Oklahoma: Polling Shows Strong Voter Support For Upcoming Medical Marijuana Vote

  • by Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director May 25, 2018

    By a margin of nearly 2 to 1, Oklahoma voters support the passage of State Question 788 — a voter-initiated measure to permit patients access to marijuana for therapeutic purposes. Oklahomans will decide on the measure in a special election on Tuesday, June 26.

    According to polling data compiled by SoonerPoll.com and released today, 58 percent of likely voters endorse the measure, while 30 percent oppose it. Public support for the patient-centric initiative — which empowers physicians to use their discretion when determining cannabis therapy — has largely held steady, even in the face of growing, organized opposition from members of law enforcement and certain business leaders.

    Under the plan, licensed medical marijuana patients may cultivate up to six mature plants, and obtain personal use quantities of marijuana flower, edibles, or infused concentrates from regulated dispensaries. NORML formally endorsed the measure in January.

    Initiative proponents gathered sufficient signatures to place the issue before voters in 2016. However, the vote was postponed because when the state attorney general attempted to reword the initiative’s ballot title in a misleading manner. Initiative proponents sued to restore the title’s original wording. This year, proponents fought back legislation which sought to preemptively amend the initiative in a manner that would have curtailed the rights of both patients and their physicians.

    Voters in three other states — Michigan, Missouri, and Utah — are anticipated to decide on Election Day on statewide marijuana reform initiatives. Recent polling from those states finds majority public support for all three measures.

    27 responses to “Oklahoma: Polling Shows Strong Voter Support For Upcoming Medical Marijuana Vote”

    1. OK Democrat says:

      I’m voting yes

    2. Joey says:

      MJ helps with my anxiety disorder unlike every Medication I have been prescribed to me by my doctor, if 788 passes it would be a blessing to thousands of people that need it for anxiety, depression, ADHD, PTSD, and many many more mental disorders. I don’t see why we are still here talking about it why has it not been legalized already. Please vote yes on 788.

    3. Gaynell Bell says:

      Yes to medical, No to recreational, and No to anyone growing and selling it.
      My Vote ” NO” on this 788.

    4. Phillip Wayne Miller says:

      YES , I can tell you that Medicinal has been the only thing that has helped me with Osteoarthritis and Neuropathy..As well as the Multiple Spine Injuries that keep me in a horrible and constant state of Pain.
      Keep up the good work, many who suffer will benefit from this.

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