Michigan: Adult Use Legalization Measure Certified For November’s Ballot

  • by Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director April 26, 2018

    Legalize MarijuanaElection officials today confirmed that proponents of a statewide ballot measure, The Michigan Regulation and Taxation of Marihuana Act, have gathered a sufficient number of signatures from registered voters to place it on the electoral ballot this November.

    Proponents of the voter-initiated measure, The Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol, submitted more than 360,000 signatures to qualify it for the November 2018 ballot. The initiative permits those over the age of 21 to grow and possess personal use quantities of cannabis and related concentrates, while also licensing activities related to the commercial marijuana production and retail marijuana sales.

    According to statewide polling commissioned by Michigan NORML, which is a leading member of the Coalition, 61 percent of voters say that they intend to vote yes on the measure.

    Voters in other states will also be deciding on marijuana-related ballot questions later this year. Oklahomans will decide in June on State Question 788, which permits qualified patients to access and cultivate marijuana for therapeutic purposes. Utah voters are also expected to decide on a narrower medicalization measure in November, though officials have yet to officially certify that measure for the ballot. Proponents of a medical marijuana measure in Missouri have surpassed the number of signatures required to place it on the November ballot, well ahead of the state’s May 6 deadline. In South Dakota, officials have confirmed that proponents of a 2018 medical use initiative failed to gather the necessary number of signatures to qualify for November’s ballot.

    22 responses to “Michigan: Adult Use Legalization Measure Certified For November’s Ballot”

    1. Julian says:

      Michigan PLEASE make sure you are using reputable notaries. Do criminal background checks. If youre not expecting litigation in court youre not taking this initiative seriously.

      • Matt says:

        yeah, we exp. lit in court, Julian….the opp is trying to use the state v Fed argument. SAM, Healthy MI, the mental health and rehab mafia, police, prosecutors, and family values conservative dinosaurs all are coming for us probably…my fear is that voters here will fall brainwashed to fears regarding change….MI may prove THE STATE that might force national action. My fear is that MI may fall like OH did….voters may have become TOO stagnant out here, econ. is terrible. Medical is being held up and shut down, too. Article in Detroit News. One commenter said it pretty plainly: Repubs don’t like it, whining, do NOTHING, and will CONTINUE to do NOTHING when this passes, (staying on the positive). Obstructionists, imo, the real ones. These dinosaurs STINK of status quo out. Small town, older voters will probably vote no as well. And Kevin Sabet is going to POUND us…forget his past attacks…. he is going to be all over us, he loses MI he can pack it up and go home, though he should as it is already. MI GOP is a huge and irritating problem, Bohemith….sp?… have to run, but I will have more to say…..:)

    2. Matt says:

      *stink of status quo out here.

    3. John says:

      As a Michigan Medical Marijuana Patient, it’s about time Michigan…

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