, NORML Political Director October 26, 2017

    Jeff_Sessions_(29299022521)In an interview with conservative radio show host Hugh Hewitt, Attorney General Jeff Sessions reiterated his position against marijuana, his commitment to enforcing its prohibition, and expressed an openness to use RICO suits against businesses that handle the plant.

    Earlier this year, Cully Stimson of the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think-tank that has a tremendous amount of influence within the leadership of the Republican Party, penned an 11-point plan advising the Justice Department on how to crack down on the states, businesses, patients, and consumers of marijuana. So far, Sessions has followed the first 4 points and the 9th is the implementation of RICO suits.

    Just because the Justice Department has yet to make overt policy changes or action in the first 9 months of the administration, it certainly does not mean that it is not coming. You can see it in the words of the Sessions himself. We have already seen them issue new guidelines to rev up charges against those suspected of drug-related crimes, pursue maximum sentences for those charges, and an escalation in the department’s ability to utilize civil asset forfeiture to deprive those charged of their possessions.

    Click here to send a message to your Representative and demand a descheduling of marijuana from the Controlled Substances Act to end federal prohibition. 

    Below is the transcript of the exchange (emphasis added):

    HH: I hope they’re looking. It’s becoming a little bit chilling how big they are. Let me turn to marijuana, Mr. Attorney General. A lot of states are just simply breaking the law. And a lot of money is being made and banked. One RICO prosecution of one producer and the banks that service them would shut this all down. Is such a prosecution going to happen?JS: I don’t know that one prosecution would be quite as effective as that, but we, I do not believe that we should, I do not believe there’s any argument, because a state legalized marijuana that the federal law against marijuana is no longer in existence. I do believe that the federal laws clearly are in effect in all 50 states. And we will do our best to enforce the laws as we’re required to do so.

    HH: But one prosecution that invokes a supremacy clause against one large dope manufacturing concern, and follows the money as it normally would in any drug operation and seizes it, would shut, would chill all of this. But I haven’t seen on in nine months, yet. Is one coming?

    JS: Really analyze all those cases, and I can’t comment on the existence of an investigation at this time, Hugh, you know that, so, but I hear you. You’re making a suggestion. I hear it.

    HH: I’m lobbying.

    JS: (laughing) You’re lobbying.


    56 responses to “Jeff Sessions: We Will Do Our Best To Enforce The Laws As We’re Required To Do”

    1. Julian says:

      The House just passed a party line Republican budget. Is this when the bicameral conference committee meets before the Senate votes on extending the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer amendment?

      For now, Sessions cracking down on mmj is protected by the R&B amendment until Dec 8th, where it will expire on Dec 8th if not extended by the bicameral committee. Send a letter to your Congressman here (link below) to extend the Rohrabacher Blumenauer amendment and defend states rights over what a majority of Americans want; legalized medical and recreational marijuana; this is now including Republicans according to the latest Gallup poll;


      So Justin, whose on the Bicameral Conference Committee? Do we know yet?

    2. Linda Lauren says:

      Marijuana should be legal and kept that way. Enough is enough with Session and his ilk. Too many people are dying in this country because of this administration and it has got to stop. Help keep people alive and FREE THE CANNABIS PLANT. IT IS A PLANT. A PLANT!!!!!

    3. Sandra West says:

      I got off opiods because of medical marijuana, two of my Doctors suggested I do this for my health. I have had kidney failure. Medical Marajuana is much better for my body than chemicals and it is healthier, you can’t overdose. We must decide this issue by state,but it should be legal in all states.

      • Julian says:

        Good for you Sandra!

        If you havn’t already, click on the ACT tab and copy your story to your representatives and Senators. We can personalize our message when we click on the links!

    4. Robert Alexander says:

      Use your time to stop harder drugs that are being pushed by doctors and thugs that are killing people of all ages free proabition on Marijuana that actually helps cure without addiction.

    5. Matt says:

      Hi all. I am only briefly commenting now because I am so angry at this to express myself in full and also because I wanted this comment to be noticed. I will be back on later to comment further.

      He knows that one prosecution RICO is NOT going to shut all this down, esp. with the governors in the West ignorning any crackdown order.

