54 Senators And Representatives To President Trump: Don’t Let Sessions Break Your Marijuana Promise

  • by Justin Strekal, NORML Political Director January 25, 2018

    On Wednesday, January 24th, fifty-four members of Congress representing both political parties sent a letter to President Trump denouncing the recent rescinding of the Cole Memo by Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

    Led by Senator Elizabeth Warren on the Senate side and Representative Jared Polis in the House, the signers stated:

    “These new policies have helped eliminate the black market sale of marijuana and allowed law enforcement to focus on real threats to public health and safety. This action by the Department of Justice has the potential to unravel efforts to build sensible drug policies that encourage economic development as we finally move away from antiquated practices that have hurt disadvantaged communities.”

    The Cole Memo was a Justice Department memorandum, authored by former US Deputy Attorney General James Cole in 2013 to US attorneys in all 50 states, directs prosecutors not to interfere with state legalization efforts and those licensed to engage in the plant’s production and sale, provided that such persons do not engage in marijuana sales to minors or divert the product to states that have not legalized its use, among other guidelines.

    The signers further pointed out the during the course of the 2016 presidential campaign, then-candidate Donald Trump declared that “we should leave (marijuana) up to the states.” You can read the full letter by clicking here.

    At a time when the majority of states now are regulating marijuana use in some form, and when nearly two-thirds of voters endorse legalizing the plant’s use by adults, it makes no sense from a political, fiscal, or moral perspective for Attorney General Sessions to take this step.

    It is great to see leaders like Senator Warren and Representatives Polis, Blumenauer, and others step up to demand action to comport federal law with majority public opinion and to end the needless criminalization of marijuana — a policy failure that encroaches upon civil liberties, engenders disrespect for the law, and disproportionately impacts communities of color.”

    Should the Trump administration go through with a crackdown on states that have legalized marijuana, they will be taking billions of dollars away from regulated, state-sanctioned businesses and putting that money back into the hands of drug cartels.

    Send a message to your elected officials to speak out against AG Sessions. 

    115 responses to “54 Senators And Representatives To President Trump: Don’t Let Sessions Break Your Marijuana Promise”

    1. Julian says:

      I was just thinking about an acronym concerning Pain Origin Managent I had to invent for lack of a better term to describe marijuana’s supernatural advantage over opioids to identify and manage the source of pain… But I never thought marijuana could do that to the US Senate!!! HA! Hahahaha…

      • Julian says:

        Full disclosure, I had NO idea POI was a traditional Hawaiian food when I invented that acronym! Sorry Hawaii; if it catches on maybe you’ll export more POI?

        • Julian says:

          Correction; Pain Origin Identification: POI

          (POManagement will be an acronym for another day… and no, I will not call it POM POMS!)

          • mexweed says:

            Yes, that’s profound. Supports Peron’s Dictum “All use is medicinal”– what cannabis does is smarten up the socially and dietarily degraded/stupefied organism and RESTORE your
            natural Pain Origin Identification ability!
            By the way, right before your next vapetoke, try singing the word “POI”, long and slow with lots of jazz and pezzazz intertwywhined into it on an upward pitch deflectory.

      • Evening Bud says:

        And I was sure it was an acronym for Pot’s Often Imperative. Sorry, I know that’s terrible, lol.


      This war against this plant is ridiculous enough without backtracking!

    3. Dain Bramage says:

      Impressive show from Congress. That alone represents progress.

      But don’t expect a goddamn thing from Trump. Surely, by now, nobody on the planet (except a Trump voter) is stupid enough to think that Trump’s promises would ever mean a damn thing.

      My own letter to Trump might have gone something like this:

      “The Dishonorable Donald Trump,
      The Shithouse, Washington DC

      Mr. Trump (or currently presiding lickspittle),

      Please keep your dog, Jeff Peckerwood, off our grass! And stop leering at my daughters, you disgusting creep, if you know what’s good for you.

      P.S. Do us all a favor and resign now.
      P.P.S. Elizabeth Warren for President!

      • Jim Blume says:

        I’m going to respectfully disagree here. It’s NOT an impressive performance by congress, but more of their usual avoidance of tough issues (although this one should be tough at this point).

        First of all, I’m a big believer in full legalization . Furthermore, I don’t like Jeff Sessions AT ALL. Now that being said, I actually don’t really have that big of a problem with what he’s doing. An AG (and the President for that matter) should NEVER be in a position where they get to chose which laws to enforce and which ones to ignore. That’s a really really bad thing as a general rule.

        CONGRESS, though a bunch of fake testimony, lack of interest in the subject, and NO GUIDANCE from the American Medical Association (all of which I’m assuming most of us here are familiar with) made a HUGE mistake back in the 1930’s which has cost us as a country and society big time in wasted lives and money. CONGRESS needs to fix their mistake and make it right (even if that is simply to cede regulation over to the states).

