The FDA Wants To Hear From You About Marijuana Scheduling

  • by Justin Strekal, NORML Political Director April 10, 2018

    …At least that’s how the public comment process works. 

    This year, the United Nations World Health Organization is due to review the current international classification of marijuana, THC, cannabidiol, and other related compounds and preparations this year. In the lead-up, the WHO is asking member nations submit feedback, of which no nation is more influential than the United States.

    Between now and April 23rd, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is seeking public comment from “interested persons” (I.E. you) regarding the international Schedule 1 Status of marijuana under international agreements.

    We have made it incredibly easy for you to make your voice heard and need you to join your voice with thousands of other NORML members in making it clear: Cannabis does not fit in a controlled substances agreement, let alone Schedule 1.

    Click here to submit a comment. 

    Right now, we are collecting comments and will be delivering them by hand to the FDA offices on April 23rd.

    In the action alert, you will find a pre-drafted comment that we encourage you to amend and include any other important aspects you deem worthy. You can draw additional information from our Factsheets and About Marijuana pages to expand your position for these public comments.

    Don’t forget, democracy is not a spectator sport. Go on record with the FDA and fill out a comment to recommend the international descheduling of marijuana NOW.

    111 responses to “The FDA Wants To Hear From You About Marijuana Scheduling”

    1. Patrick Redburn says:

      This is ridiculous. I’ve used marijuana since i was in jr. high school. Imho it does not need to be scheduled period much less schedule I.

      Please focus on important things.

    2. Nick Folland says:

      This needs to be international there are massive issues and this should nt be one of them.

    3. Kirsti says:

      How can you not reschedule it? 10’s of thousands of years of use as both medical and industrial. Scientific studies proving its benefits, proving that it’s not what you say it is and it is actually something that can help solve a lot of the problems you caused both financially and medically.

    4. Adolfo Apodaca says:

      Marijuana helps me with my physical and mental pain and it does not impair me or intoxicate me. I can use it and go for a run and play sports or I can make art or just be productive and work. It is the antidote to anger and depression.

    5. Dustin Patt says:

      I feel that Marijuana has helped me get off of pain pills and it has drastically reduced the amount of Xanax and atI vans I am required to take each day.I find Marijuana to be no more addictive than the pleasure I get from a great meal.please legalize this wonderful herb.

    6. Ben James says:

      The FDA, the DEA in most federal agencies are completely corrupt answering to corporations before the will of the people. According to the DEA drug schedule cannabis is more dangerous than methamphetamine, heroin or fentanyl! Until we separate these corrupt corporations from our system of governance we will never be free again!

    7. Diana Burdzinski says:

      We need to legalize cannibis to heal the damage done by bad medicine.

    8. Diana Burdzinski says:

      We need to legalize cannibis to heal the damage done by bad medicine. I’m off pharmacudicals now, CBD oil and thc have replaced everthing.

    9. Jeff Newberry says:

      Cannabis shouldn’t be scheduled at all. Phytocannabinoids occur naturally in the plant. Endocannabinoids occur naturally in our body. When your body doesn’t produce enough endocannabinoids (deficiency) your bodies immune system isn’t controlled properly (autoimmune) but if phytocannabinoids are supplemented the deficiency can be nullified and prevented all from an all natural harmless safe plant that’s been used for well over 3,000 years and only been illegal for less then 100 years supported by government propaganda to make HEMP illegal and to imprison black and mexican people

      • Julian says:


        And now that this administration is imposing a trade war with China over soy, legalizing hemp just became more profitable to the very industries that own some of the same petrol patents that prohibited hemp in the first place; namely petrochemical and timber patents owned by Koch Industries which they purchased from Dupont in 2001, and genetically engineered dicamba-resistant soy owned by Bayer-Monsantos.

        The irony was that too many white farmers who voted against marijuana because Anslinger’s racist propaganda scapegoated Mexicans for a non-existant threat were interested in taking farmlands from US Citizens who were deported and keeping a cheap, illegal labor force… yet these same farmers had no idea the marijuana they were outlawing and demonizing was the hemp that sustained their farms.

        Hemp as well as all whole plants need to be made open source. Put that in your letter to Trump’s FDA…

    10. Maureen P. Murphy says:

      Marijuana should be legal just like alcohol and tobacco. No crime should be attached to it. It helps me and others to avoid the treacherous consequences of alcohol and other hard drugs.

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