      This administration is a nightmare. Every single day I wake up, I can’t even hardly watch the news for fear Sessions announces a crackdown, starts his abuse to attack and DESTROY all the work we have done.

      He cannot completely stop us, you can’t kill our passion and our dreams. A total shutdown, and marijuana will be back in 8 or so years.

      Some of us can’t wait this long. I am too pained, anxious, enraged right now to comment further, but I will be back later. Sorry it has been so long. Maybe when weed is more availiable, it will help me with my alcohol problem.

      Met an amazing women in a recent rehab stint.

      She is very intelligent and she loves her marijuana.

      I will never stop fighting for legalization and using marijuana. No matter how many arrests, Jeff Sessions and the alt-right and their moralist stink, no matter ANY law.

      If Jeff Sessions and the Feds see this, they can come and get me right now.

      Back on later. Sorry it has been so long, we are still fighting here in MI for next year, but, sadly, I am skeptical.

      More later. Stay strong, folks, the resistance MUST continue.

      Your ally, brother, and comrade


      • Matt says:

        Oh, one last thing I left out.

        Another reason he can NEVER fully stop us is because a crackdown will HUGELY increase the black market. People will be so enraged with him that speakeasy shops will pop up over and over and over again, the old wack-a-mole game for Sessions and the police.

        Fear not, folks. In the end, legalization will have the last laugh.

        Even Sessions knows this. Trust me. He knows any crackdown is ultimately going to be temp. and useless.

        Back later.


        • Gilbert says:

          @ Matt
          I agree alot of this is a dog and pony show in hopes that something can come out of it .
          They continue to sight DUI arrests are up since legal action , how ever what is up enforcement . Back the day in my personal experience there was at least 3 times I was pulled over with smoke rolling out of the window and never once got sighted for Cannabis , how ever I did get the traffic tickets .
          I’m not advocating driving and use here ok I’m putting data out here for purposes of use to see the truth ..
          It’s no different then meeting a quota of tickets issued . And since they never tracked Cannabis DUI there is no base line to indicate a significant increase . It’s all fabrication ..

        • Gilbert says:

          And as for there notions of the FDA opposed legalisation that’s false as well .
          The FDA has not said either way because they can’t because they would have disclose there data of testing .. and if they said it proved harmful and it later got dismissed from scheduling there would be some pretty upset investors .. FDA is not saying a word right now .

          • Julian says:

            Gilbert, stop. Stop it right now.

            • Gilbert says:

              @ Julian
              Transprancy ! I’m just here to be a positive part of the movement and to help bring true facts of repasentation by personal experiences in life , my goal here is to provide support to end prohibition of Cannabis nothing else Julian I’m not here to be anyone’s friend or enemy I have no argument for you or anyone else my mission is the same as the rest here and that is to bring supporting information to a group that I thought would find it helpful in the fight of Cannabis prohibition. Im losing my respect for you Julian as I kinda thought you had good mind and choose your words to reflect a path of intelligence of a higher source how ever as in the past you would not be the first human to fall from Grace !!

            • Gilbert says:

              @ Julian
              Instead of being a tyrant Julian how about trying to bring a dialogue of communication that is beneficial to the mind ? I’m standing by awaiting for a good quality of effort towards a dignified like wise mind set of communication from adults. feed me intelligence!!

          • Julian says:

            Lol… the guy who defends Trump… and by that measure Sessions… says he’s trying to find intelligence… Good luck with that Gilbert. If its of any consolation I meant to post “stop” after one of your white privilege rants.
            But your defense of Trump is a defense of Sessions, you know that right? You know its Trump who is ramping up a drug war to kill Americans for his own profit? Why dont you read up on Mueller’s indictment of Manafort and then ask yourself if your beloved administration is not treasonous? Tell Sessions “Run, Forest!”
            As the song Mississippi Kid goes, “Cuz in Alabama you can run but you sho caint hide.” If you don’t believe me just wait for it. Our courts can’t deny this much evidence of conspiracy against the United States.

            And so long as you keep posting here without clicking on the Act tab, typing in your information and writing your Congressman thats all youre doing; running away from yourself. Which you can’t do. It doesn’t matter if we agree on that or not, it’s just a fact of life.

