• by NORML September 21, 2009
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    Thursday, September 24, Morning
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    • Patient and Caregiver rights under 215/SB420
    • Possession: current caselaw and statutory law
    • Cultivation: current caselaw and statutory law
    • Transportation: current caselaw and statutory law
    • Obtaining Cannabis: where and how to get it
    • Patients Not Authorized to:
      distribute to other patients
      distribute “excess” to clubs
      engage in conduct harmful to others
    • Cannabis Patient rights (or lack thereof):
      No right to protection from employment discrimination
      No protection from Feds or other states
      Student loans
      Section 8 housing
    • Small collectives: formation, cultivating, obtaining of medicine, money considerations
    • Interaction with Law Enforcement
    Moderator: William Panzer, Esq., member of NORML’s Board of Directors