54 Senators And Representatives To President Trump: Don’t Let Sessions Break Your Marijuana Promise

  • by Justin Strekal, NORML Political Director January 25, 2018

    On Wednesday, January 24th, fifty-four members of Congress representing both political parties sent a letter to President Trump denouncing the recent rescinding of the Cole Memo by Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

    Led by Senator Elizabeth Warren on the Senate side and Representative Jared Polis in the House, the signers stated:

    “These new policies have helped eliminate the black market sale of marijuana and allowed law enforcement to focus on real threats to public health and safety. This action by the Department of Justice has the potential to unravel efforts to build sensible drug policies that encourage economic development as we finally move away from antiquated practices that have hurt disadvantaged communities.”

    The Cole Memo was a Justice Department memorandum, authored by former US Deputy Attorney General James Cole in 2013 to US attorneys in all 50 states, directs prosecutors not to interfere with state legalization efforts and those licensed to engage in the plant’s production and sale, provided that such persons do not engage in marijuana sales to minors or divert the product to states that have not legalized its use, among other guidelines.

    The signers further pointed out the during the course of the 2016 presidential campaign, then-candidate Donald Trump declared that “we should leave (marijuana) up to the states.” You can read the full letter by clicking here.

    At a time when the majority of states now are regulating marijuana use in some form, and when nearly two-thirds of voters endorse legalizing the plant’s use by adults, it makes no sense from a political, fiscal, or moral perspective for Attorney General Sessions to take this step.

    It is great to see leaders like Senator Warren and Representatives Polis, Blumenauer, and others step up to demand action to comport federal law with majority public opinion and to end the needless criminalization of marijuana — a policy failure that encroaches upon civil liberties, engenders disrespect for the law, and disproportionately impacts communities of color.”

    Should the Trump administration go through with a crackdown on states that have legalized marijuana, they will be taking billions of dollars away from regulated, state-sanctioned businesses and putting that money back into the hands of drug cartels.

    Send a message to your elected officials to speak out against AG Sessions. 

    115 responses to “54 Senators And Representatives To President Trump: Don’t Let Sessions Break Your Marijuana Promise”

    1. YearofAction says:

      correction: members of Congress

    2. Dain Bramage says:

      To prevent America from becoming a fascist police state like Russia, you must vote!

      You can verify your voter registration status at:


      You can register to vote there, too; or here:


    3. Miles says:

      Make no mistake, I think Trump is a real disaster for our country. To some extent however, I fear the thought of him being impeached and replaced by Mike Pence. He just might be even worse… I would not put it past Pence to further encourage Sessions to go ahead with his evil plans.

      So please contact your elected officials and let them know your thoughts.

      • Evening Bud says:

        I think you’re right about Pence. He’d be worse because he wouldn’t be as erratic as Trump or as much of a lightning rod. He’s far more of an establishment GOPer.

        • Matt says:

          Scary thing is, if Pence had ran against Trump he might have won, and in 2020 if Dems or Progressives do not step it up and he would run, Pence might actually win. Nightmarish moralist, religion, police state that would come….same if Romney would have won. He wanted to apparently fight legalization “tooth and nail.”

          • Evening Bud says:

            Pence fits that perfectly groomed, religious, (supposedly moralistic) picture that older Conservatives love. My conservative mother-in-law (I suspect) thinks he’s dreamy.

            But Heinrich Himmler was a perfectly groomed sort too, a mild-mannered banker-looking type. And in reality he was the epitome of evil. Too many people are impressed with outward appearances (I consider them yokels), instead of what’s inside. Jefferson Peckerwood Sessions is exactly the same–well-groomed, mild-mannered, covering up the demon lurking within.

    4. Evening Bud says:

      Alright Senator Warren! Keeping up the momentum!

      • Miles says:

        If, given the opportunity, I would vote for Senator Warren to be our next president- Absolutely!!! I believe that she is a true American. I trust her.

        Trump says “They call her Pocahantas”. As far as I know, the liar in chief is the only one to have ever called her that…

        • Evening Bud says:

          I’ve met my share of people who look white but say they’ve native American blood. I’ve wondered what they think of Drumpf’s bigoted comments about Warren.

          I’d vote for Elizabeth Warren in a heartbeat–those rich banking CEOs hate her guts–and that says everything I need to know about her.

          The bankers hated FDR too, and, hell, even tried to instigate a coup against him in 1932, one that was exposed, thankfully, by Smedley Butler, former Marine and two-time medal of honor winner, and one of the greatest TRUE patriots this country has ever had. (So much for the great conservative and GOPer patriotism.)

          Anyway, back to Warren, my dream ticket today would be Elizabeth and Bernie (in either order).

          • Julian says:

            Speaking as an Indian-Country-tested-and approved “white-looking” Indigenous identity…
            We should all embrace our American Indian heritage, regardless of how much blood or ancestory we claim. Hell, the Superbowl wouldnt be happening this Sunday if Eastern Tsalagi and Haudenousenee Lacrosse hadnt merged with British Rugby to create traditional American football.
            Whether we can find our ancestors on a census or it’s pure oral tradition, American Indian culture.., the people that lived on the lands we are born, marry and die upon… is always worth honoring regardless of our personal cultural identity. Who knows? Might learn somethin useful.
            Trump divested himself of the opportunity of participating in an honorable Indentity when he brought up “Pocahantas” in front of our war hero Navajo Code Talkers when they received their medals of honor. Just wish he would divest himself of his emoluments… But he made that self-influcted wound too. *tch* Too bad. His loss.