            So if you would like to continue an “intelligent dialogue” free from telling you to “F off,” then post something useful like a response letter from your Congressman from one of the many links to pending marijuana reform legislation on the Act tab of this webpage. It will make you feel good. And you’ll feel empowered and intelligent, if thats what you seek.

            • Gilbert says:

              Your white privilege comment kinda spells you out to a racist individual , and you bribery tactics to stop the personal attacks tells you your a hypocrite , I thought we was on the same side on the fight of prohibition ? How ever you and Mark have decided to throw racist insults and threats of personal attacks unless I do what you want ? I’m I correct if so then it’s no wonder the battle for the end of Cannabis prohibition stalls like a clogged toliet full of crap .
              I don’t see you support any thing , at least I support my country and the leader as a individual with freedom and liberty , I get choose my own belief’s with freedom obviously you don’t respect other individual freedoms you choose to be hateful and disrespectful to individual freedoms so don’t go around preaching about the leaders in place while thinking your actually doing a better job , because I can roll back several posts of your racist insults and now your bribery of threats unless I do it your way . Those that cry racist usually end up being the true racist !! No one tells me what do to how to vote or how to live especially cowards like you Julian .
              I choose how to fight this prohibition my way how I see fit and I for Suresh don’t see you as any type of a leader to lead a battle , people like you get people hurt so in no way I’m I following you to the gates of your he’ll go by your self.
              I know my own truth I own it every day in every way I find my own respect , while I sit by watch individuals like you disrespect others for there freedom..

          • Julian says:

            So I take that as a “no,” you’re not going to grow some balls, click on the ACT tab or do anything useful to protect our freedom besides cry about how racially abused you are by my calling out your white privilege comments on a previous post?

            Sigh… well then dear Gilbert this is where we part ways in dialogue. For as long as you use this blog to lure people into distracting and unproductive arguments about race without adding anything substantive about marijuana policy or at bare minimum contacting your Congressman on one of the several prescripted letters provided on this webpage than you are part of the problem, not the solution. And we have too much at stake to afford the distraction.

    6. Somedood says:

      If you voted for Trump this is what you voted for. Sessions was his pick. Pense was his pick. Both avid cannabis haters. I would took that regurgitated Clinton over this crap anyday. These guys are gonna set us back 20 years. I will be dead before I see cannabis legal in my state. Thanks a lot Trump trolls.

      • Joel says:

        While I do agree with you, I don’t think that comment will do much good on Norml. You might try posting that on Fox News if you want Trump voters to read it, but don’t be surprised if you get barbecued in the flames they will hurl at you. I know this from personal experience.

      • Trump Troll says:

        You are welcome libbie! Thanks for making it possible to set up Trump’s win by being sleazy liars in cahoots with the fakestream media, selling out America (uranium to Russia) and playing identity politics. As your Islam-loving hero said, elections have consequences!

        • Mark Mitcham says:

          Trump troll spouting Bullshit. Anyone surprised? Not me.

        • Evening Bud says:

          Got some bad news for ya: the worst fakestream media in this country is called Fox News. Fox should just change its name to GOP news. Joseph Goebbels would be proud.

          I can rarely venture over to that channel without getting nauseated, but I suspect there will be almost no coverage of the Manafort indictment. They must keep their viewers (sheep) as ignorant as possible.

          • mexweed says:

            “Dr.” Goebbels was reportedly a multi-pak-a-day nicotine combustion $igarette addict.
            On May 1, 1945, a day after $hitler poked the $hootgun up his mouth cavity and $prayed brains all over the Fuehrerbunker, First Lady Of The Third Reich Magda Goebbels had all six (6) children put down with cyanide candy (before she and Joseph took theirs), humanely explaining that if they had lived they would have been persecuted all their lives for what their daddy had done.

            • Evening Bud says:

              Goebbels, like Hitler, took the coward’s way out. After Adolf had caused so much death and misery, he was too much of a coward to face the Soviet army that closed in on his bunker. He knew that they had some serious payback to dish.

    7. TheOracle says:

      I am not digging this interview at all. Here’s the snippet:

      “Hugh, you know that, so, but I hear you. You’re making a suggestion. I hear it.

      HH: I’m lobbying.

      JS: (laughing) You’re lobbying.”

