New York: Patients Using Fewer Opioids Following Enrollment In Medical Cannabis Program

  • by Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director May 8, 2018

    Medical marijuanaPatients enrolled in New York state’s medical cannabis program reduce their use of opioids and spend less money on prescription medications, according to data published online in the journal Mental Health Clinician.

    Investigators from the GPI Clinical Research in Rochester and the University of Buffalo assessed trends in patients’ medical cannabis and prescription drug use following their enrollment into the state’s marijuana access program.

    On average, subjects’ monthly analgesic prescription costs declined by 32 percent following enrollment, primarily due to a reduction in the use of opioid pills and fentanyl patches. “After three months treatment, medical cannabis improved [subjects’] quality of life, reduced pain and opioid use, and lead to cost savings,” authors concluded.

    The study’s findings are similar to those reported among enrollees in other states medical cannabis programs, including the experiences of patients in Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, New Mexico, and elsewhere.

    The full text of the study, “Preliminary evaluation of the efficacy, safety, and costs associated with the treatment of chronic pain with medical cannabis,” appears online here. NORML’s fact-sheet highlighting the relevant, peer-reviewed research specific to the relationship between cannabis and opioids is available online here.

    29 responses to “New York: Patients Using Fewer Opioids Following Enrollment In Medical Cannabis Program”

    1. Judy says:

      Kamala Harris is officially supporting marijuana legalization!!! She is a Democratic presidential candidate for the 2020 presidential election.

      It is too early to give my full support because it depends on who else runs and also supports legalization but, if that vote was to happen today, she would definately get my vote!

      Maybe it’s time to have a female president. I voted for Hillary in the last election, but it was only because I thought Trump was worse (lesser of the 2 evils…). I think that Kamala is someone I could actually like as president!

      I wonder what the rest of my NORML friends out there think about her.

      If you vote Democrat, then you vote for legalization. If you vote Republican, you vote to get you and your cannabis consuming friends and family locked up; at least that’s how I see it considering that Senate Republican Mitch McConnell and Trumps Attorney General Sessions seen to despise anything and everything marijuana…

    2. CNY Concerned says:

      The rights of MMJ patients have been violated in NY. Everything you think the program is, well, it’s the opposite of compassionate. What Cuomo has allowed is ‘eltists’ to control the accessibility and price of medicine. In CNY, people need MMJ at an affordable price, yet, that’s no where to be found. Etain sucks. Cuomo is so out of touch with reality, it’s funny. Shame on him and Zucker.

    3. Time to Legalize Marijuana. We all know that Marijuana are very helpful to us.

    4. Kevin says:

      Can someone let the DEA know that legalized or medicinal cannabis lowers opioid use? They don’t seem to get this.

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