Election: Pro-Legalization Phil Murphy Wins NJ Governor Race

  • by NORML November 7, 2017

    vote_keyboardTrenton, NJ: After making the legalization of marijuana a core issue in both his primary and general election campaigns, Democratic candidate Phil Murphy has claimed victory in the New Jersey gubernatorial election over Republican Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno.

    In fact, in his primary victory speech, Phil Murphy proclaimed his desire to sign a marijuana legalization bill within his first 100 days in office.

    “Candidates across the country should take notice, as Phil Murphy won the Governor’s seat soundly because of, not in spite of, his open and vocal support for legalizing marijuana – a position supported by 65% of New Jersey voters and 64% of Americans nationwide,” said NORML Executive Director Erik Altieri, “NORML looks forward to working with Governor-Elect Murphy and other stakeholders in the state to end the disastrous policy of marijuana prohibition and to implement the moral, economic, and scientifically sound policy of legalization and regulation in the Garden State.”

    Polling data released this week by Predictwise/Pollfish Survey revealed that a 65% of New Jersey voters support legalizing marijuana outright.

    Currently in New Jersey, a possession conviction of anything under 50 grams of marijuana can carry a sentence of 6 months in jail and a $1,000 fine. The ACLU-NJ found that police make a marijuana possession arrest in New Jersey on average every 22 minutes and that black New Jerseyans were three times more likely to be arrested for marijuana possession than whites, despite similar usage rates.

    23 responses to “Election: Pro-Legalization Phil Murphy Wins NJ Governor Race”

    1. Julian says:

      This means so much to people like my grandmother who are suffering from dimentia. There are so many people who need relief right now.

      Someone needs to make a Putt n Puff n put Trump’s golf course outta business.

    2. Mike says:

      Finally! All I’ll have to do is cross a bridge to get to NJ! About damn time! Now if only Delaware would legalize it…

    3. jeff says:

      its not what either you or i want,its what the voters want,this is what our country was founded on.if the voters want it,then it should be made so,i think its about time.look up why it was made against the law to begin with.it had to do with business,not morality.so i think this is the way the government should be working,for the people,not the interests of big business.

    4. Karan says:

      I love it when people get together and share opinions. Great website, stick with it!

    5. David Casdorph says:

      Next,the world ?

    6. Jerry says:

      I thought Chris Kristie was Governor of Jersey ?

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