New Federal Legislation To Protect Legal Marijuana States And Businesses

  • by Justin Strekal, NORML Political Director February 15, 2018

    Representative Lou Correa (D-CA) has introduced the Sensible Enforcement Of Cannabis Act which would essentially codify the protections that were outlined in the now-rescinded Cole Memo.

    Upon the introduction, Rep. Correa said, “To date, eight states have legalized recreational cannabis, and twenty-nine states and the District of Columbia, representing more than half of the American population, have enacted legislation to permit the use of cannabis. Attorney General Sessions’ decision to rescind the “Cole Memo” created great uncertainty for these states and legal cannabis businesses, and put citizens in jeopardy for following their state laws.

    In my state of California, voters want legal cannabis. It boosts our economy and is a strong medical tool. By 2020, revenues from cannabis sales taxes could reach $1 billion annually for California. This bill will protect California and other states from federal overreach and ensure the will of the American voter is respected.”

    Essentially, the Sensible Enforcement Of Cannabis Act would give peace of mind to lawmakers, regulators, 149,000 workers, and the millions of patients and consumers who are dependent on the normalization of lawful marijuana markets. The most essential component in creating a stable business environment to meet consumer demand is certainty and that is what states would have with Reps. Correa’s legislation to protect state-lawful programs from militant marijuana prohibitionist Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

    Click here to send a message to your Representative in support of the Sensible Enforcement Of Cannabis Act. 

    31 responses to “New Federal Legislation To Protect Legal Marijuana States And Businesses”

    1. Juan says:

      Looks like a move to the right path for the medical cannabis patients it’s about time

    2. Denny Strausser Jr says:

      People like Sessions have never smoked, and actually believe some of this shit. He probably also gets a paycheck for pushing these anti-marijuana laws too. What some of these politicians are not keeping in mind is, the majority of the country wants it legal.

      Protections are necessary. Should just be de-scheduled off their list. Cannabis is not dangerous. Cannabis does not lead to hard drugs.

      Signing Off Lightly Blazed. 😉

      • gary welch says:

        govenrment dont care about the majority as we all can see we give them our vote they stick up our arse never gave a shit never will

        • Denny Strausser Jr says:

          Probably the only thing they see is $$ signs. If they can make a buck, then legalize a strict low amount. The Government will never do it by its citizens alone. They find a way to make a buck though, they will be on this train.

      • Julian says:

        Pharmacuetical corporations use kickbacks, campaign donations and stock option incentives to buy poiticians like Sessions, who has a long history of taking blood money from HealthSouth, CVS and Abbott Laboratories. The numbers are available on http://www.opensecrets.org But with enough effort and a subpoena we’ll have him singing to Judge Hellerstein about how he’s protecting synthetics from prosecution while whole plant remedies like marijuana remain on schedule 1.

    3. Richard Gilbert says:

      The voices of the people are being heard. Finally the majority of people are going to be recognized. Make America great by listening to the people who make up this great nation.

    4. Matthew Stover says:

      This sounds good.

      The best news I’ve heard, has been yesterday’s order from Maine Labor Dept – that businesses cannot test for marihuanas anymore.

    5. David Alexander says:

      I think it’s a bandaid. What needs to happen is to de-schedule and decriminalize cannabis. Its the right thing to do and will take care of the rest of it.

    6. Vonda Barton says:

      Please let us have medical if nothing else. This really helps my pain better than pain medication. I have energy also. This one plant would take care of the three pills I take and reduce my pain. Praying in Virginia

    7. Nancy says:

      Excellent Judge! Trump and Congress should Legalize ASAP

    8. Dain Bramage says:

      Register to vote! Check your registration status! Find your polling location!

      Mad as hell? Vote!


    9. I have been seeking help for my Fibromyalgia, its constant pain. I have suffered since I was only 21 yr.s old. Nothing has helped me as much as cannabis has. My hands used to treble all the time. Now they are steady again. I also suffer from seizures. Ever had one. If you ever did you’d see what God created for medicine used to help control them. Lets stop demonizing weed and help our people. this country was already Great let’s keep it that way. Freedom from prosecution.finally.

    10. Miles says:

      Unfortunately, there sense to be absolutely nothing remotely sensible about the way the Republican leaders are doing things.

      I swear that if not for cannabis, I would loose my mind over all the anger I feel towards them and especially towards Trump!

      All of us have got to get out to vote whenever we can to throw these republican bums out!

      Here in Virginia I have found that contacting our so-called representatives has accomplished nothing so I’m wondering if I should even bother any further… I think we just have to get rid of them and hope that their replacements are an improvement.

      I am glad I have a place to vent here on the NORML blog. I’m so pissed right now at America’s leaders I could scream. They are worse than useless and that is especially true for Trump and his evil little elf; Jeffrey Sessions.

      • Mark Mitcham says:

        Me too, Miles. And I do the same thing: smoke till I chill. My slogan will be from now on: don’t get mad, get registered! Payday will be Election Day.

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