The FDA Wants To Hear From You About Marijuana Scheduling

  • by Justin Strekal, NORML Political Director April 10, 2018

    …At least that’s how the public comment process works. 

    This year, the United Nations World Health Organization is due to review the current international classification of marijuana, THC, cannabidiol, and other related compounds and preparations this year. In the lead-up, the WHO is asking member nations submit feedback, of which no nation is more influential than the United States.

    Between now and April 23rd, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is seeking public comment from “interested persons” (I.E. you) regarding the international Schedule 1 Status of marijuana under international agreements.

    We have made it incredibly easy for you to make your voice heard and need you to join your voice with thousands of other NORML members in making it clear: Cannabis does not fit in a controlled substances agreement, let alone Schedule 1.

    Click here to submit a comment. 

    Right now, we are collecting comments and will be delivering them by hand to the FDA offices on April 23rd.

    In the action alert, you will find a pre-drafted comment that we encourage you to amend and include any other important aspects you deem worthy. You can draw additional information from our Factsheets and About Marijuana pages to expand your position for these public comments.

    Don’t forget, democracy is not a spectator sport. Go on record with the FDA and fill out a comment to recommend the international descheduling of marijuana NOW.

    110 responses to “The FDA Wants To Hear From You About Marijuana Scheduling”

    1. Tim Owen says:

      Needs to be legal in all 50 states effective immediately.

    2. The overcrowding of jails & prisons is uncanny, I’ve worked in NY & CA Treatment Courts, therapeutic communities, outpatient, inpatient & more. I am a CASAC, MRAS & MSW, we need those beds for addicts that need medical assistance & in depth treatment.

      I was on tons of benzodiazepines & marijuana has helped me get from 8mg to 3mg. We KNOW there are medical benefits, which contradicts the definition of Schedule 1 Narcotics – No medical purposes at all. LSD & Heroin have medical purposes too.

      I can keep going.

    3. Robin Y. says:

      Too many people are suffering and dying from Big Pharma, tell me how many have EVER died from Cannabis alone? There is a lot of research going on in other countries, such as Israel, why won’t our federal government look into this? As the government states, ‘no accepted medical use’ for cannabis according to federal law,” Why was a U.S. Patent No. 6,630,507 was granted to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in 2003? It seems it’s all about the money! You don’t care a bit about how this has helped MILLIONS of citizens, you care about making and keeping the MONEY. Big Pharma…you sold your soul to them. You need to do one thing in your life right, make the WHOLE plant legal for ALL citizens of the United States.

      • Mark Mitcham says:

        I believe cannabis is more properly classified as a supplemental nutrient than a drug.

        • mexweed says:

          Bravo! Hopefully some way will be found to apply this to the thousands of bs articles which are likely to go on appearing with “the drug” used in later sentences when “cannabis” or a synonym was the antecedent.
          Similarly the still prevailing practice of heading articles about cannabis with a “stock photo” of a Hot Burning Overdose Monoxide joint– even when the articles are about microdose. (A word for our sponsor: when seen by a child, every joint and every photo of a joint is a $igarette advertisement. Oh, but you knew that already.)

    4. Niles Smith says:

      Cannabis should not be a controlled substance.

    5. Tom Shimko says:

      Been using weed since I was 21 years old, am 68 now. It helps me relax and with the pain of arthritis in my hands and hips.

      Only use 4 or 5 times a month no addiction what so ever. I feel weed is less addictive than beer or whiskey.

    6. Jeff Hansel says:

      Please legalize Marijuana in the US. I promise i’ll be good!

    7. Mitchell L Powell says:

      Marijuana should not be scheduled at all. After almost 100 years of prohibition, it’s time for 21st century science.

    8. Julian says:


      We get 5000 characters, so add these links:





      NORML emphasizes the need to DEschedule, and not REschedule, noting that cocaine is a schedule 2 substance and continues to thrive on the black market. In order to sustain equitable, safe and affordable treatment for everything from neurological disease, opioid addiction and overdose, or even restoring the cooperation and communication between law enforcement and our comunities, a fairly taxed legal market for both medical marijuana and responsible adult use must be maintained. Young people don’t need to be denied an occupation or financial aid because of a whole plant remedy that even the DEA admits has killed no one.

    9. YC says:

      The government only want what is best for then and not what is the choice of the people. Marijuana should be legal and it should not be up to the governments to make out of this a new monopoly.

      Marijuana should be legalized and supervise as any other business.

    10. Stephen Ewing says:

      I can not understand why a people that so proudly proclaims yells of freedom! When prohibition of alcohol was repealed. Could turn to oppress those seeking just that from an alternative solution to thier own desires that has statistically proven to be less damaging, and highly successful in some medical applications. I fear that this leaves only one solution as to why the Government’s of the world should continue prohibition of cannabis; to suppress the indiviuality of free thought and expression that many of it’s users developed. If Government’s are for the people, let them be and legalize now.