      Did Jeff Sessions just take it as a suggestion, like Hewitt is suggesting to Sessions to crack down on cannabis?

      This little snippet is the camel’s nose in the tent:

      “And we will do our best to enforce the laws as we’re required to do so.”

      I want to know the “by whom” in that statement–best to enforce the laws as required to do so “by whom.” [quotes for emphasis]

      This latest poll shows more Americans are in favor of legalization. The opposite of that is fewer Americans support a crackdown.

      It’s time to get individual electors and lobby groups to apply pressure to candidates to support this new legislation to end federal prohibition. I tried to find a list of them but just came up with this link.


      I’m thinking a lot of the members of Congress have presidential aspirations. If the electors are pro-legalization and indicate they prefer legalization candidates, then the guillotine is set for prohibitionists or neutral politicians to cut off the funding of cannabis prohibition.

      You prohibitionists just need to get out of the way. Cannabis is making a lot of jobs and filling the public coffers that the federal government can’t come up with if they crack down and the jobs and all that money is gone from the legal economy. Not only are all those jobs and that money for local and state government gone, but it’s going to cost money for the criminal justice system to carry it out.

      They just need to get legalization done. Wall $treet love$ legalization!

      Cannabis will be traded in U.S. dollars on the international commodity markets. We will follow the money internationally to make sure it’s not going to people who want to kill us.

    8. Rina says:

      The only reason why AG Sessions is so anti-marijuana is because he wants to lock more people up and he has stocks in the private prison industry; that alone should be a conflict of interest but apparently with this administration it is not, and that is bullshit! Marijuana has NEVER killed anyone, EVER! Yet, alcohol has and so has prescription drugs; but I am sure he could care less about those facts as he sips his cocktails and takes his pills; hypocrisy at it’s finest. In fact, people who are now addicted to LEGAL drugs (prescriptions; opioids) are using marijuana to STOP their addictions and to still HELP them with their pain! AG Sessions you don’t know what you are talking about, you only want to line your pockets by keeping a plant illegal and it’s crap. Reefer madness isn’t real…come on, get educated and STOP your insane agenda! Seriously!

      • Connie Mack says:

        I have Bad Anxiety, MJ does help me calm me down . Rather Legal or unlegal. I shall continue my as I like to call it Medicine….

    9. Julian says:

      Our voice must be heard… I know how I felt the first time I put my name, e-mail, address and sometimes phone number into a petition and /or letter to a Congressman; trust me… they aren’t cops! They don’t care enough to prosecute only impute… who actually votes and which votes count? Congressman are more afraid of us than we are of them… kinda like rattlesnakes…

      On that regaurd, no matter whether you are Democrat or Republican, if you like freedom and Democracy, here is a petition to the apparently split Supreme Court over ending gerrymandering;


      If you believe in freedom, lets sign this link!

      • Gilbert says:

        @ Julian
        I try not to put my name anywhere near this protest of prohibition of Cannabis, it seems certain individuals are always looking over me looking for that connection to Cannabis as if it’s Wich hunt, even though they tell me it’s not a Wich hunt .
        I have called and spoken to a few different groups in the country about there view and actions towards Cannabis , the boys club of America , the church of Scientology that was a rough one as I battled every one of there misconception they got pissed ..
        A few groups in eastern United States , where ever I find an even where they lambasted Cannabis I try to call them out on it the best I can ..

        • Mark Mitcham says:

          You’re about as useless as tits on a boar…

        • Julian says:

          If you do mot click on the Act tab and contact your Congressman you have no use here on this website but to distract those of us hard at work trying to free the weed for those in need. You are a shallow troll… working in the opposite direction of legalization.

          “The Church of Scientology?” Were writing letters to Congress and this fucknut wants to argue with religious cults? Gilbert, you fucking gumba. Go waste the time of Tom Cruise and leave the grown up here alone to legalize marijuana.