        While there are a growing number of congressmen and women that are willing to make change, Congress as a whole is more than content to do nothing themselves and point fingers at the executive branch. This way, no matter what happens with legalization, they can still do nothing, point fingers and say that it wasn’t their fault.

        • Dain Bramage says:

          @ Jim Blume,
          Those are fair points, and I’m inclined to agree with you, overall. I guess the reason I was mildly impressed is, I have always said hell would freeze over before Congress legalized marijuana. I can still remember Congress issuing a “Sense of the House” Resolution opposing legalization, and there weren’t even any legalization bills in play! They had to make one up in order to stomp all over it. So the fact that it’s no longer virtually unanimous against us, and the fact that any Reps at all are signing this thing, is somewhat remarkable to me, as I am pushing sixty years old.

          Agreed, however, that it is not sufficient.

        • August Williams says:

          If pro means good and con means the opposite of progress is Congress

        • August Williams says:

          If pro means good and con means bad the opposite of progress is Congress

      • Jose Valdez says:

        Do you actually realize that you are a Piece of Shit? With your head up your ass I believe not. Scumbags the likes of you and your ilk are the main reason that America has turned into a Shithole. Liberals are the demise of this country & liberalism is truly a mental disorder. You fit the bill perfectly! President Trump is making America habitable again and he will let the states make the final decision regarding the legality of cannabis. Liberals never will get it as they don’t have the mental capacity to do so! Put that in your pipe and smoke it you clueless moron……

        • Dain Bramage says:

          Bite me, Jose.

        • Julian says:

          If you wish to be an effective member of a troll farm, try using more comprehensible syntax instead of

          “With your head up your ass I believe not.”

          Soooo… he doesn’t have his head up his ass?

        • Sean says:

          @Jose: I don’t think you are for real. You’re just joker trying to get a rise out of folks. If you are not joking and assuming you are Hispanic, Jose (unless your name is a put on), you’re just another chicken for Colonel Sanders. Anyways I stand with cannabis patriots like Dain, Evening Bud, Julian, Mark Mitcham, and the all the other good ones who’s names I didn’t mention. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Jose.

          • Evening Bud says:

            Thanks Sean, I consider that good company. (And there are plenty of others too!)

            As for Jose Valdez–don’t worry about him. There’s a middle school bathroom wall just aching for his intellect–and I’m positive he’ll scurry down to the closest one soon to relieve the pressure. Jose’s one of those guys whose “patriotism” extends only as far as the Fox News studios.

        • mexwood says:

          Surprise that someone thinks there is something worse than being a piece of (current version of) POTUS.

        • Sandra K Johnson says:

          It’s easy to figure Trump out. If his lips are moving, he’s lying. He has no diplomacy skills and wants a war with N. Korea. What all you Trump supporters don’t get is your sons, daughters, grandchildren, nieces and nephews will be on the front line if war does occur. I’m ashamed to be an American.

          • Aaron says:

            Then fuckn leave! Nobody is forcing you to be Americans (Or pretend to be anyway). It’s so sad to see people bitch and complain about how they hate America…yet you are too pussy to just leave. Stop bitching and start supporting something other than your bong!

    4. carl vagg says:

      the voice of sanity..
      speaking to those 30-40% of voters
      still infected with ‘marijuana madness’
      but in a form not easily dismissed..

      this is one of those ‘no turning back’
      points,, a balance-tipping action that
      all can see,, including all elected
      and other members of governments..

      thank god for the human mind
      unburdened of conditioning..

    5. Matt says:

      Amen to that! Thanks, Senators and Reps!

    6. Matt says:

      Take a lesson, Mr. President! And stay true to your word!

    7. Alan Hardwick says:

      Jeff it is a new day,medical marijuana has its place in our society. Our government is finding away to screw up that industry up. Please by all means publish my comment!

    8. Alan Hardwick says:

      Regarding marijuana, medical or recreational use the pro’s outweighs the con’s. Total control by our government as usual!!

      • sk says:

        But this is not “total control”. The unregulated market leads to a lack of control that harms consumers by providing easy access to children, unregulated agricultural and packaging practices and the ability to add dopants and other additives without legal recourse or regulation.

        If the government wanted “total control” over cannabis, then they’ve failed completely.

        • mexweed says:

          Thanks for supplying that word “dopants”, almost made me dough in my pants. Fact is, these 80 years reefer has gotten the bum rap for harm addi(c)tives did (especially the carbonmonoxide and 4221 combustion toxins thanx to “smoking”. Here’s to your next microdose vapetoke).

    9. David Montgomery says:

      Reinstate the Cole Memorandum that Jeff Sessions axed or remove cannabis from the current Schedule I classification.

    10. YearofAction says:

      Why do the Senators act like they are handcuffed (pun) by the Attorney General’s approach to marijuana law? They wrote the the definition of marijuana (i.e. the law) to be equivocal, they can correct it, and we can tell them how to do so.

      • Trent says:

        Realist thing any one could have said. Congress has constitutional authority of law and policy making.