NORML PAC Endorses Beto O’Rourke for Senate

  • by NORML May 1, 2018

    The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws Political Action Committee (NORML PAC) has announced its endorsement of Beto O’Rourke for Senate in his race to unseat Senator Ted Cruz in Texas.

    “Beto has been a true champion for abolishing our disastrous prohibition on marijuana since the very beginning of his political career as a city council member in El Paso. We were pleased to support him in his previous campaign for the House of Representatives and excited to endorse him again in his race for the US Senate,” said NORML PAC Executive Director Erik Altieri, “As Senator, O’Rourke will be an outspoken and indispensable ally in reforming our federal laws relating to marijuana and fight to finally end our failed prohibitionist policies that are currently tearing apart families, oppressing communities of color, squandering countless tax dollars, and filling the coffers of criminal cartels. The time has come for our nation to move towards the sensible policy of regulation and legalization, sending Beto to the Senate would bring us yet another step closer to that goal.”

    “We must end the federal prohibition on marijuana in this country,” said O’Rourke. “Texas should be leading the way by encouraging comprehensive reforms in drug control policies that have had a devastating effect on communities of color.”

    Recent polling on the Texas Senate race showed O’Rourke running neck and neck with Ted Cruz with Cruz claiming the support of 47% of state voters and 44% supporting O’Rourke.

    According to a 2017 poll by the University of Texas, 83 percent of Texans support legalizing marijuana for some use and 53 percent would go beyond legal medical marijuana to allow possession for any use.

    According to an April 2018 poll from Quinnipiac University, 63% of all Americans support the legalization of marijuana nationwide.

    “Texas ranks as one of the states with the highest arrests rates for simple possession of marijuana, at an estimated cost of 1.5 billion in taxpayer money annually,” said Jax Finkel, Executive Director of Texas NORML. “Beto O’Rourke understands that our federal prohibition is a failed policy and it is past time for Congress to end it and allow states like Texas the freedom to pursue new, sensible alternatives.”

    53 responses to “NORML PAC Endorses Beto O’Rourke for Senate”

    1. Miles says:

      “Texas ranks as one of the states with the highest arrests rates for simple possession of marijuana, at an estimated cost of 1.5 billion in taxpayer money annually,”

      Ted Cruz is okay with that. He’s gotta go!

      • Julian says:

        Worse, Cruz profits from private prisons.

        • Gumbo Joe says:

          How does Ted Cruz profit off of prisons?

          Does his competitor also profit off of prisons?

          How about abortions?

          • Julian says:


            Click on the link. Scroll down to Ted Cruz. Read up on “kids for cash,” “Bill Mill” and how ALEC is tied to Cruz the two largest private prison contractors, Geo Group and CCA.

            All I did was google “Cruz profit private prisons.”

            Even a four year old could have found the answers you willfully deny. Thats partly because Cruz profits off imprisoning four year olds in immigration detention centers without due process.

          • Julian says:

            And NO; Cruz’s competitor, (Beto Orourke… it’s written on the title to this blog… )
            Beto does NOT accept a dime of money from private prisons. He might receive a small donation from prison guards or employees of private prisons who have seen the inhumanity and failure and corruption and the weavils in the processed “food” Geo and CCA serve, and want someone who will reform the quotas on prison for profit like Beto. But getting purchased for evil, unconstitutional detainment policy agendas is for spineless politicians (mostly Republicans, but there are a few Democrats like Debbie Washmoney Shultz) who just can’t “SAY NO” to prison for profit money. And for locking up fathers for life for smoking a joint or children without education? Those same politicians should serve time in the prisons they built. If you don’t believe that, you should to.

    2. Gumbo Joe says:

      Sure, I will vote for socialism so that I can smoke weed.

      Democrats want open borders, abolishment of the second amendment and higher taxes.

      Why not throw away the constitution for some good bud?

      • Sean says:

        Gumbo Joe you wouldn’t know what the hell socialism is if you held it in your hand! I guess you love your macho Texas cops pulling people over and terrorizing them because they possess weed. You are no friend of cannabis you Vichyite!

      • Julian says:

        The other part of the reason a four year old could figure out what you willfully deny is because you are a useless troll, Gumbo Joe.

        Socialism is alive and well in our US military and the defense contractors that receive our corporate welfare. Good luck finding a Republican that doesn’t support that. At least Democrats don’t support nationalist socialism like Republicans do. Now THAT isn’t only anti marijuana that’s anti-American.

      • Anonymous says:

        Which part of the constitution mentions closed borders? Please don’t tell me that you’re reinterpreting the constitution.

    3. Hubert Ray says:

      Keep on fighting o’Rourke . Best of luck to you and the fine people of Texas. I’ve always thought Ted Cruz was a piece of shit. We are still fighting hard here in Virginia with norml.

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