    5. meiser says:

      I really hate looking at that picture of Jeff Sessions. I could literally look at a picture of actual shit and not be offended as I get looking at Jeff Sessions.

    6. Julian says:

      When we hit the Act tab and write our Congressman we need to politely and correctly personalize our message to our Congressman. (Or just call our Congressional staffers at 202-244-2131).

      The message to Congress is clear; (feel free to copy and paste):

      “The Journal of the American Medical Association released a peer-reviewed study in 2015 showing a %37 reduction in opioid addiction and nearly %25 reduction in opioid suicide in states with legalized medical or responsible adult marijuana markets. That study is controlled from other substances and is now longitudinal evidence for marijuana’s medical efficacy as a gateway drug OUT of opioid addiction.

      Attorney General Jeff Sessions just spoke to new DEA recruits yesterday and blamed marijuana for the escalating opioid epidemic that is killing Americans. Jeffrey Beauregard Sessions is a threat to our national security and must be censured from deadly, treasonous misinformation he is spreading. The predatory opioid industry has campaigned Sessions to his current position and as a reward is being protected by Sessions from investigation and prosecution for overprescribing, giving kickbacks to doctors, merging with AETNA and privatizing our military to eliminate Congressional oversight of the DOJ’s interests and profits from opioid cartels… while dozens of Americans overdose on fentanyl, oxycontin and oxycodone every day.

      One of the unintended benefits of marijuana legalization will be that it will finally begin to rid our society from saprophytic politicians like Jeff Sessions that care more about profit and propaganda than the life, liberty and happiness of the American people.

      Please support states rights and pass legislation that protects marijuana legalization and the American people you represent. We cannot allow people like Jeff Sessions to allow another child or veteran die from opioid overdose that could have been prevented by the very plant he blames… marijuana.”

      • Matt says:

        Knew he spoke to recruits or grads. or someone per the DEA website, Julian.

        I say let him keep speaking. Hope the DEA recruits are not DUMB ENOUGH to believe it. Just let him keep spewing this stuff, it means nothing at this point.

    7. deplorable formercalifornian says:

      Change the law through congressional process so that there is no longer a battle between local and feds. We must not willy nilly enforce laws we like but not those we dont. Change the law so enforcement is no longer an issue.

    8. John O says:

      Y’all; hear me out. This is a good thing. Think about it. He can’t go after Sanctuary cities and leave weed alone. Right?
      He probably knows what the reaction is gonna be, and whether he intends this or not, states are mad at the fed, this will piss them off much more, and this will push states TOWARDS legalization. Look at Vemont. Vermont is as big as Colorado because it’s legislatively driven and signed by the governor. First state EVER. It’s just not getting the big publicity. It’s HUGE! He can not win. No way. Not after Vermont. They can’t send the Feds in and arrest pot shop owners. The backlash would be catastrophic politically. In politics, many times these things are a smoke screen. Idiot Jeff knows he can’ NOT do this and get away with it. Prices are plummeting on the black market. California is the weed breadbasket of the USA, and now it’s unleashed. Michigan and New Jersey are next. It’s over, y’all. He CAN NOT do this. Why isn’t Trump speaking out on this? It’s because he knows better. This proves we have won.

      • Dain Bramage says:

        @ John O,
        Let’s legalize weed in order to protect our immigrants from deportations. They can’t be tossed out for the crime of marijuana if marijuana is not a crime! Let’s support the efforts of Sanctuary Cities to protect immigrants from Trump. If that was your point then I agree.

        On the other hand, if you are suggesting that legalizing weed is good because, somehow, that will make deportations easier for Sessions, then you are a Nazi and you can go fuck yourself. Inside out and sideways.

    9. Matt says:

      Sick and tired of watching Indiana raids on marijuana on Live PD, including that poor couple with the Christmas tree just tonight. LEGALIZE! WAKE UP INDIANA! HORRIBLE state on legalization. Some good news, though:


      • Matt says:

        the couple and the Christmas tree raid was actually in South Carolina. Another episode showed the police sniffing around outside an apartment but not finding any weed activity. Just pathetic that the police waste SO MUCH TIME when people report the smell of cannabis. So stupid. Legalize and stop the stupidity. And this criticism also goes for those apartment landlords who report marijuana use as well. Sick and tired of it. Just leave people alone, college kids, esp. too.

      • Evening Bud says:

        Matt, you’re right, that is sickening. My local Albuquerque stations can’t get enough of news stories about crime (and showing people in orange jump suits). And this despite the fact that crime is actually down to levels not seen in 40 or so years. Just another of the American media’s goal to keep Americans frightened of their own shadows. Frightened and controlled.

    10. Matt says:

      Man, Nebraska is a sad state….just pathetic, like Indiana. I feel for legalization there, but good to know it will come, soon enough…and this madness will stop:


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