        • Gilbert says:

          @ mark @ Julian
          If your writing Congress is like any of the writing you do here I’m pretty you’re the joke of the morning round table meetings ..
          You both pretend to actually believe you are doing something productive in the fight of prohibition ? You’re worse then fake news a bunch of pretend freedom fighters sitting around riding of the backs of what other groups have already done . You have provided nothing here not one single peice of data towards the end of prohibition all you do is call people names act like school children on a computer typing insults about the president or individuals in Congress , I hire a complete high school class to do what you guys are doing for a hundred bucks and maybe a video game ..
          You don’t go after the base root of the cause you dont go out and fight the pockets of resistance because yeh your to busy pretending to write Congress like your really some vocal point here ? You seemingly don’t understand your little tiny letter is nothing compared to a shutdown of a complete organization so while you pantyhose wearing video gaming nerds write your little pathetic letters individuals as myself will do the real fighting for you cowards that hide behind letters and words . I have yet to see any significant amount of changes to prohibition due to any action of group all I see is reporting of what others have done . I’m the real freedom fighter the rebel that fights while cowards waste there time with verbal insults . I had my hesitation about what NORMAL is actually providing for years and since I finally made a step to actually put my feet in the water here I find it very radioactive with bigotry , racist remarks , and false information , lies and propaganda . If you Julian and Mark are the embodiment of this organization I clearly I’m in the midst of the lowest degradable individuals on the planet .. so go write you punny paper ok, I have an organization to bring down you cowards ..

          • Julian says:

            I have lobbied my state representatives for years to help pass the Compassionate Use Act here in Texas and continue to do so. We just managed to get the state legislature to open a commission to study marijuana legalization through the Chair of the Criminal Jurisprudence Committee Joe Moody, D-El Paso.

            Mark has gathered signatures to pass marijuana reform legislation in his own state.

            We have marched, we have citizen lobbied, we gathered petition signatures either for voter initiatives or to get marijuana reformists on the ballot.

            I’ve personally been to lobby my state capitol suit and tie so many times to reform marijuana law I have to assure new staff members that I’m not a registered lobbyist, just a voting constituent.

            Tell me, Gilbert, what will you do to reform marijuana law?

          • Mark Mitcham says:

            @ Gilbert,
            My goal on this NORML blog, where you and your kind are concerned, is to expose you for the alt-right Trump propagandists that you clearly are.

            I say, you are attempting to undermine our cause: marijuana legalization.

            You are doing what all the other Trump supporters do on this blog, which is to attempt to extort the marijuana legalization movement into silence regarding Trump’s white nationalist fascism, on the threat of withholding your support for marijuana legalization.

            Well, you know what? We’re not going to give Trump or Sessions a goddamn thing. Fuck those Sick Fuck Nazis, and anyone who supports them.

            We reject Trump. And we will not be extorted by you.

            If that changes your degree of support for marijuana legalization, that only proves you were only feigning support the whole time! So who needs you, anyway? Having a little snit fit? Fine, then take your ball and go home.

    10. dave beall says:

      Jeffery Sessions, LAZY dumb ass refuses to do his job.

      When is Crooked Hillary Felony Clinton going to PRISON?
      Jeff Sessions need to jail the low hanging fruit ASAP.
      Jeff Sessions is a lazy worthless Attorney General, he is a JOKE.

      • Mark Mitcham says:

        @ Dave beall,
        Shut the fuck up with your Hillary horseshit. Sessions sucks because he is a perjurer, a racist Nazi, and a Trump supporter. Trump can and will go to hell, obviously.

        But this has nothing to do with Hillary, you Trump nut licking propagandist.

        • B says:

          Trump and Hillary have both demonstrated less trustworthiness than I would expect out of a business partner.

          Meanwhile, your immediate attacks for an alternate perception clearly identify you as a an asshole.

          • Mark Mitcham says:

            @ B,

            You alt-right nut-jobs are truly obsessed with Hillary to an unhealthy degree.

            It is a false equivalence to compare Trump with Hillary, as the Mueller indictments illustrate.

            By “business” you mean corrupt corporate America? That’s a very low bar. Not well known for high ethical standards!

      • Evening Bud says:

        That’s really SAD, Dave Beall, that you would try to drag Hillary back into the spotlight. She’s old history, Dave, though you obviously want to trumpet her name again to try to take the heat off Drumpf. Sorry, he’s prez, and this is HIS scandal. Your attempt to bring Hillary back into the conversation just tells me that you’re worried about Drumpf’s future. And you should be.