• by NORML September 7, 2009

    Get more info on this year’s panels. We’ll be updating these pages with audio, photos, and video as it becomes available.

    • Individual Patients, Caregivers, and Small Patient Collectives Go>

    • Larger Patient Cooperatives and Dispensaries Go>

    • Pot Politics 2009 and beyond Go>

    • Has support for legalization reached a critical mass/tipping point? Go>

    • What impact would legalization/regulation have on use rates? Go>

    • Pot, Parenting and Legalization Go>

    • Putting The Mexican Cartels Out Of Business Go>

    • Breakout Sessions: Go>
      • Tools For Activists (What Can I Do?)

      • High Times Cultivation: More Root, More Fruit: Growing Medical Marijuana in the Era of Plant Limits

      • California NORML: Law Reform and Activism In The Golden State

    • Marijuana Legalization as a Local, State and Federal Revenue Stream Go>

    • Cannabis and Athleticism Go>